Flixe: Gateway to Artistic Exploration

:bookmark: Project Information

  • Project Name: Flixe
  • Project Track: Builder (Season 5 debut)
  • Team Name: Flixe
  • Team Member: Akash (@adroitakash)
  • DevPost Project Link: Flixe on DevPost

:dart: Project Goal

Flixe is redefining the digital art ecosystem. Our platform provides a single, integrated space where artists from various disciplines can showcase, sell, and grow their work. By eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools and platforms, Flixe ensures that creators can focus on what they do best—creating.

Flixe introduces dynamic and immersive NFTs that evolve with user interactions, supported by a robust community hub named Buzz. This platform not only allows creators to directly monetize their content through subscriptions and advertisements but also offers innovative funding options like crowdfunding and revenue-based financing.

:bulb: Project Value

As a creator on Flixe, you can produce any form of art—from movies and music to paintings and code—and publish it directly within the platform. You can monetize your work through premium subscriptions and ad-based revenue models. Additionally, you can cultivate a fully-fledged community within Flixe, promote your work through targeted ads, and even secure funding and loans for your upcoming projects without ever leaving the platform.

Flixe seamlessly integrates a plethora of features to provide artists with a singular environment for creating, marketing, and monetizing their work securely and efficiently. This platform moves away from the traditional, fragmented Web2 approach, which often requires navigating multiple applications and compromising on security. Instead, Flixe offers a unified solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools, allowing artists to focus more on creativity and less on managing disparate systems.

In the typical Web2 setup, artists must juggle separate applications for different functionalities and additional platforms to engage with their audience. This process not only multiplies their effort, requiring extensive time and energy to achieve noticeable traction across platforms, but it also fails to leverage the full potential of their user base or connections for financial solutions like securing loans. Flixe addresses these challenges head-on, providing a comprehensive toolkit for artists.

For consumers, Flixe offers a streamlined platform to explore all the trending and diverse forms of entertainment and art, enhancing the user experience. By fostering creativity and community engagement, Flixe integrates blockchain technology with community-driven features, offering artists extensive tools for monetization, collaboration, and engagement. This makes Flixe the definitive ecosystem for digital artistry.

:page_facing_up: Project Info

Flixe redefines the digital art ecosystem by providing a unified platform where artists can showcase, monetize, and expand their creative work. For a detailed walkthrough and more information about Flixe, please visit this link. Also, check out our video walkthrough on YouTube for a visual guide to what Flixe has to offer.

Platform Walkthrough: Getting Started to Flixe f636f0ab46c54874b7ec7faf9191dbc8_compressed.pdf (257.1 KB)

:globe_with_meridians: Project Website

Dive into the beta version of Flixe and see innovation in action: Explore Flixe!

:open_book: Project Test Instructions

1. Initial Access and Navigation

  • 1.1 Access the Platform: Visit testnet.flixe.art.

  • 1.2 Sign In: Click on the ‘Screen In’ button and connect your TronLink wallet to the Nile test Network.

  • 1.3 Profile Setup: For first-time users, input your name in the pop-up and click ‘Hop In’.

  • 1.4 Interface Overview: Familiarize yourself with the Flixe main interface.

2. Oasis Portal Usage

  • 2.1 Navigate to ‘Oasis’: Switch to the ‘Oasis’ portal.

  • 2.2 Content Exploration and Viewing:

  • 2.2.1 Browse Content: Use the ‘Cines’ tab to explore movies and series.

  • 2.2.2 Select and Watch: Click on thumbnails to view content and observe the pre-content ads.

  • 2.3 Artistic Content Interaction:

  • 2.3.1 Explore Art Forms: Visit the ‘Artistry’ tab and click through diverse art categories.

  • 2.3.2 Detailed Art View: Select art pieces to access their detailed presentations.

  • 2.4 Financial Engagement:

  • 2.4.1 Explore Funding Options: Check loan and crowdfunding options in the ‘Fundz’ tab.

  • 2.4.2 Participate in Funding: Engage with funding cards to view or contribute to financial initiatives.

  • 2.5 Community Involvement:

  • 2.5.1 Social Media Interaction: Use the ‘Buzz’ tab to join communities and interact with posts.

3. Studio Portal Functions

  • 3.1 Transition to ‘Studio’: Access the ‘Studio’ portal.

  • 3.2 Film and Series Management:

  • 3.2.1 Project Creation: Utilize the ‘Create’ button in the ‘Flixs’ tab to initiate new film or series projects.

  • 3.2.2 Manage Episodes: Add and set up episodes, deciding on content tiers.

  • 3.3 Art Project Setup:

  • 3.3.1 Art Creation: Create various types of art under the ‘Artistry’ tab, choosing from standard, dynamic, or immersive options.

