METASENS - the Web3 gaming platform for both Web2 and Web3 games

Project Name: METASENS

Project Track: GameFi


Team Member(s): 8+, @AnitaTseng

Dorahacks Project Link: METASENS | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Provide a one-stop solution for both web2 and web3 game developers to enter blockchain technology easily.

Project Info:
EN-METASENS Platform Deck.pdf (7.0 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: the project is ongoing. can test on METASENS website

Project Details: METASENS consists of a gaming platform, an NFT marketplace, and there are three blockchain games listed. The tools currently available are METASENS ID, NFT marketplace, Reward and Point System, NFT minting, and Utility Center.

Project Milestones:
Jan 2022 - Launched NFT marketplace feature
Jan 2022 - Launched Rewards system
Mar 2022 - Migrated Ethereum to BNB Chain
Mar 2022 - NFT assets loaded in-game
Apr 2022 - First in-game NFT mint event (MetaSnake - Ancient Spirit NFT)
Oct 2022 - Launched Utility Center
Oct 2022 - In-game NFT mint event (PetaRush - Peta NFT)
Dec 2022 - First Polygon game - PARALAND is listed on METASENS
Dec 2022 - Supports the blockchain game PetaRush making multiple NFT IPs can play together in one game
Jan 2023 - NFT background music switch feature launches
Jan 2023 - In-game items available on METASENS to be purchased
Feb 2023 - Game Point Redeem feature goes live

METASENS NFT Marketplace: where players can trade their NFTs or purchase in-game items, and redeem in the blockchain game

METASENS Utility Center: Where NFT holders can claim their game-related utility


Welcome to Hackatron S4 :handshake:
Great platform.
Please will there be a launchpad for new nft projects?


Hi! If the game project wants to launch their NFTs we have the feature available. It includes whitelist, public sale, free mint, and rebate system :blush:
Here’s an image of a previous mint event on METASENS:

I read in your milestone that on
March 2022, migration from Ethereum to BNB chain

Please what was the Reason?

And did you experience any difficulty moving to the BnB chain??

alright thank you
Still going through…

Simply put, the Ethereum chain’s gas fees were too high, and its speed was too slow. During the bull market period when the industry was thriving, the first blockchain game on METASENS - MetaSnake, faced a significant challenge. We were under immense pressure to provide a solution for the large number of players who relied on us. Ultimately, it took us around two months to complete the full migration from Ethereum to BNB Chain.


Okay at first I thought of the ethereum gas fees,
But I had to ask if probably any other main reason.

All good with BNB chain?
I guess

Goodluck and all the best to your project

Can you please brief me on creators royalties? Do you have any like that for artist on your platform?

This is amazing and great platform indeed
Welcome Grand hackathon S4 :handshake:


Hi Anita :wave: I’m Fabs from JustMoney (Hackathon seasons 1&2 winners).
Let’s have a chat in dm!

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We don’t. Only game projects that listed on METASENS platform their NFTs for game-used can be listed on our NFT Marketplace.


oh i see so it us not open to all nft projects, only game projects can mint on your platform

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Nice to see you join this season hackathon, “METASENS” is a lovely name, please may i know the background behind that name, is it a short form for anything?

Would love to know so i can know what inspired you to choose that name in particular. Thank you

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Okay good.
Thanks for clarification.
Please, what are the nfts game requirements before bthe can be listed???

Bienvenidos, parece un proyecto interesante, revisaré más detenidamente, gracias por su información


The project looks good, we expect more news.


Welcome to Season 4, quite a nice read of the project but I was wondering;

What are the incentives for game developers to build on Metasens? And, How does Metasens compare to other blockchain gaming platforms in terms of features and capabilities?

Our team manually reviews every game projects that is interested in listing on METASENS. Game developers can fill this form and we will review it. The game must be launched or has launched beta test.

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besides listing games, we offer various services game projects can choose from, from launching a mint event to liquidate in-game tokens and cash-out. game developers can dedicate their time to developing a better game, and METASENS does the blockchainization.

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Thanks for your reply, I’ve a few questions;

  1. Can you provide more details about the mint event service that Metasens offers to game developers? How does it work and what benefits does it provide?

  2. How does the liquidation process work for in-game tokens on Metasens? Can game developers easily cash out their tokens and what fees are involved?

  3. How would Metasens handle the security of in-game tokens and other assets on the platform? What measures are in place to prevent hacks or other security breaches?

  4. How does Metasens plan to attract game developers and gamers to the platform? What marketing strategies would be in place to increase awareness and adoption of the platform?