TronCheques - Sending Money Without a Need of a Wallet Address

Project Name: TronCheques
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Mothupi
Team Member(s): 1 - @mothupi
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: To allow people to receive money with a need of a wallet address and be able to withdraw the money into any Tron wallet.
Project Value: This project will allow people and/or companies to send crypto to other people or companies that don’t have crypto wallets yet. And it promotes a sender safety as the sender will not be responsible for sending money to a wrong wallet address, the withdrawer is responsible for that.
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Project Website: to do
Project Test Instructions: to do
Project Details: to do
Smart Contract links: to do
Project Milestones:

  1. Create deposit and withdraw contracts - In progress
  2. Create UI - In progress
  3. Host - to do

Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! Sending crypto without a wallet address is something I have never heard of before. Waiting to see how Troncheques works. Good luck to you !


Welcome to hackathon season 6, the project seems interesting transaction of crypto without any crypto wallet, I wonder how do you plan to acheive this ? and what technologies are you gonna use underneath to build this.


Welcome to this session. All the best.

Does this mean that your project and its transaction will not be recorded on Blockchain?

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Mistake here with or without, please check


Nice spot Eagle. Eye got it spotted


yeah from the heading, it is without and here it is with. I want to confirm to ask my question :grinning: just like yours


Welcome to hackathon season 6, going through your project please I will like to know How will your project address the challenge of user onboarding and ensuring a smooth transition for those unfamiliar with crypto wallets.

You guys look like you haven’t fully decided on your project yet. You made a completely opposite comment both in the title and in the content, leaving a question mark in everyone’s mind. Do you have any outlines or templates?

Hey that should be some typical error from them. They can correct it when they get to see.

and why do you think it is interesting and more attractive to send projects without a wallet address? Because I would never perform a transaction with the other user without seeing the address.

Welcome to session 6, from this I will ask is your project having it own wallet ? Because I’m curious how a now wallet address will send money to a wallet address?

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Sir some errors to be corrected here.
Sir will your project give way to send any kind of money to another? As in will tron cheques permit other cryptocurrency to be send and received?

They will be recorded, but the money will move from the depositor’s wallet in to the smart contract. Then the depositor will have to give the withdrawer the withdrawal details. The withdrawer will use those details to withdraw money from the smart contract into their wallet.

I’ll correct that to, “any tron wallet”

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it seems you jumped this and haven’t made any changes @mothupi

Welcome to Season 6, you did keep your entry very short but concise, enabling the transfer of cryptocurrency without the need for a wallet address is ambitious to me, it would be good to define the project’s intentions for ensuring transaction security and integrity.
What is the projected timeline for completing the remaining milestones, including UI development, hosting, and project deployment?

Welcome to the Season 6 Hackathon, it is like everybody is doing short write up, I want you to tell us the technology and protocols that you use to develop your platform

Welcome to Hackathon session 6. Looking at your headline, I became curious to know how this will work. This is going to be a project I will be so interested on and I will be eagerly waiting for your post details to be updated. Before that, please clear the confusion that was caused maybe by omission which I spotted before realizing that other community members has pointed it out.

And as I wait for your post to be updated I will like to know how you plan on creating a seamless onboarding process for crypto-naive recipients with this initiative