  • 3.4 Advertisement Tools:

  • 3.4.1 Manage Ads: Set up and bid for ad spaces in the ‘Adware’ tab.

  • 3.5 Subscription Management:

  • 3.5.1 Examine Subscription Options: Analyze the benefits of different subscription passes in the ‘Subscription’ tab.

4. Testing of Content and Monetization

  • 4.1 Subscription Access Testing: Ensure various subscription models provide appropriate content access.

  • 4.2 Transaction Testing: Verify functionality for purchasing, renting, selling, and auctioning content.

  • 4.3 Advertisement and Monetization Checks: Test advertisement placements and revenue distributions.

5. Community and Financing Activities

  • 5.1 Engage in Community Features: Create and manage communities, posts, and interactions in the ‘Buzz’ tab.

  • 5.2 Setup and Test Financial Projects: Propose new loans or crowdfunding campaigns, managing details and using artworks as collateral.

:books: Project Details

The Journey from Season 5 to Season 6

Reflecting on Season 5: Flixe’s Initial Vision

In Season 5, Flixe emerged as a concept in the realm of CryptoCinematics, leveraging the TRON blockchain to introduce a decentralized network aimed at revolutionizing the digital entertainment industry. The platform was designed to connect Movie creators and viewers in a mutually beneficial ecosystem, emphasizing decentralization, transparency, security, and innovation.

The Season 5 Challenge

Despite its ambitious vision, Flixe encountered technical complications and stringent time constraints that delayed the full launch of the platform. This led it to only introduce its movie creation and viewing feature, falling short of delivering the comprehensive suite of promised functionalities.

Evolution for Season 6: Introducing the New Flixe

Broadening the Horizon

For Season 6, Flixe has undergone a significant transformation, embracing an evolved vision that extends far beyond its original scope. This season, the platform welcomes not only filmmakers but also musicians, designers, developers, bloggers, and digital artists into its fold.

Unique Features of Flixe

  • Art-Centric Approach: Dedicated solely to art and creativity, Flixe cuts through the digital noise, spotlighting genuine creations.
  • Unique ART Types: Beyond traditional forms like movies, videos, music, blogs and digital arts, Flixe introduces Dynamic ARTs and Immersive ARTs, exploring new realms of art in the Web3 space.
  • Revenue Streams With Adwares: Flixe features a dedicated management system for various advertising options, including Billboard Advertising and Video Advertisements.
  • Creator Finance Support: Flixe goes beyond mere display, providing creators with financial backing and a supportive community, making it an ideal ecosystem for artistic flourishing.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging supportive and constructive interactions, Flixe nurtures a strong sense of community among creators and viewers.
  • Reward System: Flixe offers rewards to consumers simply for engaging with content, benefiting both creators through increased views and ad revenue, and viewers with tokens of appreciation.
  • Subscription System: Flixe offers various subscription passes that cater to different user preferences, enhancing the viewing experience on the platform.

NFT Innovation and Use Cases

  • Diverse Artistry: Flixe broadens NFT possibilities, supporting an array of digital art forms beyond traditional media like movies, videos, musics, digital arts… The arts here are vibrant expressions of creativity, not just collectibles.
    • Dynamic ART:
      • Introduces a new form of NFTs that evolve based on inputs and interactions, offering a fresh layer of engagement.
      • Supports complete JS, HTML, CSS with a built-in code editor, pushing the boundaries of NFT art with programming creativity.
      • With the introduction of JS, Flixe elevates NFT capabilities in the Web3 space.
    • Imperio Dynamic ART: Elevating Dynamic NFTs
      • Integration with Flixe Controls: The Imperio Dynamic ART feature lets creators to communicate with Flixe website to create dynamic controls in Flixe to modify the NFT itself. This means users can interact with and modify the art in real-time through simple UI elements provided by Flixe, enhancing engagement.
      • Three Key Functions for Creativity: Creators use three specific functions in their code to enable this interactivity. These functions allow for on-the-fly modifications by users, directly impacting the artwork’s appearance or behavior based on their inputs.
      • Boundless Customization: This feature opens up a world of customization, making each interaction unique. Users can personalize the art, making their experience with each piece truly one-of-a-kind, and pushing the limits of what digital art can be.
    • Unified Game Assets:
      • Provides game assets as NFTs that offer cross-platform utility, enriching the gaming experience with unique and valuable items.
      • Utilizing our SDK, creators can produce versatile GLB files for 3D assets, usable across supported games and VR spaces across the metaverse.
    • Cinez - Digital Cinema:
      • Allows filmmakers to distribute their work directly to audiences, with options for sales, auctions, rentals, or exclusive premieres, reimagining film distribution.

