TronVoice - Decentralized microblogging inside the TRON blockchain

Project Name: TronVoice
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronVoice
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: TronVoice | Devpost
Project Goal: Decentralized microblogging platform where the data lives inside the TRON blockchain
Project Info: I created the first minimal social network without a traditional backend server. All interactions and data is stored in the TRON blockchain. To compensate for high gas costs users can earn TRX back by writing good posts. Liking other posts will earn the original poster TRX.
Project Website:
Project Repo: GitHub - tronvoice/frontend: Frontend of TronVoice
Project Video:

Project Details:

This is a microblogging platform build into the TRON blockchain. TronVoice does not feature a traditional server as all data is stored and retrieved from the TRON blockchain. The project is live and running at

Example GIF of TronVoice

That means all interactions (liking/posting) require gas. To compensate for that, users will receive 10 TRX when someone likes their post. The following GIF shows how to like a post: The creator of the post receives 10 TRX in the process.

Like a post

In addition, it is also possible to reply to other posts like on Twitter. That way you can even create a thread of messages. The following GIF shows two people communicating via TronVoice:

Two people having a conversation

Every user can create an own account where he is able to add a profile image and add his own website. After connecting your wallet, TronVoice will automatically check if you already added your account (by checking the corresponding smart contract function). If that is not the case you will be asked to enter the information.

Afterwards, you receive your own profile. Note how your wallet address is your primary identifier of your profile mearning that others can be sure that all information that is posted by the profile is posted by the person that has access to the corresponding wallet. For example, posts by the user at have been made by the user with the corresponding TRON address TX2kDevwMKSLKj1rFMWoZq44vJ8hbjaNzd.

The following image shows an example of a user profile. The user has entered a name, a profile image and a website which are displayed:

For more technical details check out the hackathon entry at Devpost. Check out the actual project at

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - Create the smart contracts (completed)
  • Milestone 2 - Create the frontend (completed)
  • Milestone 3 - Publish the project (submission to the hackathon / completed)
  • Milestone 4 - Implement offchain features like followers and searching

You can also contact an energy lending platform to make some kind of collab. So your users will be able to rent energy directly from your platform and you could get a commission on that that you can redistribute :+1:


That’s Really Cool Pal​:metal::metal:


Hi! Thank you both. :blush: I’ll look into the lending platform. :slight_smile:

The cost of posting is currently rather high if you don’t have bandwith & energy left over… I explained that in more detail in the DevPost. That’s also why I made the fees for the network (and the earnings for getting a like) adaptable.


Talk with @TronNinjas :+1:


Thanks, will do that! :slight_smile:

This looks interesting, good luck!

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This is cool! Good luck! :+1:

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This is a very hard area to get into but can have a bright future if done right. Good luck to the team.

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That’s a cool project, and I believe it will be successful in the future someday!

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I think if the fees are high, this should be deployed on the BitTorrent Chain.


Thanks for the feedback everyone and thanks for the idea @NFTWitch! I’ve never used the Bittorrent Chain before. I’m currently looking into it. If the gas costs on the chain are lower than on TRON this might be a good idea!

Fees on BTTC are incredibly low :+1:
(But you don’t have the energy/bandwidth system, so no free transaction)


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

The “free” resource system of energy and bandwidth was the reason why I thought it would work great on TRON… :smiley: I’m currently checking if BTTC is the better option… I probably won’t change it while the hackathon judging is going on though to not mess with the current website.

We have published the DevPost article on our website! Best luck :+1:

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Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting …

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Nice read guys! looking forward to see if you choose BTTC

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Thanks! If you like the project, please don’t forget to vote for it on the devpost page in the top right :slight_smile:


I see a lot of potential in this project. Good luck

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