Smart Disperse by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Cross-chain Transfers with a Single Transaction to Multiple Wallets

Project Name:

Smart Disperse - Cross-chain Transfers with a Single Transaction to Multiple Wallets.

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Team Name:

Lampros Labs DAO.

Team Member(s):

5+ members.

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Smart Disperse Devpost Submission

Project Goal:

Smart Disperse is a platform that simplifies token transfers within the Tron ecosystem and across various blockchain networks. Our objective is to enable users to effortlessly distribute tokens to multiple wallets simultaneously. Additionally, users can swap tokens in the process by leveraging Sun Swap, meaning they can transfer tokens even if they don’t own that specific token by swapping it with another token they possess. This functionality will be available within the Tron chain or across different blockchain platforms. Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our project aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for all users.

Our primary focus is on streamlining the user experience and reducing transaction costs. With Smart Disperse, users can execute transactions efficiently, saving time and resources. Our mission extends beyond efficiency; we aspire to foster a more inclusive blockchain environment, where users of all backgrounds can participate confidently.

Project Value:

Utilizing Smart Disperse offers significant benefits to users and the Web3 community -

  • Simplified Transfer - Easily transfer your funds from one chain to another according to your needs.
  • Interoperability - Seamlessly transfer tokens across different blockchain networks, enhancing connectivity and interoperability.
  • Time Savings - Save the time required to move your tokens between chains.
  • Swapping - Allows you to send a token that you don’t hold by using sun swap.
  • Accessibility - Transfer your funds anytime, ensuring accessibility whenever needed.
  • Multi-Wallet Transfers - Send funds to multiple wallets simultaneously, catering to various use cases.
  • Flexible Input - Select from Text, List, or Upload CSV for wallet address and amount input, ensuring a seamless UI/UX experience.
  • Address Labeling - Assign names to addresses for easy reference.
  • Transaction History - Access a detailed record of past transactions.
  • USD Value Option - View and enter transaction amounts in USD for convenience.

Project Info -

Smart Disperse transforms token transfers within the Tron ecosystem and beyond, ensuring seamless transactions across diverse blockchain networks. Our platform empowers users to effortlessly distribute tokens to multiple wallets simultaneously, enhancing accessibility and usability within the web3 community. Leveraging Sun Swap technology, users can also swap tokens during transfers, facilitating transactions even if they don’t possess the specific token initially. Whether within the Tron chain or across different blockchain platforms, our intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free experience for all users.

At the core of our project lies a commitment to enhancing user experience and reducing transaction costs. With Smart Disperse, users can execute transactions efficiently, saving valuable time and resources. Beyond efficiency, our mission is to create a more inclusive blockchain environment, enabling users from diverse backgrounds to participate confidently in decentralized networks.

Project Website:

Project Demo -

Project Test Instructions:

Please note that our concept is subject to change.

Follow these steps to test the current version:

  1. Visit the site -

  1. Connect your wallet and click on “Get Started”.

  1. Choose between cross-chain or same-chain transactions based on your requirements.

  1. Let’s start with a same-chain transaction.

  1. Select between sending a Native token or an ERC20 token. For the ERC20 token, you’ll need to load the token address.

  1. Decide how you want to input the data. You have three options: listing, entering text, or uploading a CSV file. Choose the method most convenient for you.

  1. Add the recipient’s address and values, then review the transaction lineup.

  1. After reviewing, click to begin the payment. The system will validate the input data and transfer your funds to the recipient’s address.

  1. For cross-chain transactions: Updates coming soon.

Project Details:

Smart Disperse addresses the need for seamless interoperability and enhanced user accessibility within the blockchain ecosystem. Our platform is designed to facilitate both same-chain and cross-chain transfers, revolutionizing the way users engage with blockchain networks. By prioritizing user-friendliness and interoperability, Smart Disperse empowers users to effortlessly transfer tokens across various blockchain networks or distribute them among multiple wallets within the same chain, all in a single transaction.

