Prize Money Not Received Yet!

Hello Tronics,

We hope you’re doing well. We got prize in both judges’ and community voting . However we have not received any prize yet.

If any of the other winners have already received their prizes, we kindly request you to share your experiences or any suggestions you may have. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Team Cloak


@EMerchant @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon !!

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I suppose there will be tranches of dispersals.

Some winners would have received the prize money & others shall be receiving it soon.

I am sure admin will help you with the timeline too.

Show some patience Buddy

Hola, no te preocupes, normalmente o al menos en otros hackathones se paga por tramos, nunca ha habido ningún problema, solo es cuestión de paciencia.

Financial team is in the process of distribution of prize. Every winner will receive soon

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It will definitely come for that i can assure you but not as quick as you are expecting. The due diligence done by the financial team is way out of this world.

If it will help…. I received my season three win almost three months after declaration of the results. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Patience does the trick.

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Thanks for the assistance guys, we will wait patiently for financial team to do their job :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @saadabban76

Thank you for your patience while waiting to receive your prize(s). Our finance team is dispersing funds in groups. If you have not received your prize yet please do not worry! You are most likely in the upcoming groups :slightly_smiling_face: Please feel free to tag me if you have any questions