A project got disqualified because of fraudlent behaviour in hackathons

@mysticShub I have been keeping an eye on this guy .The guy is a scammer he submits the same copied project of a guy who (i know its hazed.io ) with different names in every hackathon . Yesterday this guy has been disqualified from one hackathon after winning link because the project’s owner complaint about his fraudlent activity . If you think im lying just open his github Mystical94 (0xmysticShub) · GitHub and you would see dozens of projects with same codebase but different names …

This guy is gonna do the same thing in hackatron s5 with the name zkbttc this time. Hope i awared u all!!!

You can see the list of some of his projects here these all are same but with different names i.e he doesn’t even change a single line of any project except name/logo.

  1. dittobox-d7cbea.spheron.app/
  2. zkfrax-ad2c96.spheron.app
  3. encrypto-cb6dfb.spheron.app
  4. incognex-656914.spheron.app
  5. shadowbeam-88280e.spheron.app
  6. anonique-d0ca62.spheron.app/
  7. incognia-d09d31.spheron.app

( these all are copy of the original project of my friend hazed.io which was previously the winner in fantom q1 hackathon you can check there as well .This guy @mysticShub has copied the project from there and now submitting it to every hackathon.

I dont know why some hackathon managements are so dumb they have already given him prize on copying someone’s hardworks without checking the whole thing😑


gnosis hackathon
frax hackathon

Edit : The guy has made all his github repos private after my post


This is a heavy allegation and I hope that the team will make haste to investigate on it. If found to be true, adequate punishment should be given.

@admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @support.hackathon @EMerchant @HunterTRON @TronLive please look into this complaint of someone submitting a project he doesn’t have ownership to and find out what the truth is.


Thanks for sharing this with us.
The Tron Hackathon team I believe will look into this


Thanks for the information,but how sure is it.

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Thanks for bringing this to the community’s attention. If those facts are confirmed the team will undoubtedly take action as it has been the case during the last seasons :+1:


This is a very great information. I know the team are paying attention and reading through your allegations.

Its good you made the community aware on time. If found to be true he can change the name of the project to Jesus Christ he will still be disqualified.

Dont worry at all. By the way, will your friend, i mean the “real owner” of the project be participating in this season’s hackathon??

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Its good, such things are relatively bad and the doer must be punished. Good meeting everyone.


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Good meeting you here

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