Project Name: Algae Finance
Project Track: De-Fi
Team Name: Wend Team
Team Member(s): 5 in a team
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Project Goal:
Algae Finance aims to leverage temporarily client funds to invest in a diversified portfolio of high-yield, short-term projects. This innovative approach is designed to maximize returns for clients while maintaining a solid risk management framework.

Algae Finance is committed to demystifying blockchain technology and making it accessible to everyone. Our goal is to serve as a guide into the realm of cryptocurrency transactions, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi). By engaging with Algae Finance, participants will gain practical, hands-on experience and a clear understanding of these innovative technologies, empowering them to confidently navigate and benefit from the evolving digital financial landscape.

Project Value:
The value proposition of Algae Finance is unique in that it allows participants to benefit from high-return investment opportunities without requiring them to manage these investments directly. By utilizing the invested funds during the contract cycle, Algae Finance enhances client earnings, which otherwise would yield minimal to no return. The projected return for clients is estimated to be significantly higher than traditional savings accounts or fixed deposits.

Project Info:
Algae Finance is a unique financial model on the Tron blockchain which is basically a contract cycle model where participants can deposit funds into a smart contract with a fixed withdrawal period. During this period, the pooled funds will be strategically invested in a variety of vetted projects across the Tron ecosystem.

With this, the impact on the Tron blockchain will be massive because with the increase in transaction volumes from the Algae Finance contracts, the network’s robustness will be tested and improved greatly, leading to enhancements in scalability and security. Each investment will add more vitality into Tron, bolstering its infrastructure and attracting developers to build more innovative decentralized applications (dApps) which will definitely further enrich the ecosystem.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
Visit the Website: Explore the platform’s features and educational resources
Connect your wallet
Select any plan of your choice
Deposit the amount and it must be above 50 TRX

Project Details:
Platform Technology: Algae Finance leverages a cutting-edge blockchain platform that ensures transparency and security of all transactions. Our technology stack is designed to handle high-frequency trading and investment, and includes real-time auditing features to provide trust and confidence for all participants.

Operational Model: Using funds that clients have already deposited and that are temporarily idle due to existing contract terms, Algae Finance invests in a carefully curated portfolio of short-term, high-yield projects. Each projectWebsite Link


is selected based on rigorous criteria, including market conditions, projected returns, and risk assessment.

Investment Strategy: Our strategy focuses on diversification across several sectors, including real estate, emerging technology startups, and sustainable energy projects. The investments are managed dynamically by our team of experts to adapt to changing market conditions and to optimize returns.

Funding Cycle: Funds are matched with investment opportunities that align with the duration of the idle period, typically between 30 and 90 days. This ensures that funds are available when clients wish to withdraw, adhering strictly to the contract terms.

Risk Management: Robust risk management protocols are in place, including a reserve fund to cover unexpected market movements or losses. We employ advanced analytics to continuously monitor risk levels across the portfolio and adjust strategies as necessary.

Client Interface: Our user-friendly online platform offers clients easy access to view their investments, track returns, and manage their profiles. Enhanced security measures are implemented to protect personal and financial information.

Minimum Investment: No additional investment is required from clients, as the platform utilizes pre-existing funds that are temporarily idle. This model allows clients to benefit from investment returns without needing to commit further capital.

Withdrawal Terms: Clients can opt-out and withdraw their funds at the start of each new cycle, providing flexible access to their investments. Withdrawal requests are processed efficiently to ensure funds are returned promptly according to the agreed-upon terms.

By providing a transparent, secure, and user-friendly investment platform, Algae Finance aims to maximize the earning potential of idle funds, offering clients a valuable tool for enhancing their financial grow without additional capital outlay.

Reward Mechanism:
Clients receive a proportion of the profits generated from the investments, scaled according to the amount and duration of funds invested. Additionally, top-performing clients (based on investment amounts and durations) receive bonus rewards including increased interest rates for future cycles and reduced service fees. Socially, they will become part of an ever-growing community of like-minded individuals passionate about the future of finance and technology. Educationally, they will gain valuable knowledge and skills related to blockchain technology and investment strategies.

Project Milestones:
Tron Testnet
Creation Of Dao
Building of UI
Writing of Smart Contracts


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Please what is an actual % clients should be earning on monthly basis or each cycle