Elysium Receipt - Let's create our invoice together

Project Name: Elysium Receipt
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Eclipse
Team Member(s): 1 → @Eclipse
HackerEarth Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/elysium-receipt

Elevator pitch: Your business started to receive hundreds of crypto payments and now you have to convert these transactions into invoices for accounting. Elysium Receipt builds it on the blockchain for you.

Project Goal: Elysium Receipt aims to enable users to convert transactions they carry out via blockchain into invoices and download them as pdf

Project Value: Providing users to have a well-adjusted invoice, especially for transactions made in BTTC (later in TRON), with a single click :on: :coin: :four_leaf_clover: thereby increasing interest in the BTTC/TRON networks

Project Info: Many businesses started to accept payments via crypto. Businesses that receive maybe hundreds of payments during the day need to turn them into an invoice for accounting. If this process is only by copying a Txn hash and taking screenshots, it is not very effective in terms of storing invoices and payments completely :receipt::floppy_disk: We set out to bring a solution to this problem here. In Elysium Receipt, you will now be able to turn all these transactions into a downloadable pdf file and continue to store them this way. Once you have specified the details and prepared the pdf you want to create, you can connect your wallet to the site and download your document :department_store:

Project Website: ElysiumReceipt - Invoice Generator
Project Video: Team: Eclipse & Project: Elysium Receipt on Vimeo

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Log in to the site by clicking on the link. View the details by entering the wallet address and choosing the txn hash of the transaction, you made on the BTTC network.
  2. Update necessary information such as name, surname, phone number, etc.
  3. Tick the checkbox to confirm your data and start the process, then confirm to store your invoice number on the blockchain and make your payment.
  4. Get your invoice in pdf format by clicking the download invoice button and your pdf file is already ready, you can check it

Project Details: To turn your transactions into an invoice, you select the chain you want from Elysium Receipt (BTTC is active for now) and connect your metamask wallet to the page. Afterwards, you edit the necessary information and confirm that the final version of the invoice is ready, that you want to check the information and save the invoice number of that transaction to the blockchain. For your questions, you can click on Why E-Receipt? on the top right and contact us via the forum.

Smart Contract links:
We have two main smart contracts in BTTC for now. With the first of these, we check that our user has verified his/her personal data on that invoice and made the transaction. The second is to save the invoice number on the blockchain. The encryption we use when saving the invoice number to increase storage efficiency: First and second digit: last two numbers of invoice from address. Third and fourth digit: last two numbers of invoice to address. Fifth and sixth digit: last two numbers of txn hash. Seventh and eight digit: last two numbers of user connected metamask address. By using these digits, we are encrypting the invoices created by the user in BTTC
InvoiceContract | Address 0x987a8c785C9D5ee7960663e71DcD381fC648a03f | BTTCScan
InvoiceNumberStorage | Address 0xB91B291AFa5F5724cFcF1Cd80c2FAB54EACb3A09 | BTTCScan

Invoice number;

  • 1-2. digits: Last two numbers of invoice from address
  • 3-4. digits: Last two numbers of invoice to address
  • 5-6. digits: Last two numbers of txn hash
  • 7-8. digits: Last two numbers of user connected metamask addres

Project Milestones:
Milestone-1: [Mar 1, 2024 - May 7, 2024]

  • Problem detection and solution analysis in the BTTC network
  • Design of front-end and interfaces and smart contract integrations
  • Applications on Tron Dao forum & Devpost

Milestone-2: [May 7, 2024 - June 11, 2024]

  • Reaching new users and advertising processes to create +100 invoices on the platform
  • Evaluation of user feedbacks and improvement of the user interface of website

Milestone-3: [June 11, 2024 - June 28, 2024]

  • Stages of sharing ads and attracting more users
  • Providing more invoice designs’ opportunities
  • Updates & Ensuring user wallet security via smart contracts on Mainnet
  • Investor research and advertising process

Milestone-4 (after s6): [June 28, 2024 - …]
(Post-hackathon process)

  • Integrating also TRON and other networks into Elysium Receipt
  • Achieving the goal of generating +1000 invoices per month

