Obelisk By Solo - Multiplayer Fun Game with DeFi and NFT

Project Name: Obelisk
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Solo
Team Member(s): @jigar
DevPost URL: Obelisk | Devpost
Project Goal: Obelisk is metaverse blockchain game, where user can play solo or PvP in multiplayer with voice chat, earn free daily reward, buy coins with decentralised finance and get NFT 1155 in game item.

Project Info:
Obelisk is classic block balancing game where we have to put block on one on another and create long as possible without falling it down. But this game we can also play with other online player which can add more fun. This game also supports voice chat so we can interact with other online users, we can also challenge them and play PvP mode and can use different powerups during the game play. We can also dance alone or with online other players.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Use metamask to login
  • Make sure you have enough BTTC Test amount and Network added in metamask
  • Play game and authenticate with metamask and create transactions wherever needed in game for in-app transactions

Contract Address:

  1. 0x67bd2ff8b969cf5226b14aad8e614ed9a29c54c4
    GamePlayToken (GPT) Token Tracker | BTTC
  2. 0x03edc4834a959888ff01ab22bd40d616cb14a0b7
    Contract Address 0x03edc4834a959888ff01ab22bd40d616cb14a0b7 | BTTC

Project Details:

  • Solo and Multiplayer PvP with voice chat
  • Play, Dance and challenge other players
  • In-app store to buy coins with crypto or Exchange with tokens
  • Get NFT 1155 as game theme
  • Daily get free game token ERC-20
  • Different power ups to make more entertaining

Project Milestones:

Ecosystem milestones completed as mentioned below

  • BTTC Testnet 2 smart contract creation
  • Smart contract used for in-game coin purchase, nft minting, balance information, nft information
  • ERC-20 game token mechanism used to give daily reward, exchange of token to get coins
  • User database setup on firebase



Will the game be compatible on phone. And also what type of game should we be looking at, board game, car racing, card game or football. I would love to know, thank you and keep it up


Since you will be multichain (Polygon, BTTC, more?), will you consider opening liquidity pools on a multichain DEX like just.money which won the first hackathon? We also have a bridge for the tokens bridge.just.money :blush:


Current version is focused on web but future version will be available on android and ios for sure. and game is kind of arcade casual game. Where in small open world players can chit chat with each other, dance with each other, talk with each other and can play Solo or challenge other online player.
About game play so game is simple we have to create taller tower as possible in time, this we can play with other online player, with different powerup we can destroy other player’s tower or we can utilize power for self defence.


Actually earlier we used moralis but that is limited to some blockchain and some other major limitations in database management so in this update we will move from moralis to other EVM option which can help us to work with BitTorrent chain free of cost so that we can long term support and remove all possible limitation which we are facing.
Now about liquidity pools so still I’m doing research on it as I’m kind of new in blockchain industry but in game development having good experience. So day by day learning and implementing things in it.


Es interesante que se contemple el adaptar el juego a varios dispositivos, también que ofrezca multicadena, poder ver unas imágenes estaría perfecto. Animo.

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Thanks, I have added in ecosystem track but will be available on BitTorrent Testnet

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waiting for details, it seems nice :dizzy:

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will be sharing deployed app soon/

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Greetings jigar! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Devpost URL
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
Contract Address


All details are updated as per requirement


Actually fun to play this game, specially dance moves are so funny and entertaining


Thanks a lot for trying this game


Hello everyone,
if you have not tried yet, give it a try on BTTC Testnet.


The game is really really fun to play…
Love it

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Thank you really so much for your valuable feedback.

This would be an addictive game can’t wait for the success of this project and do players earn while playing?

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Thanks a lot ! yes you can earn when you play ! and it will be utilized in different way in future like coupons, market liquidity etc.