At its core, Smart Disperse aims to break down barriers and simplify the complexities associated with blockchain transactions. By offering a user-friendly platform, we’re ensuring that users of all levels of expertise can navigate the decentralized landscape with ease. Whether you’re transferring tokens within the Tron chain or across different blockchain networks, Smart Disperse is your trusted partner in making transactions smoother, more efficient, and more inclusive for everyone in the web3 community.

Smart Contract links:

Nile Testnet Smart Contract - TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

Milestone 1: (01/04/2024 to 12/04/2024)

Aim: Complete the Same Chain Functionality.

  • Create and Test the contract with the foundry to identify any vulnerabilities - :white_check_mark:
  • Deploy Smart contract on Tron and Integrate it with the front end - :white_check_mark:
  • Create a Dashboard to send native and ERC20 tokens - :white_check_mark:
  • Integrate the front end with smart contracts - :white_check_mark:

Milestone 2: (13/04/2024 to 15/04/2024)

Aim: To add more personalization for the user side.

  • Creating database schema to store names with addresses - :white_check_mark:
  • Develop a solution to fetch data for transaction analysis - :white_check_mark:
  • Integrate the solution into the front end - :white_check_mark:

Milestone 3 : (16/04/2024 to 20/04/2024)

Aim: Integrate Sunswap for swapping tokens on-chain.

  • Understand Sunswap workflow - :white_check_mark:
  • Create a page to allow swaps through Sunswap - :white_check_mark:
  • Integrate Sunswap with front-end - :white_check_mark:
  • Integrate it with the swapping page - :white_check_mark:
  • Try swapping on testnet - :white_check_mark:

Milestone 4 : (21/04/2024 to 26/04/2024)

Aim: Integrate a Cross-chain bridge for swapping tokens cross-chain.

  • Identify the best bridge to move tokens from tron to other chains and vice versa - :white_check_mark:
  • Deploy the bridging contract - :white_check_mark:
  • Implement the bridge and integrate it in the backend - :white_check_mark:
  • Integrate it with the front-end - :white_check_mark:

Milestone 5 : (27/04/2024 to 30/04/2024)

Aim: Testing and resolving bugs - In Progress

We are looking into core protocols of Tron to integrate with our project and make token transfer seamless from other blockchains to TRON and vice versa.

Future Goal :

Our future goal revolves around creating a solution that integrates seamlessly within the web3 ecosystem and effectively addresses existing challenges. We aspire to establish connections across all bridges facilitating cross-chain token transfers. Our ultimate aim is to deliver a robust feature set enabling users to identify the most efficient and time-saving routes for token transfers.

For instance, imagine a scenario where an individual is actively engaged on the Tron blockchain and prefers receiving funds exclusively on that chain. Smart Disperse will analyze the recipient’s preferences and suggest to the sender the preferred chain for sending the tokens, while also providing them with the best route for that transfer. Our vision is to streamline the token transfer process by providing users with personalized recommendations tailored to their preferences and maximizing the efficiency of their transactions.


Welcome to the Season 6 Hackathon it has really been long since we have a totally complete submission in the forum, I like your project Smart Disperse and I will like to know one thing please, how will you protect the funds of users during token transfers


Welcome to hackathon S6. I see your project as one project that will be so important in the industry since it promote interoperability as a means of being able to transfer tokens across chains. But what I will like to know is how the mechanics of simultaneous wallet transfers can function. What benefits does this feature offer to users?


Thank you for your interest in our project. :smiley:

  • Regarding the protection of user funds during token transfers, we have implemented robust security measures for both on-chain and cross-chain transfers.
  • For on-chain transfers, our smart contracts have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of funds. We’ve thoroughly vetted the codebase and conducted comprehensive testing scenarios to mitigate any potential vulnerabilities and for swaps we are using Sunswap which is an already established DEX with robust security.
  • For cross-chain transfers, we’re integrating established cross-chain bridging protocol that come with their own security mechanisms. These protocols have been chosen based on their track record of reliability and strong security features.

Do let us know if you have any other queries!


