Almost at the end of the season

Hello everyone I would firstly like to congratulate the winners of various tracks and community winners as well. So when going through the Dora hacks terms for the hackathon I noticed that payment of prizes is slated for a period of 60 days after form submissions , my question is that will this tally with projects that are to receive 30% of their prize and complete work on the mainnet by june 1st @admin.hackathon @TronLive @EMerchant


I really wanna know about this

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A very good question, let’s wait for the admins.


No reply from admins?


I think admins are currently busy and they have their way of settling with prices. From my understanding and research you should probably receive the 30% before June 1st. That’s how a milestone system is meant to work right?
First milestone: working product on testnet (30%) pay
Second milestone: Mainnet(70%) pay

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This is a great question!

For all those who have been announced as qualifiers will receive their 30% within 60 days.

For those who make it to milestone 2 with validation from TRON DAO will then go through the same process from milestone 1 but with established payment information - that should be a streamlined.

Hope that helps!


Thank you
So within now and June y’all with prizes should receive them.