CRITICICE - Social app for blockchain community

Project Name: CRITICICE
Project Track: Web3
Team Member(s): @Ide - founder
HackerEarth Project Link: Link

Project Goal: CRITICICE aims to build a social platform that empowers individuals within the blockchain community to connect, collaborate, and thrive. To serve as a dynamic hub where users can rate, review, and discuss blockchain projects, build valuable connections, and monetize their time and attention. With a focus on fostering genuine interactions and facilitating meaningful partnerships, CRITICICE is paving the way for a more informed, connected, and empowered blockchain ecosystem.

Project Value: By seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into CRITICICE app, ensuring transparency in the monetization system and upholding the integrity of all user reviews. This not only provides content creators with a reliable platform to share their opinions on projects but also offers potential investors and users a trustworthy source for conducting due diligence. Additionally, leveraging blockchain infrastructure, such as the TRON network, empowers developers with robust tools for automating monetization processes and enhancing the overall user experience.

Project Info:
CRITICICE is a Social app revolutionizing blockchain connections, reviews, and collaboration.

> Your attention is the asset

Project Website: Website | App on Google Play | Web app

Project Test Instructions: For Android users - simply download and install the app from Google Play, for iOS - use the Web version (better on the mobile device)

Project Details:


Smart Contract links: At the current stage App uses already deployed solutions from the 3rd parties, but planning to upgrade some solutions and make deeper integration. Nevertheless, the basic support of the TRON network is currently under development like wallet connect (via Trust and TronLink) as well as in-app data (via BitQuery and Alchemy). For the next step - TRON network will be supported for awards distribution, and as an option while tipping in “GEM DM” feature

Project Milestones: We’re gearing up for a major app update set to launch by the end of April 2024. With this update (with a high chance), users can look forward to wallet connectivity and basic tracking of TRON-related data right from within the app. (Stay tuned for more details and updates as we get closer to the release date - will be tracked in this topic)

Warmly welcome to follow CRITICICE on X and try the app!


You are welcome team, the idea is nice but I haven’t been seeing any good outcome from previous participants with same product. The old social platforms have taken over and it seems it is difficult for people to use such products. I think you can do better but it won’t be easy, Tron has the numbers but not many dapp users so you have to put in a lot to get the attention of people. If only you are in to stay, don’t joke with marketing. Wishing you all the best


Huge appreciation for your words, it’s kind and inspiring.
For sure it’s a challenging way, and it’s true there were some social projects before, today - it’s fresh examples and priceless experiments and their results that are very showcasing for us

Thanks again

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your project offering seems a lot interesting to me.
Integrating blockchain technology inside the app to enable transparency in monetization and user feedback is a positive aspect, it provides a solid platform for both content creators and investors.

Could you explain how the monetization system works and how users can receive rewards for their contributions?


Welcome to hackaTron S6.
Just as you’ve been told, we haven’t seen any significant impacts by previous projects that proposed to offer similar products and this alone send a negative signal on most of us regarding the sustainability of your project after the hackathon season. So can you convince us enough on how you’ve planned to sustain your project and ways in which you are going to thrive for it’s adoption.
Again, how does CRITICICE differentiate itself from existing social platforms within the blockchain community?


Welcome to the Season 6 of Hackathon, please let me know, how are you planning to attract users, thank you!!


Welcome to hackathon season 6,The idea of using blockchain for transparent monetization is intriguing.but I have some important questions

  • Please Elaborate on how this would work in practice, and would there be a native token or would it leverage existing ones.

  • While using pre-built solutions can be efficient, it’s important to consider long-term control, so when do you plan to transition to custom smart contracts for core functionalities e.g., reviews, rewards.

*The concept of attention as an asset is refreshing, so how will CRITICICE value attention relative to traditional metrics likes or followers.

  • The ability for content creators to monetize their reviews is a great incentive. Will there be different revenue streams for creators e.g., tips, subscriptions.

And lastly Who o is the primary target user for CRITICICE (e.g., experienced blockchain investors, newcomers to the space, and how will you handle inappropriate content or fake reviews within the platform.

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Hey @manfred_jr,

Thanks for your interest in our project! We’re thrilled to hear that you find our idea intriguing.
Users can earn rewards by actively participating in the platform, such as posting project reviews, rating, engaging with other users and their content, and inviting friends to join. These contributions are tracked transparently ensuring fairness and accuracy.

If you have any further questions or would like more details, feel free to ask!

Hey @Youngyuppie ,

Thanks for your questions. We understand the concerns about sustainability and adoption. Our strategy focuses on continuous improvement and community engagement. We plan to sustain our project by offering unique features, actively listening to user feedback, and adapting to the evolving needs of the blockchain community.

CRITICICE stands out from existing social platforms through its focus on blockchain projects, transparent monetization, and user-driven content. We provide a dedicated space for users to discuss, review, and engage with crypto projects, fostering a supportive and informed community.

Hello @ines_valerie ,

Thank you for your question! Attracting users is a key focus for us, and we have several strategies in place to achieve this goal. We plan to leverage social media platforms, influencer partnerships, targeted advertising campaigns, and community engagement initiatives to raise awareness about our project.

Additionally, we aim to provide a seamless user experience, valuable features, and incentives such as rewards and gamification to encourage user participation and retention. By offering unique value propositions and actively engaging with our target audience, we believe we can attract and retain users effectively.