Welcome to hackathon season 6
Overall I think Smart Disperse has a promising concept with the potential to simplify token transfers in the TRON ecosystem, by addressing the areas for improvement and providing more transparency, the team can build a robust and user-friendly platform.


Thank you for your kind words! :smiley:

  • Simultaneous wallet transfers are facilitated by smart contract logic, enabling users to send funds to multiple recipients in a single transaction. Whether it’s User A distributing tokens to various recipients or an organization allocating tokens for different purposes like voting, they specify recipient addresses and token amounts within the smart contract.

  • The smart contract then validates and executes these transfers as instructed, streamlining the process and saving considerable time. Additionally, users can swap tokens they don’t hold directly within the same transaction. This feature benefits users by simplifying tasks like airdrops, rewards distribution, and payments, enhancing efficiency and convenience in managing token transfers.

Do let us know if you have any other queries!


Thank you for noticing our vision!

We’re excited to simplify TRON token transfers with transparency and ease. :smiley:

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You are welcome, I like the idea.
Does it require both the sender and the recipient to create a dashboard on smart disperse?


No, the receiver does not need to create a dashboard.

The sender can simply send tokens to any valid Tron address, and the recipient will receive them in their wallet.

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then how will smart disperse analyze the recipient preferences and make this move


Yes, as you can observe, we have outlined it in our future goals.

Currently, our aim is to accommodate an increasing number of users on the platform. Once individuals start utilizing this platform as their primary transfer option, and the recipients become aware of its usage, they may choose to join the platform and indicate their preferences.

However, the system will function even without specified preferences. Senders will be able to transfer tokens to recipients across all supported chains.

Nonetheless, as our user base expands, we anticipate users specifying their preferred chain for receiving tokens, which will reduce the time and gas consumed for the recipients to transfer it to their preferred chain if the funds are sent on the chain that is not frequently used by them.


Alright thank you for the explanation.

My last will be about security…
How secured is your platform? users will be connecting their wallet to your platform, which means scammers will try to introduce phishing links and others


Welcome to Season 6, I’m pretty impressed by your entry, it’s quite commendable how you pay attention to detail and elaborate your points. I read your entry thoroughly and I can deduce the aim here is; streamlining token transfers across blockchain networks.
I’ve quite a few questions moving forward,

How will the team address scalability issues as Smart Disperse’s user base and transaction volume grow over time?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, your project looks really cool and promising but my major concern is about the rigidness of security while connecting to your platform


It is good to hear that you put security measures in place for the transfers, how are you planning to involve your community in the testing process


We take your data security seriously. The tools we use to personalize your experience and the APIs we rely on have strong security measures. This helps prevent phishing scams, ensuring your personal data stays safe.

Also, our smart contracts, which handle transactions, will be carefully checked and audited to make sure everything is working properly and securely.


Much appreciated for your kind words. :smiley:

Scalability is always a Challenge and we have planned about it. As our user base and transaction volume increase, we’re confident in the blockchain’s ability to handle the load efficiently. Additionally, we’re proactively ensuring that our server infrastructure remains robust and scalable to support the platform’s growth.

By optimizing transactions to batch multiple recipients, we’re further enhancing blockchain efficiency. This comprehensive approach ensures that Smart Disperse can seamlessly accommodate the expanding demands of our users while maintaining optimal performance.


Thank you for your appreciation. :smiley:

Security is paramount for us. We’re ensuring the solidity of our security measures through multiple layers. Firstly, our contracts undergo rigorous verification and auditing processes to guarantee their reliability. Additionally, we implement a robust authentication system, requiring users to sign with their private keys to access our API, ensuring secure authorization.

Importantly, our contract architecture is designed to never store user funds, mitigating risks in case of any unforeseen failures. These measures collectively ensure the integrity and safety of our platform.


We’re dedicated to fostering community involvement in our testing process.

To achieve this, we’ll deploy our contracts on testnet, providing an open invitation for anyone to visit our platform and engage in testing. This approach not only encourages community participation but also ensures transparency and collective validation of our system’s functionality and security measures.


What a great Initiative! It would be very useful for TRON! :slight_smile: