Will there be a season 6👀

I know a lot of devs can’t wait for a new season
If there should be one what tracks are you expecting?

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Do you have any track suggestion?

I suggest real world assets track also its on trend these days!

Did any winner get paid yet? :upside_down_face:

I don’t think so but I believe payments will be made anytime soon

Ofcourse there’ll be a season 6, you’d notice by now the site is been tweaked to look different from the UI

yeh i heard it would be getting started by the mid of the feb

Tbvh I haven’t heard that but it’ll be fair if they’re taking they time to get things riled up in better sections than what we’ve had in previous hackathons, better to be fully baked than have a roughed up cake with bad icing.
And I also think the break is fair cause alot of us like myself for instance is still trying to get a proper balance/handle of the year.

Are u seeing that banner of season 6 :eyes::eyes:


Where did you see this?

lol i forgot let me think😂

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Preview of HackaTRON Season 6

As HackaTRON Season 5 concludes, TRON DAO is paving the way for Season 6. The upcoming season will feature a new track: Integration. This track focuses on projects that utilize existing protocols, DApps, or services from the TRON/BTTC ecosystems into their project; or create useful resources for enhancing applications within the TRON/BTTC ecosystems.

Stay up to date and be part of the action by following TRON DAO on Twitter/X account and visiting the HackaTRON official page for updates and involvement opportunities. Get ready to integrate, innovate, and inspire with HackaTRON Season 6!


New track for season 6 = INTEGRATION


Congratulations to all former and past hackathon winners.
For the integration focus for the next session hope past winners will collaborate with each other to build a new or existing project or product?

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We hope so. I think the integration is about integrating tron or bttc into an already existing platform.

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