Planet Tron - Space adventures on the blockchain

Project Name: Planet Tron
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: TronToolBox
Team Member(s): 2 (@TTB @CoopNich)

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal: To create an immersive and engaging space exploration experience for users, allowing them to interact with the solar system and learn about space on blockchain in a fun way.

Project Value: Our project adds value by providing users with an educational and entertaining platform to explore space, activating their curiosity and interest in astronomy.

Project Info: Our project, Planet Tron, is a web-based application that allows users to explore the universe through interactive visualizations. Users can navigate through the planets, learn about their characteristics, and discover fascinating facts about space.

Project Website: Planet Tron: BTTC
Open-Source: GitHub - TronToolBox/PlanetTron

Project Test Instructions: To test the project, simply visit the website and interact with the solar system visualization. Try out different features such as changing backgrounds, activating SpacePlus, and exploring the space-themed cards.

Project Details: The pdf and video containing the project introduction are given below:

Smart Contract links: We integrated our project with BTTC (BitTorrent Mainnet Chain) by deploying a smart contract that manages the activation of SpacePlus features, such as space-themed cards, background and audio templates. Users can activate SpacePlus by making a BTT transaction on the BTTC. Here is the link to the mainnet smart contract: SpacePlusContract | Address 0x6A2F13bd7c1a0DF7555296Fbe192E72F586DB8Cb | BTTCScan

Project Milestones:

  1. Design and development of the solar system visualization and implementation of interactive features such as changing backgrounds and activating SpacePlus on BTTC Mainnet and deployment of the project to a web server for public access (till May 7)
  2. Integration of educational content, space-themed cards, and random quizzes platforms (May 7 - June 15)
  3. Testing and debugging to ensure smooth user experience (June 16 - June 22)

Future Plans:
a. Development of NFT space theme market (June 23 - July 15)
b. Testing and integration of NFT marketplace functionality (July 16 - July 30)
c. Deployment of NFT marketplace and final testing (July 31 - August 1)


Welcome to hackathon season 6

Thank you for providing information about your project, Planet Tron. It sounds like a fascinating and educational platform for users to explore and learn about space. The interactive visualizations and features, such as changing backgrounds and space-themed cards, seem engaging and fun.
Wish you and your team all the best

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Welcome to Hackathon session 6. After reading your post I have this question to ask

How does your project ensure that users have an engaging and interactive experience while exploring the solar system?

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Thank you so much for your kind words and support! We’re thrilled to hear all those.

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Thank you for your reaching us @Chizz. In Planet Tron, we guarantee a few key highlights:

We aim to present images and space principles from various parts of space with gifs, images and other on-site files.

Client Optimization:
By enacting SpacePlus on the BitTorrent Mainnet Chain, clients pick up get to to extra highlights and customization alternatives, guaranteeing a personalized encounter custom fitted to their inclinations.

Overall, our extend points to create learning almost space agreeable and open for clients of all ages, cultivating interest and a more profound appreciation for the ponders of the universe via BTTC.

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You are welcome and I wish you and your team all the best

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@Okorie much appreciated
Thank you so much

a different perspective, combining space and crypto is a creative approach. good luck in season 6

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@NexusZero42 appreciated. Thanks a lot

I tested your site and I recommend you do some optimization regarding the files. In this way, you can significantly increase the user loading speed. In addition, the designer friend liked the eye taste very much. It is fun to wander around the site.

As an one more piece of advice, try to bring in a variety of new pages. Because you can easily increase the user time spent in this way.

I’m waiting for the quiz and card platform you mentioned. Keep building, if you continue like this, 1 vote from me to you.

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You can also reach out for advices or feedbacks at any time. Jut in case, I check the forum every Wednesday and Sunday.

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yes yes, we are currently working on it. Some files can be reduced even from 5mb to 1-2mb. We know lacks of our project. Trying to optimize them

2 new platforms are on the way as we mentioned on forum. It will be good

Thanks for all feedback!

We appreciate your kindness, thank you

wow I didn’t see you guys. You submitted in last day, gonna check everything and give feedback if you accept

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Okay looks great, a bit slow for now. anyway I just read your comments and you said you gonna optimize it. You can put a bit more info to launch part of website which will inform the new users. Keep going!

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Your commitment to providing a personalized and engaging learning experience about space through Planet Tron is so commendable :clap: How do you plan to measure the impact of your platform in fostering deeper understanding of the universe among users, especially considering the diverse age groups you aim to cater to?

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Hello Planet TRON team! thanks for building with us and special kudos for open sourcing your project ! :slight_smile: , this provides other community devs to inspire on your work and open doors for future integration and collaboration :wink:

I tested your site and unfortunately could not activate the BTTC-Space Plus feature. Is there any precondition I need to do to activate it?

Mixing blockchain with science is an interesting idea!

Have you thought on increasing your project reach and probably adding an Oracle-linke smart contract to store space facts so others can use that data to perform calculations on chain?

Would be interesting to have planets, satellites and other celestial bodies masses and other facts for other projects or even yours to expand use cases. This should not be a hard task and due to the nature of this data can be managed without much costs on chain and free for users to call out that data.

Thank you for having a detailed milestones + dates!

We need more scientific projects like yours on TRON/BTTC ecosystem. Let’s keep building together! :slight_smile:

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@BertJanRider as you said we submitted our project in last 2 days before deadline. Yeah our optimization processes continue. We’ll make it fast as we can. Thanks for good wishes

Thank you for posing a very high quality question @Chizz
Our aim here is to encourage everyone, from 7 to 70 people, to be interested in space. Since the terms we explain will generally appeal to adults, we have decided to work on a new platform called Planet Tron kids(subdomain) for young scientists. We aim to simplify the topics we have explained before on the Planet Tron kids page so that we’ll increase the incentives.

On the Quiz platform, which we plan to publish this weekend, we aim to measure how much people can understand the topics.

Please redirect us if you have more questions

Greetings! Impressive project you have there.

We’re also developing a project on Tron, by the way. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Strongcoin is a tap-to-earn game. Within our game, we provide onboarding to the Tron ecosystem, featuring partner quests. If you’re interested, we’re open to discussing collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, we’re currently hosting a contest with cool prizes for the best question or suggestion! Feel free to check out our topic for further details.

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