Planet Tron - Space adventures on the blockchain

@SimbadMarino I was in Dubai with my teammate @CoopNich for a business meeting and that’s why we are getting back to your message a bit late. Please excuse us.

We shared it with our close friends and did not receive any negative feedback about the BTTC-Space Plus feature. After the transaction, do the theme and music buttons in the center section become active or not? We are currently bringing new plugins to BTTC-Space and we would like to solve this issue first. Could you please try again and let us know if problem continues ?

To be honest, even though we had different ideas in mind, we had not fully thought about the Oracle-linked smart contract to store space facts so others can use that data to perform calculations on chain.

After seeing your comment, we did a bit research and we think we can add it easily. In short, we are planning to launch the Quiz area (buying extra trial rights with BTT) this weekend. Then, after the fact cards design and the interface we have simplified for children, we will start the perform calculations part using Oracle-linked smart contract.

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@strongteam since we will be still at a business meeting for the next 2-3 days more, we think of looking and reviewing it after that duration. Thanks for reaching out.
and if you have any links or info for the contest, can you write us so we can review it? Kudos to your team :pray:

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Details for our contest here:

the atmosphore is very interesting and peaceful. Do you also plan to work on 3D images? Or are you planning to continue with 2 and 2.5D? I was wondering what kind of a path you will follow in the new parts you will bring. Thanks in advance for your answer.