The Invoicer. Smart NFT invoicing for everyone

Project Name: The Invoicer

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Invoicer

Team Member(s): 3

DevPost URL : The Invoicer | Devpost

Youtube Video: The Invoicer - YouTube

Project Goal: We are now looking for support in order to do massive marketing efforts getting the product to the masses

Project Website: - GitHub - Basel-Pierce/theinvoicer


Project Info/Details:
The Invoicer is now fully operational on TRON, and the website is:

Contract Address: TU31pQLRok9Toah5TQ3nWu2betCAnfD6Mp

Project Test Instructions :

How to create an invoice with TronLink extension?
1.Go to “
2. Connect your TronLink Wallet
3. In this section, you’ll see 3 options (create, invoices, FAQ)
4. To create an invoice you need to complete the information (Company name, Client, Address, etc)
5.Put the description of the item you are invoicing.
6. Choose a Rate
7.You can even calculate Sales Tax or VAT %
8. Click on “Generate Invoice” and wait…
9. Confirm the transaction
10. Creating…
11. Done! Your invoice was created. You can now copy the URL to share with your client
12. There is algo a unique QR code with every invoice
13. You’ll be able to see the invoice once it has loaded completely
14. In this section you can see all your created invoices

How to pay an invoice?

  1. Go to the URL your client sent you
  2. Click on “pay invoice”
  3. Approve the transaction
  4. Loading…
  5. Confirm the transaction
  6. Paying…
  7. Done! You paid the invoice
  8. Now you can view the invoice as paid.
    9.This is an NFT that now lives in your wallet.

Project Milestones / What’s next :

  • Add al possible stablecoins
  • Expand userbase
  • Work on user interface
  • Gas optimize the contracts

The Invoicer, is a groundbraking concept created to solve two huge problems on two very

different fronts:
A) Contractor Payments

B) Cyber Security

While the number of contractors around the world that actively chooses to get paid in crypto as a sine-qua-non condition to work remotely is growing exponentially, companies are facing two problems:

A) Invoice Tracking gets tricky as there are no “recipts” on the recieving end, and ong there is no easy way to know if an invoice has been paid or not. Traditional payment systems such as Paypal or Payoneer provide this feature, but is lacking on the crypto ecosystem.

B) The act of copy-pasting a crypto address in order to tell the client where to send the
funds, presents a MAJOR cyber security threat, as its very easy for an attacker to intercept the “copy-paste”, replacing the pasted address for another one. As addresses don’t make an apparent “sense”, most of the times the victim does not realize that he is pasting a wallet different thatn the one copied. There is also human error to factor, as mistakes are very easily made, and crypto transfers are irreversible.

The “Wrong Wallet” Issue. Is a HUGE problem in the crypto world.

How does it work?
A) The contractor goes to the app, and creates an Invoice. He can customize it, and even add his own logo. He states the value of the invoice in the stablecoin of his choice. That invoice is directly related with his crypto wallet.

B) The system provides him with a unique link for that specific invoice.

C) The contractor sends his client that link. There is no crypto wallet in the link, so no need to worry.

D) The client gets the link, and pays for the invoice with the “pay” button.

E) The paid invoice, is now an NFT, and it’s in the client’s wallet. So that is irrefutable evidence that the invoice has been paid. The funds, are on the contractor’s wallet.

As you can see, the Invoicer solves two MAJOR problems in one very easy to use app. At
the time of payment, we can set up a very tiny platform fee, paid at the time of siging the
transaction, seamlessly integrated with the gas. Or we can choose to be free, and expand.

The Invoicer is now fully build on TRON, as USDT-TRC20 is pretty much the industry standard for payments. But it can easily expand to other blockchains that support both NFTs andstabecoins.


Why not build a smart contract that allows this payment instead of doing links


We do not understand your question, could you elaborate more?

Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
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Thanks a lot Mayor!:clap::rocket:

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Hola, parece un proyecto interesante a nivel de facturación y contabilidad, el NFT como comprobante de pago me parece una idea genial.

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Hola Antonio!

Exactamente, ademas para no tener que copiar y pegar wallets, con los riesgos que eso implica.

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Wow, this is so cool :heart:

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Thanks but can you elaborate more

Seem like a promising project but it needs more clarification and it is also missing some formats

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What would you like to know?

Like the project milestone


-Add al possible stablecoins
-Expand userbase
-Work on user interface
-Gas optimize the contracts

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