Sponsify By i’am VanillaBaby - Ads pay , transaction plays

Project Name: Sponsify
Project Track: web3
Team Name: Team VanillaBaby
Team Member(s): @iamvanillababy
Project Devpost Link: Link
Project Live Url : https://sponsify.netlify.app/
Project Video Demo : https://youtu.be/iquYjZtpibQ

Project Goal:

Sponsify aims to facilitate gasless token transactions on Bttc and tron by having sponsors cover users’ gas fees in exchange for engaging with sponsored ads. This approach seeks to enhance user experience, reduce barriers to blockchain adoption, and create a sustainable monetization model for sponsors and sponsify.

Project Value:

The value of Sponsify lies in its innovative approach to solving the problem of gas fees on the blockchain while revolutionizing advertising in the blockchain space.

  1. Gasless Transactions: Sponsify enables users to perform gasless token transfers by leveraging sponsorships. This removes a significant barrier to entry for users wanting to interact with blockchain applications.
  2. Monetized User Engagement: The project introduces a novel model where sponsors pay users’ gas fees in exchange for watching ads. This creates a symbiotic relationship between sponsors seeking on-chain activity and users looking to transact without fees.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: By offering gasless transactions through ad engagement, Sponsify improves user experience and accessibility, making blockchain applications more user-friendly and appealing.
  4. Revenue Generation: Sponsify creates a revenue stream for both sponsors and the platform itself. Sponsors benefit from targeted advertising to engaged users, while Sponsify generates revenue from the sponsorship transactions.
  5. Future Potential: The project’s vision extends beyond gasless transactions to incorporate advanced advertising recommendations based on user behavior and KYC data. This promises to enhance ad targeting and effectiveness.

In summary, Sponsify introduces a disruptive concept that merges blockchain transactions with advertising, offering a practical solution to gas fees while paving the way for innovative monetization strategies in the blockchain industry

Problem Statement :

In the blockchain ecosystem, sometimes poitnless gas fees have emerged as a significant barrier to user interaction and adoption, hindering the seamless flow of transactions. Moreover, traditional advertising models often fail to effectively target and engage users actively involved in on-chain activities, resulting in missed opportunities for sponsors and developers alike. Additionally, GameFi, DeFi, NFT, and Blockchain projects inherently excel as advertisers, seeking users engaged in real on-chain activities. As a result, there is a pressing need for a solution that not only addresses the problem of gas fees but also revolutionizes advertising in the blockchain space. This solution should enhance user experience, reduce barriers to adoption, and create sustainable monetization avenues for sponsors and platforms alike.

Practical Scenarios for Sponsify:

In today’s landscape, web3 projects naturally excel as advertisers, actively seeking users immersed in real on-chain activities. This dynamic presents an opportunity for innovative business models. Take DragonQuest as an example, a GameFi project eager to market its product directly to active web3 gamers . Through strategic ads on Sponsify, DragonQuest attracts og gamers to its event, by sponsoring their’ gas fees as a marketing budget. This dual approach not only fosters engagement and community growth but also expands DragonQuest’s reach and ensures its sustained growth and success.

Working of sponsify :

Sponsify redefines user engagement by leveraging EIP-2612’s permit and transferFrom interfaces. Seamlessly integrated with users’ wallets, Sponsify simplifies authorization processes, eliminating the need for direct blockchain interaction. Engaging with sponsored content, bolstered by CAPTCHA verification, precedes swift request execution. Upon ad completion, Sponsify’s backend seamlessly executes transactions, ensuring a frictionless, gasless experience for users.

Project details and Test Instructions:

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet: Easily link your preferred BTTC-integrated wallet to Sponsify, ensuring a secure and hassle-free connection.

Step 2: Initiate Your Transaction: Begin your transaction by entering the recipient’s address, selecting the USDT token, and signing the message. (Note: Currently limited to USDT transfers.)

Step 3: Await Ad Loading: Sit back and relax as the platform loads captivating advertisements, enhancing your transaction experience.

Step 4: Watch Sponsored Ads: Engage with sponsored content by watching ads generously provided by our partners. Upon completion, your transaction is successfully processed. Review all transactions conveniently listed below for your reference.

