Flixe: Gateway to Artistic Exploration

For Season 6, we’ve dialed in on key areas such as enhancing transaction reliability, introducing a new subscription models, adding an Ad system for consistent revenue flows, an improved finance support system with collateral-based loans and an incentivized content boost system. We’ve also expanded art format compatibility and fine-tuned the smart contracts for smoother operations. These targeted improvements are all about creating a stable, efficient, and engaging Flixe ecosystem. More testing is ahead to ensure we’re solid for the upcoming season.


Welcome to hackathon season 6 wishing u the very best.

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Thank you for how you explain I like how you talk to me, I really have no words, I want to know your plan on how you want to use your experience in project management and blockchain technology to further the development of your project in Season 6

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Thanks for the kind words, Ines! Heading into Season 6, we’re streamlining Flixe’s usability, enhancing our blockchain technology for better security, and ensuring our updates align with what you, the community, ask for. It’s about making Flixe better together. Eager to move forward with your support!

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oh does that mean, your project did not win any prize in season 5?

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Yep, we didn’t snag any prize in Season 5.

oh OK. Great you are continuing…it means you have great plan for this project. Keep building

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Totally, there’s a lot more to come for Flixe. Thanks for your support!

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Your emphasis on improving transaction reliability, offering new subscription types, and putting in place an ad system to ensure regular income flows reveals a deliberate commitment to improve the Flixe ecosystem’s overall stability and sustainability.

Could you tell me more about the new subscription models introduced for Season 6? How do these models improve the value proposition for users and producers, and what advantages do they offer over earlier models?

Hello I really like how you explaining things to me I really understand everything. So tell me, what way do you gather the community feedback?

You are welcome to continuing your project in session 6
I don’t know if you have answered this question before, pardon me if you have, but I will like to know what pricing strategy you plan to implement for each tier. Again will you consider offering discounts for annual subscriptions or bundled packages?

Seeing same projects we saw in previous seasons both shows your determination and makes us happy. You wrote the texts very meticulously.
What do you say to prepare a pdf file and use it as an advantage and send to first users before trying your platform?

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Trying to move the same project forward again, even though it did not win an award in previous season, shows your belief in the project. It’s a very respectable move. Go ahead, it will happen this time. We believe. :+1: :+1:

Okay, but I’m struggling to understand if Immersive and Imperio Arts are the same in your platform. And if I understood well what you’ve just explained, the difference is that imperio gives us the opportunity to impede our names on any art before making purchases

I can remember you submitted something like this in previous HackaTRON. So why is it still not launched on mainnet yet?

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In what token is this reward going to be distributed and is there a threshold in withdrawing these rewards