Hackathon Session 5 Recap/Session 6 Preview

Hello Tronics in the forum and beyond. A wonderful time to have us together as sTRONger Fam

As HackaTRON Season 5 concludes, TRON DAO is paving the way for Season 6. Here are summary of Hackathon session 5 just as recap also to our new members that will be joining us.

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Tron hackathon session 5 project in summary

Tron hackathon session 5 Winners Announcement

Session 6 Preview

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Calling on Web 3 and crypto developers to take a look at building their amazing projects on Tron. COME TO TRON BLOCKCHAIN, YOU ALL WELCOME

Let Grind Tron to the Moon

@Prince-Onscolo @Nweke-nature1.com @fabsltsa
@Relate101 @Youngyuppie @Dendorion @manfred_jr
@constantinpricope201 @Cornycoin69 @Nana66419


Thanks for the summary, we are ready for season 6

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Together we sTRONger. Get your Devs ready
Get your codes ready.
Not forgetting your sense of humour at intervals.

Tron Mooning soon.

More Reason you should feel you early in Tron blockchain.
Buy and HOLD #TRX
Don’t just hold #STAKE FOR MORE #TRX

You need more information about how to?
Just ask, our fellow #TRONICS will help out.

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Thanks for sharing :heart::heart:

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