Buzz: Community-Driven Social Hub

Introducing Buzz, a vibrant, community-focused social hub within Flixe, designed to foster a rich tapestry of interactions among users. Buzz is the heart of our platform’s social experience, where creativity and conversation flourish. Here, members can:

  • Engage in meaningful discussions on a wide array of topics, from art techniques to industry news.
  • Share content, including art, music, and films, to inspire and be inspired by the community.
  • Participate in voting on posts, highlighting and supporting the content that resonates most with the community.
  • Market NFTs and Artworks: Buzz also serves as a dynamic platform for creators to market their NFTs and digital art. It’s an ideal space for artists to showcase their creations, extending their reach and connecting directly with potential buyers and enthusiasts. This feature not only enhances visibility but also fosters a marketplace atmosphere where art can be appreciated and transactions initiated directly within the community.

Sales Options and Customization

Flixe introduces a flexible sales framework for NFTs, catering to diverse creator and collector needs:

  • Flexible Sales Options: Creators can list NFTs with various sales options, including not for sale (display only), fixed price sales, auctions, and rentals. This versatility ensures that creators can choose the optimal way to market and distribute their digital art based on their strategy and audience preferences.
  • Customization with Imperio Dynamic ART During Sales: The Imperio Dynamic ART feature enhances the sales process by allowing creators to integrate dynamic input fields within the NFT listings. This innovative approach enables potential buyers to customize the NFT, such as altering colors or adding personalized elements, at the point of sale. It not only adds value to the artwork but also provides a unique buying experience, making each transaction and ownership truly one-of-a-kind.

Empowering Creators Through Innovative Financial Solutions

  • Crowdfunding Support: Flixe provides a dedicated platform for creators to secure funding for their projects. This feature empowers artists to bring their unique visions to life by connecting them with supporters who can contribute financially, ensuring creators have the necessary resources for their endeavors.
  • Digital Art as Collateral: Innovating at the intersection of art and finance, Flixe allows creators to use their digital art as collateral. Leveraging an advanced algorithm, we evaluate factors such as social community activity and sales margins.

Flixe’s Advertising System

Flixe introduces a sophisticated advertising system designed to benefit creators through two main channels:

  • Billboard Advertising: This offers prime digital real estate within the Flixe platform for creators to advertise their latest works or upcoming projects. It’s an effective way to capture the attention of the Flixe community, increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Video Advertisements: Beyond static displays, Flixe supports video ads, allowing creators to showcase their arts or ads as a video content. Both advertising options are seamlessly integrated into the user experience, ensuring that ads complement rather than disrupt the artistic journey on Flixe.

FlixPass Subscription Model

Introducing FlixPass, a tiered subscription model designed to enhance the viewing experience on Flixe

  • Standard Tier: Grants users access to premium videos, offering a rich catalog of exclusive content
  • Premium Tier: Allows for an ad-free experience across all premium videos, catering to users seeking uninterrupted enjoyment of Flixe’s artistic offerings.
  • Addon for Rental Access: As an additional feature, FlixPass subscribers can opt for an addon that enables access to rentable Flix content. This addon broadens the scope of accessible content, allowing users to enjoy a wider range of premium digital art and entertainment.

Boosting: Engaging and Rewarding Both Creators and Viewers

Boosting Feature enables creators to boost their videos, making them rewardable. Investing in a boost allows creators to set a viewer count limit for reward eligibility.

  • Revenue Distribution: Of the invested boost amount, 10% goes to the platform, while 90% is distributed among viewers until the view limit is reached, promoting a fair reward system.
  • Engagement and Monetization: This feature fosters community participation, offering creators a unique way to engage with their audience and effectively monetize their content with unprecedented reach.

:floppy_disk: Legacy Information

:link: Explore Flixe’s Smart Contracts

Delve into the architecture of Flixe through our smart contracts on the TRON testnet, each tailored for distinct functionalities within our platform:

  • Marketplace: Manage transactions and NFT interactions seamlessly.
  • Adware: Facilitate advertising mechanisms to support content monetization.
  • Loanvault: Explore innovative financing solutions for creators.
  • Crowdfunding: Support creative projects directly through blockchain technology.

Each link provides direct access to the smart contract details, allowing you to explore the underlying mechanisms that empower the Flixe ecosystem.

:world_map: Project Milestones


Welcome back team, are you on all socials? if yes can you share with us


Hi @Prince-Onscolo! Thanks for asking. We don’t have social media for our project yet, but we’re planning to set them up soon. Will update it here once ready.

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Welcome to the hackathon season 6. There is where is emphasized on rewarding viewers and I will like to know how you intend to do that. Is there any extra thing that viewers have to do order than viewing contents from the platform before they can be eligible to be rewarded?

