Assistance Needed: Prize Collection Procedure for Hackathon Winners

Hello Tronics and admins,

I hope you are having a great day. Could you please provide us with the procedure for receiving the prize? Our Project secured the 2nd prize in the judge category and the 5th prize in the community voting. However, we haven’t received any notification or email containing the necessary form to fill in our details. Since this is our first time participating in the hackathon, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you.


@admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @TronLive @trondao


Hello Buddy.
Once again, Congratulations on your win .
All the best.

Please, take time to check your PM,

Before then, get your houbi account ready, must be verified to
Level 3 verification.

Finally, hold on and ask from your fellow project winners.


Yeh we already have level 3 account on huobi .Plus we didn’t get any pm or email from trondao or dorhacks. @support.hackathon


Ops, the admin will handle from here.

Let me not rush to conclude.
Maybe it was omission.


Haha Np thanks for the response :handshake:

You welcome,
Do have a lovely day
A lovely project.

All the best

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Have you checked spams? Sometimes crypto related emails are sent there by default.

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yeh we have double checked everywhere their is no mail …

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