Crypto Donutz - Receive crypto donations in a smart way!

Project Name: Crypto Donutz - Receive crypto donations in a smart way!
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Crypto Diablos
Team Member(s): 3
DevPost URL: Devpost
Project Goal: Our goal is to make the best tool for streamers who want to receive donations with crypto, as well add value and fun to their audience
Project Info: Web3 donation platform for streamers and content creators. Start accepting crypto donations, display donation alerts, create NFT-badges and assign them to your active supporters. Have fun!
Tron 3 Hackathon Presentation.pdf (191.7 KB)
Donation transfer contract address: TAke85ayaVdsymmUjoaMC3w25zsQfQA7vk
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Product Walkthrough video
Project Details:

Hey, content creator!

Wanna fun fact about you? You don’t fully use crypto to engage with your audience! Wanna know how we know that? You’re too busy waiting for Mr. Beast to send you 10k. Just kidding.

Actually, cuz you don’t use Crypto Donutz.

Some more “fun” facts:

  • You struggle to receive crypto donations from your audience
  • Even when you don’t, your audience doesn’t feel noticed when donating in crypto
  • And as for your loyal fans…don’t get us started. You don’t even appreciate them properly.
  • Overall, engagement rate among crypto supporters is mediocre at best

Well, can’t blame it solely on you. Actually, there is no such a one-stop service that solve these problems:

  1. Low conversion rate. Now people have to find your wallet address in the description among all promotional materials, copy this long text, open wallet, sign in, paste it, approve transaction - all just to make you happy. No wonder why nobody does it.
  2. Lack of in-stream interaction with crypto supporters, donation alerts nor in-stream widgets - none of that good stuff… After teens give you all their breakfast money, you leave them high and dry.
  3. No opportunity to show how grateful you are to your employers - the most loyal fanbase. You can’t properly express how you love them, how dear they are to your heart, how badly you want kids from them, what they really mean to you etc. That’s how streamers become broke.
  4. Absence of donation reports with clear filters, decent breakdown options, demonstrative visualization. That’s how streamers become broke, part two.

It all hadn’t been possible until Crypto Donutz happened. We are a Web3 donation platform that allows progressive content creators that would leave no stone unturned to maximize the value for both parties. Today you can start accepting crypto donations in a smart, convenient way, display in-stream donation alerts, create your own NFT-badges and assign them to your most loyal supporters and just have fun.

In short, we’ve decided to create the dopest and easiest to use crypto donation platform out there!

Here is how we make it happen:

  • Direct donation link. Clear donation form within a few clicks. Fast and Furious.

  • Donation alerts and in-stream widgets. Create donation goals, unique widgets (ex. top supporters this month) and display all incoming crypto donutz on your stream. Let your crypto audience be noticed and inspired!

  • Customization. Use your branded colors, banners and welcome words for everything above. Make a statement!

  • Audience interaction via TRC-1155 NFT badges. Create an NFT-masterpiece and assign it to your most active fans. They’re gonna love it!

  • Easy-to-use donation dashboard. Filter by date and time, donation amount, username. Don’t forget to use our visual dashboard for a quick summary. You got 99 problems, but reports ain’t one.

  • Direct money transfer. No pending balances and control over your pennies. Donation sum goes directly to your address! We want no part of your juicy donutz, except 1%!

  • Open to anyone. Just connect your wallet and start accepting crypto donations right away!

What’s there for you?

  • More loyalty, engagement and love from your audience.
  • More opportunities for monetization.
  • More convenience doing your own business.
  • More flexibility with content creation. And more.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Sign-up as content creator with Tronlink wallet
  • Go to “Donation Page” section and copy your donation link
  • Let your audience know!

If you want that guy from Tik-Tok to come and ask you what you do for a living, be sure to take a look at us.

Project Milestones: Since the second Tron Hackathon season we’ve received a lot of feedback from active Youtube and Twitch streamers and it turned out that most of them need more in-stream functionality, such as introduction of new alerts for in-stream and goal stats, alerts and donation page customization and of course mobile version.

We’ve done it all and a bit more. TRC-1155 NFT badges have been released. Now streamer can deploy his own NFT collection and mint token directly to his supporter address right on our platform. It will increase off-stream audience loyalty as well create value for supporters!

To sum it up, we’ve been constantly developing the product, collecting feedback and doing the work:)

Meanwhile, we are going to:

  • Product promotion on the market
  • Release of new features to enhance TRC-1155 potential
  • Adding more customization for streamers
  • Release of new features for supporters (premium alert voices, fixed donation messages and so on)

This is our Twitter account: Make sure to follow us!
And don’t forget to sign up for our discrod channel! Crypto Donutz


have you thought about integrating the DN protocol?

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Greetings cryptodiablo! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - Crypto Donutz by Crypto Diablos - Let’s change the way crypto donations work that you have submitted in the past?

According to post #6 of TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now! projects that haven’t completed their roadmap for the Hackathon in past Hackathons will not be eligible for the current season. Please make sure your existing project is already live and for the community to use.

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Thanks for your comment! In the current version of the product we don’t see necessity in using it

Hi! The new version of the product is completely different from the one we applied with for the Second Tron Hackathon. I will make sure to highlight the changes we’ve made and show the Tron community an entirely updated Crypto Donutz!

Currently, we are collecting all the product information and soon will post it here. Thanks for the remarks!

I think that was a “deez nutz” reference sir


hehe it was lol, sorry sorry

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