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thank you, I asked this because after the last Hackatron I did not see any update from you guys? were you operating?


Your project easily gave you away, I had to check to see if Flixe was still a Season 5 submission, same old revolutionizing the digital entertainment sector by using blockchain technology, specifically TRON, to provide a decentralized platform for artists and creators. One question comes to mind and it’s only right;

How does Flixe intend to overcome the technical issues that hampered its development during Season 5 to provide a more seamless experience in Season 6?


Hey team, good to see you in season 6 again but please I need a little clarification do you already have a working product or any work in process after the season 5?


Hey @adroitakash it’s good to see you here again, continuing to expand your project. Welcome to the HackaTron S6.
In your Unique Art Types category, you listed the Dynamic Arts and Immersive Arts as the two types of Arts you have introduced to your project. Can you explain what these two Art sections are and how Flixe is exploring these new realms of art in the Web3 space?


The explanations were very appropriate and informative. I had only one question. What are the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking such a comprehensive project alone (at least in the beginning)?


Hi @adroitakash, love the idea and the project you are working on, all the best for the hackathon :raised_hands:


Hello @Chukseucharia, thank you for the warm welcome.

This time in Flixe I have devised a unique reward mechanism for viewer engagement. Creators can opt to ‘boost’ their content by allocating a certain amount of funds that will be used to reward the first ‘Y’ number of viewers. This incentive is designed to drive traffic and viewership to their content.

As a viewer, there’s nothing extra you need to do besides enjoy the content. Once you watch a boosted piece of art, your share of the reward is automatically allocated to your wallet within Flixe, and you can withdraw it at any time.

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Appreciate your curiosity about our progress post Season 5. Yes, there has been continuous development on Flixe. After Season 5, my focus was on completing the remaining features and not only have those been implemented, but many more enhancements have been made already, as mentioned in the post, along with stabilization improvements to ensure a seamless user experience.

The development timeline is right on track for Season 6, and my commitment to providing a robust platform for artists and creators has never been stronger.


The initial run had faced some challenges with the smart contracts and it’s integration. Some logical missteps went unchecked due to less thorough testing than needed, making the integration more difficult and time consuming than anticipated. This pushed me to go back to the drawing board and rebuild the contracts from scratch now. This time around, they’re packed with even more features so I’ve test and integrate most of them already, ensuring that both the logical and technical aspects are well taken care of. With these improvements in place, we’re on track for a much smoother experience in Season 6.

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Right now, most web3 projects are all about what we’re used to, like digital images, videos, 3D models, musics, and blogs. But here, we’re stepping up the game by bringing in some fresh takes on digital art.

Dynamic Art is noting but a interactive type of ART where creations come to life through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This means anything from a stylish CSS ART to a fully-functional game can become an NFT, offering a new dimension of engagement.

Then we have Imperio, a niche within Dynamic Art where interactivity is taken to the next level. Imagine changing the color of an artwork or engraving your name on it before making a purchase in the code level - Imperio makes this a reality.

In our Immersive Arts category, we’re really pushing the envelope by incorporating VR and 360-degree content, transcending traditional viewing experiences. This not just gives a panoramic view of an artwork but invites the audience to step inside it, creating a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Though this type of NFT is still in conceptual stages, i’m working to bring this visionary art form to life.


Honestly, it suits me for now. I like calling the shots and moving at my own pace. It’s kind of my comfort zone. But yeah, thinking about the long haul, I might have to open up the team a bit. thanks for asking!

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, I read you have been here before, can you tell us of your past experiences and let us know how it has helped your growth


So your project is active and people have started using it?

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Thank you for providing your thoughts into the problems encountered during the original run and the efforts made to overcome them in Season 6. It’s laudable that you went back over the smart contracts, rebuilt them from the ground up, and tested them thoroughly to ensure that both the logical and technical aspects were addressed.

In the light of this improvements, I wanna know; can you explain some of the specific features included to the Season 6 smart contracts? How do these enhancements improve the overall functionality and user experience of the Flixe ecosystem?


Thank you Ines for the warm welcome! My previous experiences in hackathons have been incredibly instructive. They’ve honed my skills in project management and underscored the value of community feedback. Facing and overcoming challenges has also improved my technical skills, particularly in blockchain technology, which is essential for Flixe’s development. Season 5 taught me a lot about the importance of quality code and making the right decisions early on, especially for a project of this scale.


Hey @Prince-Onscolo, we’re not quite there yet. While Flixe is in active development and I’ve made substantial progress, it hasn’t been launched to the main net just yet. There’s a strong emphasis on security and stability, especially when it involves financial transactions. We’re taking the necessary time to test everything to ensure we provide the stable experience upon launch.

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