Artistry category: stolen project -> Voxel Game by @icoforcho2

Good day everyone, I made a complaint about a project. I am writing here again to convey it to the entire forum.
The Voxel Game project published by @icoforcho2 in the Season 6 artistry category was stolen from the Minecraft development series of a developer named Coffee Code Create on Youtube. I contacted the game owner and he said that he did not have permission and that his project was taken without permission.

Although his friends on YouTube say that he publishes the source codes for people to improve themselves, the user named @icoforcho2 on the tron dao forum also boasts that he stole the project by continuing to talk in casual ways such as “minecraft is minecraft” and “I can change it a little more if you want”.

He is currently continuing its efforts to make people believe that the project is a different project by changing places such as the text on the home screen. Their codes match the project’s codes at a rate of 99%. He stole this project and presented it on the forum. I invite all authorized persons to examine this friend’s project and do what is necessary!! @StevenTRON @admin.hackathon @EMerchant

I would also like to state that if this guy can continue with this project, I will continue to expose him and how he steals that project on Twitter!!!


Thanks for the information, I believe the admins will look into it


Thanks for the update one thing am sure about this platform is that there’s no room for cheating.

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Thanks for helping in keeping this forum safe from copyright and copy and paste projects


We are sTRONger together, always looking for originality and sincerity in projects :cupid::cupid::cupid:

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