Cukies Jump n' Hop - Adventure Awaits in Every Leap!

Project Name: Cukies Jump n’ Hop
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Cukies World team
Team Member(s): 15+ teammates working full-time.
DevPost Project Link: CHECK HERE
Project Info: Cukies Jump n’ Hop.pdf (7.5 MB)
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: The game is available to play on Android and Windows.

You can download the android APK here:

You can download the windows version here:

Project Goal

Cukies Jump n’ Hop aims to expand the Cukies World ecosystem by introducing an engaging platform game designed for casual players.

This expansion will not only offer an exciting new experience within the universe but also deepen the interaction and connection that players have with the Cukies characters.

While Cukies Jump n’ Hop introduces unique challenges and rewards exclusive to this platform game, the in-game economy will remain seamlessly interconnected within Cukies World ecosystem.

Project Value

Incorporating blockchain technology into Cukies Jump n’ Hop enhances transparency, security, and decentralization, providing players with control over their in-game assets and transactions.

By leveraging blockchain, we ensure verifiable ownership of digital assets and foster a robust in-game economy where player contributions are rewarded fairly and transparently.

Project Details

4 Unique Themes to Play

Cukies Jump n’ Hop is a thrilling platform game set in the vibrant universe of Cukies World, where you can navigate four themed levels: village, mountain, island, and cave. Each theme features distinct decor, obstacles, and gameplay elements, keeping the action varied and exciting as you guide your Cukies through these distinctive challenges.

We are actively working on new levels and themes to add more content and enrich the gaming experience.

Speed and Precision

Race against the clock to complete each level as quickly as possible, all while collecting tokens along the way. Miss any tokens, and you’ll receive a penalty on your final time.

Manage Your Health

Watch your step! Tripping over obstacles or falling from heights will reduce your health. Gather apples scattered throughout the levels to recover and finish the journey successfully.

Harness the Power of Special Abilities

Charge up your Cukie’s power bar by collecting items along the way. As long as the bar isn’t empty, you can unleash one of four powers: Super Jump to leap higher, Torch to light your way, Vine to swing across obstacles, and Pickaxe to break through barriers. These abilities will help you reach hidden areas or overcome challenging obstacles.

Find the Keys

Keep an eye out for keys as you explore. Some will be easy to find, while others will be tucked away on side paths. Without the key, you can’t finish the level and will have to retrace your steps, wasting precious time.

Project Milestones

PvP (Q3 -2024)

1vs1, Multiplayer tournaments, speedruns, wagers, top scores, and more options.

New Leves - More Fun (Q3 - 2024)

New thematic areas and additional levels in existing ones.

Cukies World Integration (Q4 - 2024)

Utilize your Cukies NFTs, customize, level up, and enhance their EXP.

Scholarships (Q4 - 2024)

Complete in-game scholarship system within the Cukies World ecosystem.

Smart Contract links

This is the smart contract of Cukies NFTs that are used in the game.

This is the Cukies staking smart contract.

This is the Cukies marketplace smart contract.

This is the Cukies breeding smart contract.


I’m reserving this space for updates. The main thread will be updated very soon with relevant videos and images.


Your team owns Cukies Brain Buzz, Cukies World, and this :eyes:

Can you tell us how you plan to sustain these projects in the long-term

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Cukies team, welcome back. You have some old projects as @Youngyuppie has mentioned… how are they going?


Is this the same project with the Brain Buzz, I like how detailed your offering is, kudos!

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6 your project is very interesting but I have some important suggestions

  • Consider integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into Cukies Jump n’ Hop to allow players to truly own and trade their in-game assets on the blockchain. This will add a new level of authenticity and value to the game’s digital items.

  • Implement a play-to-earn model in Cukies Jump n’ Hop, where players can earn rewards that have real-world value, such as cryptocurrency or NFTs.
    This will incentivize players to engage more with the game and contribute to the growth of the in-game economy.

  • Explore collaborations with other blockchain-based games or platforms to create cross-platform experiences or interoperable assets. This can attract a wider audience and enhance the overall player experience within the Cukies World ecosystem.

  • Regularly update and communicate with the community about the development progress, upcoming features, and events within Cukies Jump n’ Hop.
    Building a strong community of players and supporters will ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the game.

I wish you the very best buddy


Thanks for the question @Youngyuppie

First of all, I want to clarify that these three games are not just ideas on paper; they are already live and can be played.

This thread focuses on the Cukies Jump n’ Hop game, but all the games are part of the same ecosystem with an interconnected economy that enhances the value of both Cukies and the UKI token.

To give a simple example, imagine that in the near future, a traditional player decides to buy a pair of shoes for their Cuki to run faster in Jump n’ Hop. This action will create a task in Cukies World, where the Cukies will craft the shoes using resources they gathered from the island, and be rewarded for it.


Hi @Prince-Onscolo , glad to see you again too :smiley:

Our main game is Cukies World, which is already live. You can see all the improvements we’ve made since our last participation in the hackatron. To keep things organized, please direct any questions about Cukies World there, and I’d be happy to answer them.

Also, if you have any specific questions about Jump n’ Hop, feel free to ask. Always happy to hear your feedback! :smiling_face:


Thanks for the compliment @manfred_jr ! Both games are part of Cukies World ecosystem, but they are totally different.

We have a few more games in the pipeline, so stay tuned! :smiling_face:

By the way, if you have any questions about the Jump n’ Hop game or want to make suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Thanks for taking the time to review our game and for your valuable suggestions @Okorie ! :smiley:

Regarding NFTs, we already have Cukies NFTs within the Cukies World ecosystem. Integrating them into Jump n’ Hop is on the short-term roadmap.

We’re also adding PvP, which will enable players to earn UKI tokens in the near future.

We’re always open to collaborating with like-minded projects and actively exploring opportunities. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

For updates on Cukies Jump n’ Hop and the whole ecosystem, we regularly share news on our Twitter (X) profile. Feel free to take a look here!


Welcome to the Hackathon, is this another one from Cukies World

Thank you @ines_valerie !

Yes, Jump n’ Hop it’s a platform game within the Cukies World designed to expand the Cukies universe and enhance its utility. Hope you like it!


We’ve just completed our DevPost submission, right on time! :alarm_clock: :alarm_clock:

Feel free to check it out here:

Tomorrow, I’ll update the forum thread with the presentation video and some images.


Gran juego. Vamos Cukies World.


It’s nice to see that these games are already live and playable.

Apart from the simple example you gave on your future plan, what other interconnected economy do they share?


Thank you so much for the support @Kristian9301 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @Youngyuppie

Indeed, when I used ‘simple,’ it was to mean ‘straightforward to explain.’ However, the feature itself is quite sophisticated within the game, ensuring the economy is fully interconnected.

Beyond using Cukie NFTs and the UKI token across all our games, every purchase made in any game triggers a task in Cukies World. Thus, revenues generated from in-app transactions will be shared among Cukies World players.

If you have any other queries, I would be happy to discuss this topic further :slight_smile:


Hi all! :wave: :wave:

I’ve updated the main thread with the presentation video for Cukies Jump n’ Hop, which focuses primarily on gameplay. Feel free to take a look!

@Youngyuppie @Prince-Onscolo @manfred_jr @Okorie @ines_valerie @Kristian9301 your feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :smiley:


thanks for tagging me. I have watched it. glare the coins in the game a token or it will be converted later


It almost feel like a conglomerate that’s responsible for churning out tons of games what y’all got going on.

How do you handle vast user turnout from different demographics?

And my suggestion would be in-game player communicator, where players can communicate and share game theatrics during game play.

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