As we move forward, we’re committed to enhancing the Elysium Receipt experience and providing even greater value to our users. We invite you to join us on this journey and be part of the future of blockchain invoicing. Thank you for your attention, and we welcome any questions or feedback you may have. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with Elysium Receipt. Towards many beautiful days together with Tron :hearts:


Great, it will help businesses

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Welcome to the hackathon. Why will a user want to convert a transaction they carry out on blockchain into invoices that will be downloaded in pdf since they can easily copy their txn hash and send to the receiver?


welcome to season6. for small-medium business it looks like it helps a lot for sure. Keep building

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We certainly hope it will be a useful platform for all businesses that have started accepting payments via crypto.

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@Chukseucharia Thank you for the greeting

From an individual point of view, yes you are right, the user only needs to send the txn hash and the other person confirms it. We completely agree with this.

On the other hand as you know, new businesses started to accept payments with crypto every day. Businesses that receive maybe hundreds of payments during the day need to turn them into an invoice for accounting purposes. If this process is only by copying a txn hash, it is not very effective in terms of storing invoices and payments completely. We set out to bring a solution to this problem here.

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@RoseyTara exactly Our goal is this for now.

OK with your example, what extra benefit will it give to such businesses to use Elysium Receipt in converting their crypto transactions to invoices instead of preparing those transactions in a spreadsheet?


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, I really like your offering.
What measures are in place to address potential scalability difficulties as user adoption increases?

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Welcome to the hackathons, can you provide more details about the smart contract

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From business perspective I think, invoices are very important and if transaction on Blockchain can be converted to invoices, it sounds good. Easy for anybody to read than hashes. Easy for auditors who are not into crypto too

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You definitely captured a part of the crypto world that needs more attention in the market. While most transactions generally occur on an individual basis, almost everyone forgets about taxes and invoicing for businesses. I hope you come up with a nice project. When do you plan to publish your website so that we can test it?

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In Post-hackathon process, if you manage to integrate TRON and many networks, you would have bright future. I am not kidding, project is so promising. all the best. Bring the website so we test

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Welcome to hackathon season 6

ElysiumReceipt seems like a useful project for people and businesses dealing in cryptocurrency transactions, particularly on the BTTC network.please there are some important questions I want ask.

  • In what way will ElysiumReceipt ensure the secure connection of user wallets to the platform.

  • How will the platform only handle BTTC transactions initially, or will it include other popular cryptos like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

  • How will ElysiumReceipt address potential tax and regulatory requirements for crypto transactions in different regions.

  • While the project mentions attracting users, it doesn’t detail how it plans to generate revenue.

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I completely understand the point but in the blockchain space, I believe people are more interested in verifying transactions than reading it in plains which is why I’m more interested in the usability of this project.


you are right, coming from a business perspective txn will be needed to verify the transaction and getting invoice too will be good for records. not saying they should give replace txn ID with the invoice :pray:


Sorry for writing a little late, I fixed the remaining bugs about the site and now I will answer all questions.

First of all, businesses that convert their transactions into invoices will be able to make their accounting records even easier.

Secondly, with the special encryption we will do in our smart contracts (we will show in detail in the video we will share at the weekend), anyone who has that code will be able to ensure the confirmation of the payment made. With those advantages, we’ll increase the reliability of the BTTC blockchain network.


Thank you for your appreciation @manfred_jr
In terms of scalability, if we store the invoices as they are, we can foresee that we may have problems in terms of storage according to the transaction to be made in a certain time interval or the total transaction volume.
For this reason, we are considering integrating our smart contracts and invoice custom code. In this way, instead of saving the whole invoice, we will increase practicality with a certain encryption.

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Hello @ines_valerie, video about project and smart contract in detail will be published this weekend. After watching it, if you have any question, your questions will be gladly answered.

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We absolutely agree with everything you say, word for word. Our site is actually ready besides we are still doing the final checks :computer: :popcorn: It will be published in a few days (it could be even tomorrow)

Hoping you to test and evaluate in advance