Meson-To : Empower web3 app to accept inter-chain stablecoin transfer

Project Name: Meson-To
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Meson Team
Team Member(s): 20+ across the globe
DevPost URL: Meson-To : Inter-chain stablecoin transfer protocol for web3 | Devpost
Project Goal: Empowers web3 apps to instantly accept USDT/USDC from 16 chains and push user exposure to the next level with Meson-To SDK. Meson-To is the easiest way to go multi-chain with 0 fees and 1 min finality.
Project Website:
Try our demo now :
Github Repo : GitHub - MesonFi/meson-to
Project Test Instructions: We have built a mainnet demo for every-one to try out! The demo connects Meson-To with a simple smart contract on Polygon which transfers all incoming funds to the sender address on Polygon. So treat it as a cross-chain tool to Polygon when you play around! Try out today at
Project Details:


While Ethereum still dominates the blockchains, we see the inevitable tide of multi-chain ecosystem coming along its way, where Tron is currently leading this tide. However, the problem still exists as the users and good projects are often mismatched, where users have assets on chain A when great projects are live only on chain B. The current system has not been optimized for this and we thus came up with Meson-To, aiming to empower web3 app capability to interact with users and assets across different chains.

What it does

Meson-To is an SDK enabling web3 app to interact with stablecoins from other chains through its minutes-fast and almost-zero fee swap network, which currently supports Ethereum, Tron, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Fantom, Conflux eSpace, Evmos, Harmony, Aurora, Moonriver, Moonbeam, zkSync, and EOS.

All Meson-To swap transactions are highly secured and trackable with contract-level integration to the smart contract and the project has been repeatedly audited by Trail of Bits and SSLabs at the Georgia Institute of Technology

How we built it

The Meson-To SDK is built on the award-winning Meson Protocol (, providing secure, fast, and economical stablecoins swaps to web3 apps and users.

The SDK is an open-source project, while the underlying Meson protocol, provides the fastest (1-2 minutes), cheapest (down-to-0 fee), and easy-to-use stablecoins swap platform available in the market.

Try out Meson-To now!

Meson-To has been launched on mainnets and is ready to integrate to web3 app.

Feel free to learn more about Meson-To at . Or try out our demo at

The Team behind Meson-To

Our founders are Y-Combinator alumni (W18) and repeatedly entrepreneurs who had immersive blockchain experience since 2019. We truly believe in the potential of blockchains and want to make it ever easier to use by solving the basic issue; breaking the isolation of stable assets on different chains. We combine web2 product craftsmanship with web3 technology to build Meson-To, aiming to fuel the booming multi-chain ecosystem, making it viable for everyone.

Project Milestones: We have launched Meson-To on mainnets and is ready to integrate with our seed project. DM us if your projects want to extend your user base to anyone with stablecoins on other chains and push user experience to the next level. DM us to discuss!


What is the difference between this and the project you submitted (and won first place) in season 2?

NVM got it. So you are submitting the SDK for this hackathon.


So say I have some USDD on TRON and I want to interact with Curve pool on Ethereum?

This will allow me to transfer crypto cross-chain put it in the pool and then when I interact with it again it will come all the back to TRON?

Trying to wrap my head around cross-chain stablecoin swap and now this with being able to interact directly with smart contracts?

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@eXterkTi Seems a lot of future Defi will focus on stable tokens etc, this makes sense as in high street banking for example i can transfer $ between any institution.

If they do not allow swap or transfer they miss out on business so its foreseeable that future blockchains will need to overcome/offer a solution to this or fall behind :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hello eXterkTi! After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - Meson | Devpost that you have submitted in the past?

That’s correct.

The season 2 entry is a user-level cross-chain project that facilitates cross-chain stablecoin swap between Tron and other chains.

This season 3, we’re presenting a stablecoin gateway SDK to all Tron projects, aiming to help them access stablecoins from all other chains from their smart contract on Tron, with just a few lines of codes.

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Hi WindsOfChange92, SDK doesn’t connect your project to other Liquidity Pools. It’s a project-facing SDK that help Tron web3 project to access users’ stable assets in other chains, so that users don’t have to move their stables to Tron first in order to play on Tron.

For your request, we recommend you to use

Well said Simon,

If you’re comparing blockchains to banks, is actually more like Stripe, in the web3 dimension. It’s a SDK providing a straightforward UX for Tron project to access users’ stables from all other chains without moving them first.

We also have a product named ( which is cross-chain swap solution that facilitates fast, costless and safe stablecoins movement among any pair of blockchains.

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Hey Tronbot, is a project-facing stablecoin gateway SDK to all Tron projects, aiming to help them access stablecoins from all other chains from their smart contract on Tron, with just a few lines of codes.

Whereas our season 2 entry, is a user-facing stablecoins swap protocol.

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Thanks for the info @eXterkTi the space as seen from recent events needs a focus like this, hope you do well in the hackathon :handshake:

I feel the same. I appreciate the one who shared this info, all the best for the hackathons.


Awesome project but y do we have to treat it as a cross chain tool?

Hola, me parece un buen proyecto, bien estudiado.

Agree. It’s not just a cross-chain tool from our perspective. It’s a tool that breaks the barrier among blockchains and set up a smooth stablecoin experience so that everyone can take part in crypto.

Hey guys, as Tron Grand Hackathon S3 wrapped up, just wanna say thank you for your kind support. It has been an incredible journey working with Tron, TronDAO, and Tron Community, and we’ll continue to work on great things for Tron and the Tron Ecosystem, stay tuned!

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Hola, felicidades seguiremos sus avances con mucho gusto