Cukies World: The Infinite Archipelago Revamped and Better Than Ever

Project Name: Cukies World
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: Cukies World team
Team Member(s): 15+ teammates working full-time.
DevPost Project Link: CHECK HERE
Project Info: Cukies World.pdf (4.2 MB)
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: The game is available to play on Android and Windows.

You can download the Windows version here:

You can download the Android version from Google PlayStore:

If you don’t have a Cukie NFT, you can use the following credentials:

username: test0002
password: Test0002!

:arrow_forward: Project Goal

At Cukies World, our vision is to create a dynamic and inclusive gaming ecosystem where players can immerse themselves in captivating experiences, forge meaningful connections with others, and contribute to a thriving virtual community.

:coconut: Project Value

Incorporating blockchain technology into Cukies World enhances transparency, security, and decentralization, providing players with control over their in-game assets and transactions.

By leveraging blockchain, we ensure verifiable ownership of digital assets and foster a robust in-game economy where player contributions are rewarded fairly and transparently.

:desert_island: Project Details

We’ve made so many changes and improvements since we participated in the HackaTRON’s Season 4 that it now feels like a brand new game. The updates encompass every aspect, from the visuals to gameplay mechanics, creating a richer and more engaging experience.

We’ve not only polished many aspects but have also added new features, items, and mechanics. Let’s go over the most important ones.

Laying the Groundwork

When you arrive on the island, your first challenge will be to secure the basics for survival. Start by gathering essential resources like stone and wood to craft a workbench, which will allow you to create simple tools and a fishing rod. Use these tools to collect food from the environment, like berries and mushrooms, or catch fish that you can grill over a campfire. This will help feed your Cuki and maintain its health, which is crucial.

Next, build a simple wooden house where your Cuki can rest and regain energy, ensuring you’re ready for the challenges ahead.

Hands in the Dirt, Eyes on the Horizon

Now that you’ve settled on the island, consider focusing on upgrading your tools and building infrastructure like ramps and bridges to explore new areas. Setting up a port can also be helpful for trading with other Cukies and expanding your network.

Get ready to put your hands in the soil and cultivate the land. Craft a hoe to till the earth, and you’ll find many types of seeds on the island. By carefully tending to your crops, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a plentiful harvest.

Upgrading your kitchen is also a good idea to cook more nourishing meals that will give your Cuki extra energy. With so much work, your Cuki will end up exhausted!

Enhancing our Living Space

Now that you’ve mastered survival, it’s time to focus on improvement. Build a better house (there are currently four tiers) and become more efficient with your farming, refine your fishing techniques, and expand your recipe collection.

Improving your house also unlocks new activities. Start by building a mirror that will let you personalize your Cukies with a variety of skin colors, unique patterns, and facial expressions to reflect your personal style.

Embracing the Day-Night Cycle

In the Infinite Archipelago, time now plays an important role. Each day lasts 8 hours, with 5 hours of daylight and 3 hours of night. If you look up at the sky, you’ll see a beautiful transition as day turns into night.

This day-night cycle opens up a world of possibilities that we will soon work on. These include activities and events that only occur at specific times, like special gatherings in the evening or exclusive challenges requiring daytime exploration. With the right timing, you’ll uncover unique opportunities tied to the rhythm of day and night.

:round_pushpin: Project Milestones

Since our last participation in Season 4, we have made several improvements to Cukies World. We’ve enhanced the graphics, polished the animations and lighting, and introduced new game mechanics such as fishing, cooking, and cultivation. We’ve also added customization options for Cukies and introduced a day-night cycle on the island.

Additionally, we’ve completely revamped the interface menu. Here’s a comparison of the old and new versions.



:rocket: What’s Next for Cukies World

:spiral_notepad: Smart Contract links

This is the smart contract of Cukies NFTs that are used in the game.

This is the Cukies staking smart contract.

This is the Cukies marketplace smart contract.

This is the Cukies breeding smart contract.


I’m reserving this space for updates. The main thread will be updated very soon with relevant videos and images.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, I still remembers cukies NFt/world from season 4 or so, please how have you been, any milestones completed in building your game or still in development phase ?

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Can you tell us what your user base is like and if possible, share some stats with us including number of unique users and active platform users of your project

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oh your other projects are here, nice… It seems e here about some few projects after Hackatrons. At least you can join tron spaces and some of us hear about you. How far with this project? BTW you are welcome back

Welcome to Season 6, you strike me like a conglomerate, if I’m correct this is about you 3rd Hackathon entry. I see your project aims to establish an immersive gaming ecosystem, integrating blockchain for enhanced transparency, security, and decentralized asset ownership.

Are there plans to incorporate player feedback into future updates to continuously improve the game?

Welcome to Hackathon season 6

Thanks for the welcome, @Okorie. I hope you like what you’ve seen of Cukies World so far.

We’ll be adding more interesting content like images and videos in the coming days, stay tuned! :smiley:


Glad to see you’re still here, !

We’ve made significant progress since our last participation in Season 4. We skipped Season 5 as there were no relevant updates at that time, but now we have plenty to show.

The game is already live on Android and Windows. We’ll be uploading visual content in the coming days, focusing mainly on gameplay. Feel free to compare it with what we had during Season 4 and see the improvements for yourself.

Looking forward to your feedback! :grinning:


Thanks for your question, @Youngyuppie

The last time we checked, we had over 3,000 unique wallets holding Cukies. We’re now enabling gameplay and engagement in some of our ecosystem games without the need to own a Cuki, which we anticipate will significantly increase our player base in the coming months.


Hey @Prince-Onscolo , great to hear from you.

We’ve been aiming to engage more with Tronics for quite some time. In fact, during this hackathon, we’re running a competition with free TRX giveaways just for testing one of our games.

As for the project, feel free to check it out and see for yourself. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them!


Thanks for the kind words @manfred_jr :slight_smile:

We are currently gathering community feedback mainly through Telegram and Twitter, which has been working well so far. Incorporating it directly into the game is also on the table for future updates.

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Thank you, @ziptic

I hope you like what you’ve seen of Cukies World so far. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Welcome to the Season 6, ok this one is in the builder track, please I want to know how you are planning to have engaging experience without overwhelming your players with plenty complexity, thank you


Yes I sincerely do and I appreciate your efforts,and am waiting patiently for the full bombshell.
Good luck buddy :+1:

Indeed I sincerely love what you are doing.


Welcome to the hackathon.

I want to know the strategies you plan to implement to incentivize player engagement and contribution in the Cukies World?

That’s a great question, @ines_valerie !

All games have a learning curve, but we’ve tried to make this process easy and smooth in Cukies World to avoid overwhelming players, as you mentioned.

In the Infinite Archipelago, Cukies are in an open environment, allowing players to decide what to do and where to start. We’ll provide tutorials to ensure that players don’t feel lost at the beginning or as they progress.

If you decide to test the game, I’d be very interested to hear your feedback! :smile:


Thank you @Okorie !

There isn’t much time left to share our video presentation and finalize everything else. We are truly working against the clock! :alarm_clock: