Cukies World Metaverse - by Cukies World team

Project Name: Cukies World
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: Cukies World team
Team Member(s): 20+ teammates working full-time. CHECK TEAM
Dorahacks Project Link: Cukies World | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Info: CukiesWorld.pdf (6.8 MB)
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: The game is available to download in Play Store:

If you don’t have a Cuki NFT, you can use the following credentials:

username: test0002
password: Test0002!

:arrow_forward: Project Goal

In Cukies World we are committed to create a thriving ecosystem around the beloved Cukies. These adorable creatures, who call the infinite archipelago their home, were released as NFTs in late 2021.

:desert_island: Project Details

To bring Cukies to life, we’ve been hard at work developing Cukies World, an MMORPG that lets players use their Cukies to explore islands, craft items, build tools, and use the resources they gather from nature to create their dream home.

Since releasing the beta version for Windows and Android in January 2023, we’ve added new features, items, and crafting and building options. We have also improved many things such as lighting, shadows, animations, and ambient effects, and incorporated community feedback to enhance the game’s UX.

We’re excited to share that Cukies World will continue to grow with weekly updates, including two major improvements set to launch this summer. The first is lore and skill-focused missions that will allow players to discover more about Cukies’ story and leverage their unique abilities. The second is social islands, where Cukies (and players) can interact, collaborate, and share their experiences.

A whole metaverse

Our vision is to create a whole metaverse centered around Cukies. In addition to Cukies World, we’re working on several mini-games that will soon be released and will allow Cukies NFTs to be used in new and exciting ways. Cukies: Rush & Run is one such game, and we have two others in the pipeline.

Our goal is to establish a self-sustainable economy that rewards players through advertising revenue across all of our games.

At the same time, we want to give real utility to our token, UKI. We’ll accomplish this in two ways. First, all of our mini-games will be interconnected with Cukies World, creating a cross-economy that benefits token and NFT holders. Second, we’ll use a percentage of the income generated by each game to buy back tokens from the market and burn them, making the UKI token deflationary.

:round_pushpin:Project Milestones

:spiral_notepad: Smart Contracts

This is the smart contract of Cukies NFTs that are used in the game.

This is the Cukies staking smart contract.

This is the Cukies marketplace smart contract.

This is the Cukies breeding smart contract.


oh nice another project from you in the builder’s track, congrats team.

You have released beta versions on windows and Android please when IOS?


Welcome once again on builders Track , wish the team and the project all the best this season 4


Muy buena información, personalmente como miembro de la comunidad de cukies World, puedo decir que es un gran avance, a parte del beneficio que supone para los poseedores de cukies.


It sounds very good in terms of a self-sustaining economy.


Como miembro de la comunidad de Cukies World, puedo decir que en todo momento ha sido un proyecto transparente en el cual los pasos que se han dado han sido pensados para que todos podamos disfrutar de un juego a largo plazo con una economía de juego bien planteada.


People want creative concepts like that. Awesome :star_struck:


Welcome onboard to forum once again :handshake:


Thanks! We are currently focusing on the android version as even though the game is the same, each system has its own specification and some adjustments will be needed here and there to have it running in ios for example.

But that’s something we have in mind, and of course, will come shortly to Cukies land :desert_island: :heart_eyes:


alright thanks for the response
keep building

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I love your idea guys. I wish you good luck :dizzy:

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Thank you my friend thank you :grin:


Btw guys i guess saw this name while reviewing season 3. Is this an advanced version of the same project or different one?

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Es una versión en fase beta jugable, con nuevas características que se van ampliando cada 2 a 4 semanas.

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I know the team has provided one project in gamefi and this one in builders track.

I am kind of confuse, can the team please tell me the difference between the two projects? For the cukies rush and run i seem to get what the team is driving at, but a little bit lost with the cukies world.

What new thing is being built upon this project in the builder’s track.

Can you please explain to me the inspiration behind these two presentations.

Thank you and wishing you the best of luck in this season.


Son dos proyectos diferentes que se acoplan al mundo de Cukies.
En el proyecto de Cukies World se presenta los avances y la comprensión del metaverso de Cukies en fase Beta y con las actualizaciones que se realizan cada 2 a 4 semanas, donde se incorporan nuevos gráficos, nuevas utilidades y una experiencia de usuario testando el juego en colaboración con la comunidad, esto entre otras cosas.
2. En Rush & Run, se presenta una serie de mini juegos, a nivel competición donde todo el mundo podrá testarlos sin disponer de Cukie, que más tarde también será un anexo al juego principal pero podrás interactuar independientemente. Que representaría una novedad ya que en el anterior proyecto no se contemplaba tener minijuegos.


Hello Cukies I just went through your Team member
All looking smart and ready to deliver the best for the project.
All the best


Sure! Antonio already gave a good explanation, but I will give an “official” response:

Cukies World is the main game, a 3D open world that has been under development for over a year and we keep improving constantly.

Cukies: Rush & Run is the first of many mini-games that will enrich the Cukies metaverse. The final goal is that Cukies holders can use their NFTs in many different ways instead of only planning in Cukies World.

This new model will not only increase the utility of Cukies, but also UKI token, that will be connected not only to Cukies World and Cukies: Rush & Run, but all the games we have in the pipeline.


Hi! It’s the same project, we are presenting it with all the improvements made since then.

We were actually disqualified from S3 as we already won a prize in Season 2, and that’s why the Builders track was created, mainly for projects which already participated in other hackathons, so they can show their progress.


Oww okay now i understand. I would love to see your continued success guys. I trust your idea :100: :dizzy: