Metana: Automated Marketplace for Consumer Rewards

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Metana: Automated Marketplace for Consumer Rewards

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Team Metana

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@JawkJiang @Robbo @VA7 @Walton

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Project Goal:
We’re METANA, building token-based CLP to unlock 100% customer engagement.Through METANA, users can effortlessly monetize unused rewards, while businesses enhance customer engagement and boost sales.

Project Value:
Our system leverages the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to streamline the currently cumbersome process of exchanging these rewards. Through METANA, users can effortlessly monetize unused rewards, while businesses enhance customer engagement and boost sales.

Project Info:
TRON Hackathon Presentation.pdf (1.0 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
1/ clone the repo
2/ install dependencies
3/ run locally:

  • choose drinks
  • proceed to checkout
  • pay with METANA
    4/ enjoy da drinks :beers:

Project Details:

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:
:gem:The version that participated in the hackathon was our demo version, and we’ve worked with 13 shops to refine our model using data from over 300,000 customers.
:medal_sports::3rd_place_medal:Decsoc Hackathon S1 launch first demo
:rocket:Enrolled in ThreeDAO Accelerator backed by hashkey
:angel:Secured angel invest


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

  • Can you elaborate on the specific use cases for the METANA token beyond unused reward exchange.

  • Will it be used for discounts, exclusive offerings, or governance within the platform

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Hello team Metana @JawkJiang @VA7 @Walton , there are about 5 hours left. Your project is inspiring, the rules are strict this season. There doesn’t seem to be any additional time. Please remember to submit the following details:

  • HackerEarth Project Link
  • Smart Contract links
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Thank u!I’ve updated the details, welcome to check it out! :wink:

Thank you for your question!
Regarding the first question: we have not deployed our protocol tokens yet. At the moment we are just using AI algorithms and models to help consumers save money by calculating the best discounts based on their shopping options and unused rewards in the marketplace!
On the second question:Our goal is to acquire enough merchants and users in the first phase to run our system within exclusive merchants. The second phase will be to launch protocol tokens for cross-merchant transactions of consumer rewards.Wouldn’t it be cool to imagine when small businesses can all form alliances like airlines, where all kinds of benefits can be interchanged

Hello Metana team, welcome to the TRON hackathon!
I checked your project and repo and have some questions/feedback:

  1. Would you please help to list the upgrades from your past hackathons compared to trondao’s one?
  2. Due to the fact you already participated in other hackathons please change your track to builder
  3. Please help to detail your milestones to be completed during the hackathon period including dates and how are you integrating TRON to your project

Thank you and best of luck!

Let’s keep on building for TRON / BTTC :slight_smile:

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, I can’t help but ask; what are the major challenges encountered during the process of building your project and how did you overcome it?