Voxel Game - On-chain voxel game in which users truly own their assets

Project Name: Voxel Game(Terminated)
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: -
Team Member(s): 3 @icoforcho2
HackerEarth Project Link: -
Project Goal: Fully on-chain Web-based game that utilize Tron and IPFS
Project Value: Integrating blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts and NFTs, can offer significant advantages for your voxel world game:

  • Enhanced Ownership and Scarcity:
    • Players can truly own their creations and in-game assets through NFTs. These NFTs represent unique digital land plots, items, or collectibles, providing verifiable proof of ownership.
    • This fosters a sense of value and achievement for players who invest time and effort into building or acquiring rare items.
  • Transparent and Secure Economy:
    • Smart contracts can automate in-game transactions like buying, selling, and trading NFTs. This ensures secure and transparent exchanges without the risk of fraud or manipulation.
    • The blockchain ledger provides an immutable record of ownership and transaction history, fostering trust and security within the game’s economy.
  • Player-Driven Marketplace:
    • Blockchain facilitates the creation of a player-driven marketplace where users can freely trade their owned NFTs (land, items). This empowers players and potentially generates revenue streams through buying, selling, and potentially even renting out their in-game assets.
  • Community Building and Collaboration:
    • On-chain features can incentivize collaboration and community building. Players can work together to develop unique creations on their owned land or collaborate on larger projects.
    • A strong in-game economy built on NFTs can attract and retain players, fostering a vibrant community within the voxel world.
  • Potential for Interoperability:
    • Blockchain can open doors for interoperability between different voxel worlds (if they use compatible standards). This could allow players to bring their owned NFTs (items, wearables) across different games, creating a more expansive and connected metaverse experience.

By integrating blockchain technology, your voxel world game can move beyond traditional models, offering a more secure, transparent, and player-driven experience that fosters a strong community and potentially opens doors for future innovation within the metaverse.
Project Info: -
Project Website: -
Project Test Instructions:

  1. Connect Wallet to BitTorrent Chain
  2. Mint Land NFT
  3. Play game
    Project Details: [Details of your project. Feel free to add any photo or video reference]

Smart Contract links:
World(Game Logic): Contract Address 0xEA0128f5339014D7a82d50444b902b10F3E00992 | BTTC
Land NFT:Contract Address 0x8AA0E7dD83E0c7836fE4f66fA60b43360b259695 | BTTC
Token: Contract Address 0xA439489DF6f6A00b8EB7972FD97E4534b8A7941c | BTTC
Item: Contract Address 0x400816e981003089FAE2e91BbB944C1213E18537 | BTTC
Project Milestones: version 0.1.0 deployed on BitTorrent Chain Testnet, able to mint land NFT and in-game items and can upload game metadata to IPFS.
-Deployed on BitTorrent Chain Mainnet Q2/2024
-Multiplayer Q2/2024
-Marketplace Q3/2024
-Leaderboard Q3/2024
-NPCs & MOBs Q4/2024
-Crafting Q4/2024
-Supported Mobile Q4/2024
-UGC Q1/2025


You are welcome.

When everything is set, I will ask my question(s)

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Can you break it down for me what your project is about

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Hi, what is your specific details do you want to know?

Can you please provide demo when ready, trying to get the type of game you are developing

I am interested in knowing this because your forum post makes it difficult for me to know the type of game you are developing

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, this Voxel Game idea appears intriguing, since it uses blockchain technology to improve ownership, security, and community interaction. Integrating Tron and IPFS for a fully on-chain web-based game opens up new potential.
How do the gameplay mechanisms work? Are there any particular gaming components that are unique or innovative?

works on desktop only?

Welcome to this season of Hackathon, I want to know, please tell me about the roadmap for the future development that will be after version 0.1.0, thank you

Currently Yes. We have roadmap to support mobile.

ok. I already updated more roadmaps.

oh OK I tried to open and I couldn’t open it on mobile, thanks

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Welcome to hackathon season 6 buddy wishing you the very best of luck.

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Welcome to Season 6. I clicked on your link with high hopes. But to be honest, I was completely disappointed.

You took the minecraft template created by other developers, and you received the code that allows you to connect all the ready-made wallets created by other developers, and you combined the two. Then, you connect the smart contacts in a completely useless way and present them under the name of the project.


It is a website that may look nice for people who don’t know how to code.
But people who know how to code can easily tell you how to create it. I doubt there’s even an original part. I request the TRON technical team to examine this project in detail. There is a problem that codes found entirely from other platforms are combined and not presented with an original content. If there are friends among you who understand web3 development, please check it out and you will agree. @Prince-Onscolo @Chukseucharia @manfred_jr @ines_valerie @Okorie @admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @HunterTRON @EMerchant


To be honest I developed this by myself but I got the inspiration from another project.

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I totally disagree, there are a lot of minecraft templates that are exactly the same.

If the codes and development belong to you, share information and data from the development process.

You took someone else’s code and only changed the texts and data. As soon as I find out which minecraft template he owns, I will inform him. What you are doing is can not be acceptible


Now I’m sharing it with my YouTuber developer friend whose content you directly stole. EXACTLY SAME THING!!! @StevenTRON @HunterTRON @EMerchant


@Gordian, @Nana66419, @Youngyuppie could you please read last comments of mine? This guy literally copied youtuber’s content and even codes are same. Just copy and paste !!! It can not be accepted


I change it a lot. I added more features in my development but the part of UI still using from a tutorial. if you are not ok I will update more for it.