After winning, What Next?

A journey of thousand miles they say begins with a step and becoming victorious in trondao hackathon is just a step into the future.

can you please guide me on how to claim my winning prize?” the voice of project owners not knowing what to do after winning the hackathon as they kept pouring into my DM for guidance.

The claiming of winning prizes has seen slight evolution, from just copying of $TRX address from TronLink or any other wallet for that matter and sending to the trondao team to the current state now.

In this topic what i will be addressing will be purely for new members submitting their project for this season’s hackathon and also for old members who one way or the other are yet to win something wonderful from trondao.

Lets delve right into it;

Firstly, download the Huobi Exchange App from either playstore or Appstore and Signup.

Secondly, verify your account with one of the following documents, “Passport, Driver’s License or National ID” up to L3 verification, remember “thats the only verification accepted by trondao to receive your prize

Note: if you dont have any of the ID’s mentioned above, kindly get one as soon as possible.

Lastly, make sure your project win something!!! :joy::rofl:

Not forgetting those who will win the community bonus prize for your wonderful contributions, you will all have to pass through this process. Dont try to cheat the system otherwise the system will teach you a lesson.

I will like to end here and say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Prepare accordingly and may the best come out victorious.



Thanks for sharing this vital information, which will go along way helping lots of people in one way or the other


Thanks for this eye opener
I have noted this in my in the same book I have writen my speed phrase


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Prepare accordingly :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Winning is not easy, but the most toughest of them all is not having the right documents to claim your prize.:rofl::rofl:


Also tell people to prepare a large dose if patience :smile:


They will have to learn it the toughest way. Your winning bonus is placed on a snails back and the snail has to move 1 kilometer to reach you.

So you dont only need patience, you need long life to even get it.


This is very important as
This is most need skills

You git me laughing out loud

Did you say snail back…

Yes, PATIENCE is not enough
But to claim your prize in good health and state of mind and LIFE

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