Tournament with 20,000 TRX in prizes during the Hackathon

Hi everyone! :wave: :wave:

We are planning to run a competition with a prize pool of 20,000 TRX next week for those who try our game, which is submitted to Hackathon Season 6.

The main reason I’m opening this thread is to ensure that this does not violate any hackathon rules: @WindsOfChange92 @admin.hackathon

To be clear, the prize is not related to voting for us. Simply play our game, compete against others, and claim your prize based on your ranking at the end of the tournament:

Here is the game:

Thanks in advance for clarifying.


Cant wait to try out :raised_hands:, what is the game actually? Do you have a yt tutorial to learn it?

Hi @Juggernaut !

Here is the game’s website:

You can create an account and play the game here:

And here is the video we presented at the hackathon:


Good luck with your Cukies Brain Buzz game, It sounds like a fun and engaging way to test trivia knowledge on the blockchain.

When doee the actual game rollout begin?
I’d love to play against @ines_valerie and @Prince-Onscolo

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Hahaha I am ready for you bro

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The game has already launched, and you can start playing now.

However, we don’t have any tournaments live yet, as we are waiting for the green light from the hackathon admins to finalize the details of the competition we are willing to do.

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Keeping fingers crossed till that approval from admin comes in.

Your competition is fine it doesn’t break the rules.

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Awesome, thanks your answering! :smiley:

I am always ready to play one on one with my fellow forum members :wink:

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20,000 TRX costs approximately $2500.
I’m asking for be sure.

  1. Will it take place over the mainnet and will payments be made in TRX?

  2. How can you distribute such a large amount already? Do you have an investor or a deal?

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Hi @CelestialWeb , thanks for your questions.

  1. It will take place on mainnet, and payments will be made in TRX.

  2. It’s part of the marketing budget we have to promote the whole Cukies ecosystem.

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Hi all :wave: :wave:

We are starting the tournament on Tuesday 21st!

For more information please check the game thread, I’ll be updating it regularly:

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The countdown is live! :stopwatch: :stopwatch:

The Brain Buzz HackaTRON tournament with 20,000 TRX in prizes starts in less than 24 hours :rocket: :rocket:

To participate, make sure to follow us on Twitter:

Like and retweet the our HackaTRON Tournament post:

Lastly, visit to create an account and start playing! Don’t forget to read the rules by clicking the “More Info” button to understand all the tournament details.

I will post the rules here in the next comments anyway.

If you know anyone that could be interested in this tournament, please tag them! :desert_island: :rocket:

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The tournament will be held over 2 weeks, with up to 10,000 TRX awarded each week.

The rules are simple: play one game each day with your Cukie to earn points. If you don’t own a Cukie, you will be assigned a random one from the staking pool.

Answer as many questions correctly and quickly as you can to maximize your score. At the end of the week, the top 20 players will receive a TRX prize.

You can find detailed rules in the “How to Play” section in the settings menu of the website.
For prize information, click on the “?” in the ranking section once the tournament has started.

Good luck!! :partying_face: :hugs:


This is big prizes for players