Smart Contract links:

Github :

Project Milestones:

  1. Develop a functional landing page. (Done)
  2. Integrate signature and ads functionality seamlessly. (Done)
  3. Implement and manage forms for sponsor registration. (In progress)
  4. Enhance user interfaces for improved usability. (18 May)
  5. Expand to support both Bttc and Tron mainnets . (10 June )

Future Work :

  1. Platform Development and Beta Testing: Advancing these core features such as gasless transactions, ad integration, and user authentication. Conduct beta testing to gather feedback and refine the user experience.
  2. Improve Advertsing Mechanism : Sponsify will support a more accurate advertising recommendations based on users’ on-chain behavior and KYC data
  3. Partnership Expansion: Forge partnerships with GameFi, DeFi, NFT, and blockchain projects to sponsor gas fees for users engaging with their content. Expand the network of sponsors to increase the variety of sponsored content available on the platform.
  4. User Growth and Adoption: Focus on user acquisition and retention strategies to grow the Sponsify user base. Implement marketing campaigns and user incentives to attract new users and encourage active participation.
  5. Enhanced Features and Functionality: Continuously improve the Sponsify platform by adding new features and functionality based on user feedback and market demand. This may include advanced ad targeting, integration with additional blockchains, and enhanced security measures.
  6. Community Engagement and Support: Foster a vibrant community around Sponsify by engaging with users through social media, forums, and community events. Provide responsive customer support to address user inquiries and issues promptly.

“You can also transfer trc20 tokens using sponsify by only watching ads , eliminating the need of having any trx & energy .”


You are welcome, if I get it right you mean funds received from sponsors will be used to pay fees providing gasless transactions for users


lets understand it this way .Imagine you have a meme coin project and want to reach real meme coin degens., you can sponsor their gas fees for engaging with your ads, ensuring targeted exposure and removing barriers to participation. This allows you to allocate your marketing budget effectively while fostering genuine community interaction and interest in your project .

I will be keep adding more text ! So you guys would understand it better

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Welcome to Tron Hackathon season 6. I’ve gone through your project value and am impressed with what your project offers. I just have few questions that needs clarity.

  1. Is there any criteria for one to meet before getting sponsors to cover gas fees for them?
  2. Are the sponsors choose by the project or is there a means of registration to become a sponsor?
  3. Also is there benefit for sponsors of the gas fees?

With the disturbance wave in adware, how are you going to ensure that these adverts are free from posing threats to the users because many at times, hackers take undue advantage of products like this to unleash their attacks


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, please how do you plan to attract sponsors?


he @Lisa1 Thank you for your interest in our innovative experiment. Here’s a brief overview of our current focus:

  1. Users will encounter ads based on their transaction type. For instance, transactions with high gas costs may prompt longer advertisements, ensuring a fair exchange for sponsored content.
  2. Sponsors can join Sponsify by registering and allocating funds to the relayer as a marketing budget. These funds cover users’ gas fees and facilitate targeted ad exposure.
  3. By sponsoring users’ gas fees, sponsors gain direct access to the Web3 audience, promoting projects or services within the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for exciting developments!

@Nweke-nature1.com hope you find your answer here as well


Great question ! Currently I think user-feedback would play a great role here!

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Let me know guys if you like our project idea or not !

Yes sir,… apart from that is there any other alternatives (plan B)

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Well answered. Thank you complying. I wish you all the best in this season’s Hackathon.


Welcome to grand hackathon season 6. Are there any form of rewards for the sponsors?


Is there any hierarchy of rewards for sponsors, maybe something like different levels?


With this iniatiative of empowering users to perform a gasless transactions by watching sponsored ads thereby creating sustainable monetization model for sponsors, how will you balance the need for user privacy with the monetization goals of sponsors?


Welcome to hackathon season 6

  • How will Sponsify attract users to the platform? What incentives are there for users to switch from existing wallets or solutions.

  • How will Sponsify ensure sponsors are reaching their target audience within the platform, and will there be user segmentation or targeting options.

  • In what way will Sponsify determine the gas fees it will cover for users, and will there be limits or thresholds.

  • What will happens during periods of high network congestion.

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what do you mean by reward of sponsors ? @Lisa1 @Andreaxino . Sponsors are not seeking direct financial rewards from the platform. Instead, sponsors utilize our service as a marketing tool to promote their projects and engage with a web3 audience. The transaction fees paid by sponsors serve as a marketing budget to cover users’ gas costs for viewing ads, facilitating a mutually beneficial interaction where sponsors gain exposure and users enjoy seamless transactions supported by sponsored gas fees."


Oh i get it now. The sponsor could be other web3 products or blockchain products that uses your platform to engage with a web 3 audience


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6.
This is really an innovative concept, I see Sponsify takes a novel strategy, combining blockchain transactions with advertising to address the issue of high gas fees, making it appealing to both users and sponsors.
What safeguards are in place to maintain the security of user data, particularly with the incorporation of KYC data for advanced advertising recommendations?

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Welcome to the hackathons, I am only wondering how do you plan to attract a large user base, thank you

Ohhhh, I totally understand this now. This is absolutely nice. I wish you all the best.