Hello @Okorie ,

Thank you for your interest in CRITICICE and for raising these important questions:

  1. Monetization Mechanism: CRITICICE will utilize blockchain technology to ensure transparent and fair monetization for users. We plan to implement a native token within the platform to facilitate transactions and reward users for their contributions.
  2. Transition to Custom Smart Contracts: While pre-built solutions may offer efficiency initially, we recognize the importance of long-term control and customization. We aim to transition to custom smart contracts for core functionalities, such as reviews and rewards, as the project matures and our user base grows.
  3. Valuing Attention: CRITICICE views attention as a valuable asset and aims to reward users based on their engagement and contributions rather than traditional metrics like likes or followers. Our platform will prioritize quality content and meaningful interactions to ensure that attention is valued appropriately.
  4. Monetization Options for Content Creators: We plan to offer multiple revenue streams for content creators, including options such as tips and subscriptions. This will provide creators with flexibility and opportunities to monetize their content based on their preferences and audience engagement.
  5. Primary Target Users and Content Moderation: Our primary target users include both experienced blockchain investors and newcomers to the space who are interested in discovering and reviewing blockchain projects. To ensure a positive user experience, we will implement robust content moderation measures to handle inappropriate content and fake reviews within the platform.

Okay! Thank you for giving this insight on how you plan to maintain sustainability of the project. While sustaining a project is important, ensuring adequate information is equally of a great importance. Can you explain how you’ve planned to maintain the quality of discussions and reviews while preventing misinformation or biased content?

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That sounds like a good incentive structure for encouraging user participation and contribution. Transparency in tracking contributions is essential for creating community confidence.
To further enhance user participation, have you considered implementing features such as badges or levels to gamify the experience and incentivize continued engagement?

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The main goal here is to achieve a balance between user experience in terms of UI/UX implementation and the maximum benefit and informativeness for the user. In simple words: less words more actions (since it’s a mobile app first it’s crucial to keep it this way)

Moreover, simplifying the rating and reviewing flow to make it less fraud/fake vulnerable, improving the visualization part, and keeping all the discussion processes (in any type of form) “healthy and clear” by own powers (both human and algorithmic, and actively attracting users to become a mods → ofc with a rewards

Thanks a lot for these kind words

and yeah, definitely, it’s hard to imagine the app without this gamification stuff, it’s such a common type of progress tracking and keeping users’ retention rate high

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This is very very good and interesting, have you carried out any market researching to know the areas and choices of your users, thank you


Absolutely, gamification can be an effective method for enhancing user engagement and retention. Incorporating elements such as progress monitoring, badges, and leaderboards can enhance the user experience.
As you prepare to deploy gamification features, have you considered conducting user surveys or focus groups to learn which gamification components are most popular with your target audience?


Hello CRITICICE team, thank you for submitting your project ! would you please help to address the following questions?

  1. Are projects listed in your platform gonna pay for users to provide feedback? If yes which tokens or coins are you listing as options for payments?
  2. How much are you taking as share for your platform to operate your bussines/app?
  3. I could not see any kind of wallet integration, smart contracts interaction in your app, how do you plan to integrate your app with web3/blockchain?
  4. I noticed you milestones are vague, would you please help to add more details on milestones dates and goals?
  5. Are you planning to filter out projects to be analyzed depending on the network which is connected on metamask /tronlink? Or how are you focusing your customers per chain?

Thank you and good luck! Keep building!


Thanks :+1: for the explanation wishing you all the best buddy

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Moreover, different types of surveys will be conducted on a regular basis - for internal needs regarding product improvement first of all, and ofc to provide 3rd party projects with an additional tool to shape their products while actively communication with their target audience and customers


Hey @SimbadMarino,

Thanks for your feedback and questions!

  1. Absolutely, we’re planning a feature where projects can incentivize users to explore their offerings(products, ideas, etc.). Rewards will include various tokens, including CRITICICE native token, as well as top-rated tokens like USDT and TRX on TRON. Our aim is to create a seamless and rewarding experience for users.
  2. Any future fees will only apply to CRITICICE’s original products, such as SC for automated rewards. We’ll provide detailed information on fee structures as soon as they’re finalized.
  3. ATM we are actively working on this exact part. Our focus is on optimizing user experience and ensuring seamless integration across all networks. We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality integrations that enhance user engagement.
  4. We understand the importance of keeping our users informed about our development progress. We’re working on a detailed roadmap that will outline upcoming milestones and expected outcomes. Stay tuned for updates, which will be shared on our updated website soon.
  5. Our recommendation algorithm will consider the main network and specific wallet connected, but users will still have the freedom to explore any project.
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Regular surveys are a proactive way to get valuable feedback for both internal product enhancement and external engagement on third-party projects. It’s nice to hear that CRITICICE understands the value of listening to its consumers and giving them a platform to shape their experiences.

How does CRITICICE intend to prioritize and act on survey feedback for internal product improvement? Are there any specific metrics or indicators that will be utilized to assess the success of the implemented changes?

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Absolutely! The key lies in leveraging comprehensive, segmented survey testing. By creating customized user profiles tailored to their behavior and preferences within the app, we can precisely evaluate hypotheses before development and gather feedback post-implementation. The wealth of statistical tools at our disposal is a huge asset in this process, ensuring thorough analysis and structured insights every step of the way. Let’s harness the power of data to refine and enhance our user experience together!

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