Ready for HackaTRON Season 6?

I have received #Tron swags from TronDao team. Now from head to toe, everything will be #Tron branded :heart_eyes: Gotten my TronBull :star_struck: Big thanks to my brother and boss @StevenTRON. I am grateful :pray:t3: We will continue to work to help spread tron and entire crypto :pray:t3:

Long live Tron :rocket::rocket::rocket:TronAfrica :earth_africa::heart::black_heart:

Gotten my HackaTRON socks too and bag :heart_eyes:

With my swags, I am ready

Soon hackatron S6 will start :pray:t3::fire::fire:


A very big way to kick start upcoming S6.
Congratulations, welcome to the Tron bull gang
Complete Regalia. All the best Buddy

Together we sTRONger in the street of Africa


Congratulations bro, flex on the Tronbull … please don’t cage the Tronbull allow it to flex and pump outside the gate :joy::rocket:


Wow, amazing this is huge
Congratulations bro


Oh I get it now, big congratulations bro.


Tron Fams read this up.


This is great bro! Congratulations to you :tada:
Will be nice if our HackaTRON Admins can consider gifting community members with a HackaTRON swags in season 6 :grinning:

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Thank you @Gordian @Relate101 @manfred_jr and @Youngyuppie

You guys will surely receive yours. If not through the mail, one on one…. We will push for TronDao team to come to Africa.

Together we can, this is what I have started longtime. We want them in Africa, whether Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa anywhere I know they can make an arrangement for some of us to meet them especially Hackatron active members.

Thank you fam, opening more doors for we the Africans. Just support :pray:


More wins bro, I apologize for being confused and not getting the memo firsthand on the telegram Africa channel, my head was on overdrive from a long day at work.

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lol no problem bro.
Thank you

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Together we sTRONger, together we push this update in Africa.

Recently, have been attending some crypto event hosted in my city.
Have made request to be a speaker at the event.
More likely a big medium I would talk about Tron
Inviting new members to join.

Long term vision #TRX


I didn’t get it,
where my swags?? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lol were you expecting some swags?
If yes then wait, you will surely get it

hehe thanks a lot! :smiley:

Congrats buddy is a better way to kickstart Hackathon season 6

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You are highly welcome the honourable cheif of army :military_helmet: staff ,… Together we are stronger :muscle:


A journey of a thousands miles begins with a Tron step, send it :rocket::rocket:

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And no matter the thousands miles it takes.
You must get to mooon your bags.


How can we get it too?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: