Bird Catcher Game By Solo : Play For Fun

Project Name: Bird Catcher Game
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: Team Hunter
Team Member(s): Solo
Erthhacker Project Link: Devpost
Project Goal: Bird Catcher is a full-fun web3 game with metaverse, in-game store, rewards TRC20, NFT 1155 support and more on BTTC.

Project Info:
The Bird Catcher Game is a classic game that gives you the chance to step back in time to your childhood and rule.

Use your keyboard and mouse to catch the birds with your net before they fly away! Protect yourself from bird shit attacks as well, which can be harmful to your health. Catch birds as fast as possible to get the best score. Show your hunting skills and prove yourself to be one of the catchers.

If you are a good catcher and are willing to accept a challenge from another online player, this is the ideal situation for you.

This game also supports web3 features including in-game store to buy coins, unlock skin, powers, rewards and many more on BTTC chain.

Project Website: Bird Catcher Game
Project Test Instructions:

  • Login to Metamask from Desktop or Laptop
  • Add Bittorrent Mainnet/Testnet in Metamask
  • Make sure you have enough BTTC Mainnet coins in account
  • Login into game from Desktop or Laptop
  • Start your adventure

Project Details:
Bird Catcher is a full-fun web3 game with metaverse, in-game store, rewards, NFT support and more on BTTC.


Video Demo



Smart Contract links:
Contract Address:

  1. 0x664c675e391cce4eeb30d157952886551c8fed5e
    Contract Address 0x664c675e391cce4eeb30d157952886551c8fed5e | BTTCScan
  2. 0x2892498bff560ec2ee3acd490b5a7118d8f7be93
    BirdCatcherToken (BCT) Token Tracker | BTTCScan

Project Milestones:

Season 6 Milestones Completed As Listed Below
Last Updated - 3rd May 2024

  • Global Leaderboard
  • Multiple Play Modes
    • Online Multiplayer
    • Offline Single Player
  • Special Power Ups
    • Call The Bird Power (Attract Bird)
    • Shit Shield Protection Power
    • Large Net Catcher Power
  • Rock Attack Power To Birds
  • Achievements To Get Bonus Coins
  • Bonus Bird Hunt To Get More Coins
  • New UI/UX
  • New Environment Theme
  • Game optimization
  • Bug Fixes

Wow this amazing project I will guess, welcome to season 6 hackathon
Wishing you all the best this season buddy and again I will follow up on your project when more details are added.
Thank you sir :blush:


Welcome once again, please how far with your bird catcher game?


Firstly, I will like to start from welcoming you to this season’s HackaTron. But just as I will be waiting for you to add up all the necessary details of your post submission, I would like to raise this few concerns.

In Season 3, you came up with Obelisk which has gone on extinction. I would like to know what gone wrong with that vision you had before creating the project.
Here is the link to the project submission for anyone interested in it;

Again in Season 4, you came up with another gaming project called bird catcher and just like the preceeding season’s project, the bird catcher has equally gone on extinction and this gives me worries to what could cause this near failures of your two projects.
The link to the bird catcher is;

Now you are presenting a new project, Ding Dong Game to the community and I would like to ask what your motivation is, for building this new project and what your conviction is that it won’t end up like the previous 2 projects you have once participated in Tron’s Hackathons with?


Hi,Thank you so much for wishes.

If I share concern and reason so its funding to maintain project. Like in both I purchased subscription for multiplayer server but in 1st round project not selected and in second I ran it for few months but again out of money.

I’m trying to create a project which can get highlight and get some sustainable long run support bcoz for me very difficult to manage.

I’m in hope that I’ll deliver some really great basic product and it will go forward.

So in tron community I like the support whatever I create as prototype. That support motivates me to continue develope new things.

Hope this clears your doubts.

Thanks @Youngyuppie @Prince-Onscolo


Hmmm so if I understand well, your first project won nothing, second won something but you run out of funds so you have abandoned it right?

Clear this for me


Correct, if something is wrong and if community thinks that I’m doing unfair then I’ll withdraw my participation from hackathon but I’ll continue with my new idea of game.


oh OK so let me ask this, what is going to happen to this new project if any of the above you mentioned happen again? Abandoned?


I would like to ask an additional question to these questions. The forum has seen 2 of your projects so far and you are not actively continuing them. What kind of trust and support do you expect from the forum for your new project? Why do people here should support you again?


I say welcome, you keep it very short, it is hard to know what it is all about


Welcome to Season 6, this is short and precise, care to share what this is really about?


maybe you missed my answers above. and doing trust or not is depends on community and project so I can’t force. There are hundreds of projects which never worked and stopped but I’m trying non-stop so instead of demotivating solo, community should encourage to work non-stop. I’ve not done fraud. I created project, got not success, I keep working on next idea.

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My humble request to all community members and specially active members like @manfred_jr , @Prince-Onscolo @Youngyuppie @Nana66419 ,
I’ve created project in past but it got failed due to execution and running out of fund in maintaining. But I have not done any fraud which is running on internet in the name of pre-sale, fake website without product. Whatever I created was complete up and running and spent time to create with community feedback.
This time want to create single player game so that it can not require much money in maintaining. If everything goes right then I’ll create token in market which will have real value.
So humble request to understand as developer and creator aspect. I always work hard due to all your feedbacks and support.

Still have any issue, I’ll withdraw my participation.

Thank you


With all respect, basically you stopped other 2 projects from community’s perspective. Non-stop doesn’t mean creating new projects regularly and joining competition. It means creating valuable ideas and trying to reach your audience and improving it day by day.


If owners of this projects come with a new project, community asks the again same questions. It is not personal issue.


Answer my question for me please @jigar

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exactly exactly, in addition, sentences like “If something happens, I will withdraw” do not give confidence from the very beginning.


show this sentence please “If something happens, I will withdraw” !

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That’s a great question! While unforeseen challenges can arise, I wouldn’t anticipate this project being abandoned. In fact, if any of those situations come up, it could be an opportunity to demonstrate the project’s resilience and adaptability. Think of it as a chance to innovate and find even more creative solutions! Your perseverance through these potential bumps in the road will only make the project’s success even sweeter. So let’s keep moving forward with a positive attitude and see this project through to its full potential!
@kmag44 @Radiant


then I advised you go back to those two projects abandoned and revive them.

I always say, getting a prize is awesome but building something great for the community should always be the goal. We have some projects here, whether they win or not they will continue.

We can’t be testing projects and after the Hackatron we do not see any development again. Please find some source of funding so that same thing won’t repeat again. Thank you