HackaTRON Season 6

Presenting this announcement which was posted in the ChainGPT X (Twitter) account and reposted by the official X (Twitter) handle of the Tron network announcing the date of Season 6 HackaTRON to begin from tomorrow 20th February 2024 till 7th May, 2024.

Particularly, this didn’t sit well with me as this is going to mark the only season such information is brought to the public media/attention in less than 24 hours to the commencement of the event and I hope the TronDAO team will address this poor communication issue to prevent a similar occurrence from repeating itself in future hackathons, if there should be more.

Now, as the public announcement has been made, it’s time to invite our friends who are developers to participate in the event by building a project that have the capacity of proferring solutions to real life problems and stand a chance to win from the prize pool.

Let’s come today to make this season the best of its kind.


Thank you Buddy for sharing the information from the source.
At some point I thought bit would be next month. But the session is here.

Let build, let collaborate, let’s shill , let’s Grind.
Together we sTRONger


Try to understand your point, you mean it was posted on the official handle of TronDao right?


You’re welcome, bro!
It has been waited for a long time and now we have it. It’s time to start bringing those amazing projects that will help in shaping further, the future of Tron.

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No bro, it was only posted on the official handle of this Season’s partner, ChainGPT, and reposted (Retweeted) by the official handle of TronDAO


Bro I don’t agree with you in some way especially when this is coming from an active tron community member. Especially when you said now it’s time to invite developers. I know the announcement did not come early but we all knw s6 will come but the exact date wasn’t given. Personally in tron Africa group and here to I have been hammering on this. Always saying get ready s6 is coming soon. In some of my tweets too I said it. Last week’s community call which most of you didn’t attend, they said it. Announcement came late although but as in when to invite people I don’t agree with you. For me immediately they said s6 is coming, I started informing people about it.

They started the count down just two or 3 days ago, it was a bit late tho but if you have been following spaces and some tweets from them, you would have gotten a gist and inform your friends.


Oh sorry I didn’t even read my comment,… you mean it has to be posted on TronDao official handle before anywhere else right?

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Maybe you missed the point but to put it on record, the announcement didn’t come out unexpected, especially to anyone who have been actively engaging within the TronDAO community, what came out unexpectedly is kick-starting the event in less than 24 hours of the publication. Many of us here, if not all, know that announcement will be made this week regarding season 6, what I expected is, just like previous seasons, announcement will be made this week while the event start from next week or 2. But be it as it have, we welcome the announcement with good fate.

I know that a lot of us has been ringing the bell of this Season’s hackathon to our developer friends, calling for invitation into the current season is not necessarily limited to starting a fresh campaign to invite people over, rather to equally reawaken the consciousness of those we have initially told one or two words about the hackathon to start sending in their submissions.

It’s true I’ve missed joining Tron spaces a couple of times, but I’ve never missed listening to the recordings to stay heads-up with the information that was passed.

To add to this, there are high chances of many developers missing out on this information as till the time of writing this, no official announcement has been posted on the official X (Twitter) handle of TronDAO community hence more reasons we should keep inviting devs to join in the HackaTRON.

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submission is from February to May more than two months

no lateness this time


Yes, at least there shouldn’t be any reason not to meet the submission deadline unless the Dev is not serious with their participation


Lateness and rush hour is inevitable :joy: