Cukies Brain Buzz - The Ultimate Trivia Challenge!

Project Name: Cukies Brain Buzz
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Cukies World team
Team Member(s): 15+ teammates working full-time.
DevPost Project Link: CHECK HERE
Project Info: Cukies Brain Buzz.pdf (4.2 MB)
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:

  1. Access and click the “Register for free” button
  2. Fill in the form with your details, including username and password (you will need to connect your Tron wallet first)
  3. Enjoy!

Please note that after doing this your username and Tron wallet are linked, and you will be able to log in next time with either your username and password or by just connecting your Tron wallet.

Project Goal

Cukies Brain Buzz aims to expand the Cukies World ecosystem with an engaging trivia challenge, where players compete and test their expertise across a range of topics.

This expansion offers a fresh and exciting experience in the universe, strengthening players’ interaction and connection with the Cukies characters.

Although Cukies Brain Buzz provides exclusive challenges and rewards, the in-game economy remains seamlessly interconnected within the Cukies World ecosystem.

Project Value

Incorporating blockchain technology into Cukies Brain Buzz enhances transparency, security, and decentralization, providing players with control over their in-game assets and transactions.

By leveraging blockchain, we ensure verifiable ownership of digital assets and foster a robust in-game economy where player contributions are rewarded fairly and transparently.

Project Details

Become the smartest Cuki Alive

Immerse yourself in a trivia world with questions on music, science, sports, geography, history, and even blockchain! Whether you’re a trivia expert or just curious, Cukies Brain Buzz has a variety of topics and challenges to put your knowledge to the test. Dust off those old notes and get ready!

Gameplay Mechanics

Answer 15 questions, each with four possible answers. Choose wisely to score points and progress. After question 10, one mistake means game over, so stay sharp!

Think Fast!

Speed matters! To maximize your points, you’ll need both accuracy and speed. The faster you answer correctly, the higher your score. Challenge yourself and others in the race to reach the weekly leaderboard. Are you ready to beat the clock and climb to the top?

Competition Alert

We’re hosting a seven-day competition during the hackathon with real TRX prizes for those who participate and test their skills in Cukies Brain Buzz. It will be coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Project Milestones

Use of Power-ups (Q2 2024)

Rough day? Don’t sweat it! Boost your score with our power-ups.

Duels (Q3 2024)

Challenge single or multiple players in a high-stakes bet. Winner takes all!

Daily Tournaments (Q3 2024)

Dive into diverse daily contests featuring themed questions.

Top Score Game Mode (Q4 2024)

Excel in science but struggle with history? Shine in your favorite category and reap the rewards in this mode.

Scholarships (Q4 2024)

Complete in-game scholarship system within the Cukies World ecosystem.

Smart Contract links

This is the smart contract of Cukies NFTs that are used in the game.

This is the Cukies staking smart contract.

This is the Cukies marketplace smart contract.

This is the Cukies breeding smart contract.


Welcome to Season 6, from my read I can see Cukies Brain Buzz aims to enhance the Cukies World ecosystem with a trivia challenge, integrating blockchain for transparency and decentralization. Seems like a brain teaser type of project, having 15+ team members seem like a whole lot in one and I’m wondering how the team members are appropriately managed and put in check to deliver on their respective roles flawlessly.

How does the team plan to balance difficulty to cater to both trivia experts and casual players?


Welcome to hackaTron S6. Will be looking forward to test your Brain buster game :smile:


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6 buddy

Cukies Brain Buzz presents an innovative and engaging addition to the Cukies World ecosystem by offering players a challenging trivia experience across various topics.
By incorporating blockchain technology, the project promotes transparency, security, and decentralization, allowing players to have control over their in-game assets and transactions.
This not only enhances the gaming experience but also fosters a fair and robust in-game economy where player contributions are accurately rewarded.
Overall, Cukies Brain Buzz aims to provide a credible and intelligent platform where players can showcase their expertise and become the smartest Cuki alive.
Wish you all the best buddy


Thank you for your questions @manfred_jr !

While 15 people may seem like a lot, it’s necessary when building an entire ecosystem with multiple games. Each department has its own responsibilities, like communication, marketing, and development teams dedicated to different games. Coordination is managed through regular weekly meetings.

As for balancing difficulty levels, we have several strategies in place. Once duels are live, players will gain experience by winning and correctly answering questions, enabling fair matchmaking.

For our open tournaments, like the one we’re planning during this hackathon, question difficulty will be adjusted based on the tournament ranking. Players in higher positions will likely face more challenging questions than those ranked lower, ensuring a fair and engaging experience.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, feel free to share them. We’re always eager to hear feedback that helps improve Cukies Brain Buzz. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! :smiley:


Thanks for the welcome @Youngyuppie !

I hope you enjoy it and if you are skilled enough, win a prize! :clap: :clap:


Thanks, @Okorie !

I’d love to see you testing our game in the tournament we’ll be launching in the coming days. There will be real TRX prizes, and you can play for free. :money_mouth_face:


Welcome to the Hackathon, I am seeing that this is a teaser, please when can we expect the milestones to be added, thank you


That is nice buddy,I wish you and your team members the best.


Given the emphasis on transparency and fairness in Cukies Brain Buzz gameplay and the reward system, how do you plan to ensure that the blockchain technology integrated into the game effectively addresses concerns related to data privacy and security, particularly regarding the storage and handling of player’s information and in-game transactions?


I will definitely do so.

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Thanks for the question, @ines_valerie !

The future milestones have already been added. The game is ready, and I’ll update the thread with images and videos shortly. We are currently preparing this content.


Thank you, @Okorie ! Your support is very much appreciated.


Thank you for your question @Chukseucharia !

In Cukies Brain Buzz we utilize blockchain technology to enhance both transparency and security, ensuring data integrity and fairness.

Our system decentralizes data storage to prevent tampering and employs smart contracts for automatic and unbiased transactions. Additionally, we prioritize privacy by encrypting sensitive information and keeping only essential data on the blockchain.

I hope this clarifies your concerns.

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I tried registering an account in your platform and I received a system error for trying to open the account with my native name. It seems that it only allow account opening with English name and I think this is not right because there are non English speakers and this will become a barrier for them in accessing your site


You register on and add your tron ans bsc address and have a cukie nft at least


I have participated in this buzz and I had monetization in my cukies, is it like this or just UI. Not auto payments


Hi @Youngyuppie ,

Could you clarify if the username you are trying to use to register is the one shown in the screenshot provided, or a different one?

The one in the screenshot seems correct to me.


Hi @lopeed , those are some impressive scores you’ve achieved!

Currently, the prizes displayed are just placeholder numbers used during testing.

However, we are planning to host a tournament with 20,000 TRX in prizes during the Hackathon. We will need to double-check with the Tron forum admins to ensure this complies with the rules, but regardless, we intend to start hosting these types of tournaments for the Cukies community soon.


Hi everyone! :wave: :wave:

I’ve updated the main thread with the presentation video for Cukies Brain Buzz, where we showcase some of the game’s features and explain how to create an account to start playing.

@manfred_jr @Youngyuppie @Okorie @ines_valerie @Chukseucharia @Prince-Onscolo @Kristian9301 your feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :smiley: