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GitHub Link: GitHub - Vikash-8090-Yadav/TronHack

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We are solving a major problem ,where anyone can sell goods directly to the customer and make huge profits.Our website works where no middle men involved like distributers where users can feel free by selling their vegetables and goods in our marketplace. This make easier to the buyer and seller which ease at a pace and simplifies major barriers like traditional flow to marketplace like seller has to move to distributers ,logistics and then recieved to customers our solutions will drive to sell directly to the customers which can help farmers maximize their profits from the items

Contract Info

Contract Address: 0x2C8e10de89319BEdD4535fe668B659e6e1dF5593

Explorer Link:

Working Flow !!

  • Listing Products: Anyone can easily list their products on our website.

  • Unique Digital Assets: Each product is represented as a unique digital asset called an NFT (non-fungible token), ensuring it has its own digital identity that can’t be replicated or divided.

  • Buy and Resell: Anyone can buy these NFT products from the farmers, and once someone owns an NFT, they can resell it to others.

  • Product Review: If a buyer isn’t satisfied with how a particular item is being treated or represented, they can give a review for it to maintain the integrity and reputation of their products.

:hammer_and_wrench:Technologies we used

Technology Description Official Website
React.js JavaScript library for building user interfaces, often used for server-rendered or statically-generated applications React.js
Tailwind CSS Utility-first CSS framework for building custom designs Tailwind CSS
Solidity Programming language used for smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain
LightHouse Store file Secure, Reliable, & Lightning-Fast with Lighthouse.

Welcome to Season 6. Delete the areas that need to be deleted in your application to create a more professional appearance. Also, don’t forget your Devpost application. Have a nice day

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, nice one buddy

Welcome to season 6, I will really like to see how you intend doing all this which you just mention, please I will like to see more details to know more and understand it better. Thank you

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Just wondering if your project can make it but before that, we have a lot of NFT market literally inactive as a result of no trades going on there. How have you planned to single out your platform to attract investors to selling and buying NFTs through your marketplace?

Welcome to Season 6, you kept your offering short and concise with no elaborate details. I read the goal of TronStore is to establish a decentralized NFT marketplace, enabling users to directly sell their products without intermediaries and retain maximum profits.

Can sellers customize their storefronts on TronStore to showcase their brand identity?

Welcome to the Hackathon, do you give rewards for community participation, thank you

it seems like this project has been abandoned : /

What about your project value, project details, smart contract link and milestones?
When are you providing all the information to your project?

Hey, Sorry for delay due to some last moment work not able to to give any followup. Regarding your question will add all the details today by EOD (IST) Thanks!!

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Hey, it’s not abandoned yet due to some other commitment am nkt active here. Will share full info tonight. Thanks!

Yah the reward is given to the one who will List the product I am giving METT community token.

Hey the buyer have the option to re sell their product with any price they want. Seller can only list the product at any price.

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Ok I will be expecting the update to help me understand what your project is about

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Do we have middlemen on some nft marketplaces?

Please am still patiently waiting for more details to understand better

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Hey, can u please check once again!!

Hey, we r in the first step of building this marketplace. Think like a complete e commmerce platform where useer can list and buy . We thinking to include the supply chain and more realstic frontend. Hope this makes sense