OpenATM : A Do-It-Yourself ATM on Tron!

Project Name: OpenATM
Project Track: Web3
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Project Website: GitHub - Open-ATM/Open-ATM

Open ATM is a free and open source Do-It-Yourself ATM on Tron allowing anyone to exchange their old fiat coins for shiny new TRX. The goal is for anyone to be able to build one just like that at home.

Demo Video

What you need

  • A coin acceptor with a USB wafer, usually available for $20 on Amazon

  • A windows or linux tactile tablet with a built-in camera (for scanning QR codes)

  • A box to attach the tablet and coin acceptor to. It will also store the physical coins until you fetch them. Any box big enough will do but if you want it to look a little more professional like mine, you can 3D print a custom box. You will find here the STL file of the box I created on SketchUp to perfectly fit my tablet and Coin Acceptor. I then used Shapeways, a 3D printing service, to print it for me.

Here is the model:

And the printed result:

Here are all the pieces:

Here is the final ATM:

Setup the code

On the tablet, copy and run the code that reads the input from the coin acceptor:

git clone

cd Open-ATM/api

sudo apt-get install build-essential libudev-dev

yarn install

yarn start

Then run the frontend :

cd Open-ATM/frontend

yarn install

yarn run

Then open localhost:3000 to start the ATM. It’s now ready for use!

User experience

First, insert some coins into the ATM. The screen will display your balance in fiat along with its value in TRX at the current exchange rate. The ATM connects to the CoinMarketCap API to get the rates in real-time.

On the next screen, the ATM asks where to send your TRX. You can choose your own wallet or one of the compatible charities’ wallets, e.g. Red Cross or Unicef. This allows for easy and quick donations!

If you choose your wallet, the next screen activates the table’s camera to read the QR code representing your public address. You will need a Tron wallet on your smartphone such as TronLink or Trust Wallet. Open the wallet then display your public address and scan your QR code.

The next screen is a confirmation of your amount and address. Clicking confirm triggers the transaction on Tron. A few seconds later, you should see your TRX in your wallet!


This ATM obviously isn’t very secure and could easily be broken into, so only place it at your home or at work to impress your friends and colleagues.

Finally, the code is free and open source so don’t hesitate to contribute to it or let me know what could be improved!


This seems to be the first of its kind that I am reading about, very promising

. :star_struck:


I can’t believe am actually seeing this it’s very good u know :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


That’s fun! A small trx atm at home to onboard your friends :smile:

And that French accent haha Nice video :+1:


Damn… everyone definitely needs to have one of these


This is a great one invention, I love it :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


This is very promising :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks guys, I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile:


Great project…rooting for you guys👍


This is by far one of the most interesting project i have ever come across in this Season 3. Great work.

But i am a bit confused here, can the money inserted be withdrawn?

If it can be withdrawn does it affect the amount of $TRX?

Let say i inserted 2 euro coin and got 34 $trx, i added 1 euro and made a total of 51 $trx. Now i take back my coins from the box and i know it will affect my $trx balance…

But if i donate it to say UNICEF and end up withdrawing the coins back from the box, wouldnt it defeat its purpose of “donation”.

And if the coins cant be withdrawn, what then happens if the box gets full. Do u discard it and replace it with a new one.

Please can u explain further. Thank you


This is beautiful, I love this :heart:


New tech always win I see the future on it


The ideal is clear, first if it’s kind. Great innovation.


I guess this is the first time I’m hearing about this concept in any coin. Wow! Once it’s continuously deployed, security can be improved. That’s how many innovations in crypto space started too


Very unique project ! Love it! Bravo


Hola, pienso como tu, es un poco confuso.

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Hey, the idea is that the owner of the ATM and its users are different people. The owner fetches the coins from the ATM and sends TRX to the ATM wallet. The users put the coins in and either get TRX to their wallet or send it to a charity. If you build this ATM at home, it’s not for you to use but for your friends and family. The owner just has to empty the coins from time to time and always make sure there are enough TRX in the ATM wallet to payout the users. The ATM owner is basically like a bank ^^

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Wonderful, so the owner is just operating an ATM machine which have available supply of $TRX. So if anyone wants trx, they just come to ur ATM machine, deposit some coins and get $trx in return, the coins become property of the ATM owner, whiles the trx becomes the owner of the one who used it.

So in actual fact u r facilitating a p2p trading in a manual way.

Wow :star_struck: i love this, cant there be an incorporation of small fees paid by the user. You give three euros for 51trx but u get 49trx. Transaction fees.

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Yh i thought the same, but the explanation he just gave has made it a little more understandable, the owner is just acting as a $trx p2p trader, he owns the ATM and people who needs $trx will just have to deposit coins into the ATM and in return gets $Trx, the owner of the ATM always have to make $trx available. From time to time he goes for his coins and add more $trx for transaction needs of interested people.


Yes exactly! :slight_smile:
Good idea, a fee could very easily be added in the code.