Score Milk - Browser-based Competitive Gaming Platform

##What is Score Milk?

Score Milk is a browser-based gaming platform that focuses on skill-based matchmaking, both wagered and free play. Furthermore, the platform offers tools to gamers, community owners, and developers that increase monetization and enhance the gamer experience. Gamers will be able to use our social features, such as direct chatting with their opponent and community lobby chats, as well as compete with their friends on individual game and community leaderboards. They will also be able to challenge their friends to a friendly wager using the blockchain of their choice. As a game developer and community owner, Score Milk offers an easy way to integrate games and increase monetization. A portion of the fee collected for every game goes to both the game dev and the community(lobby) where the game is played. This can yield up to 50 times what a game developer earns on a traditional gaming platform.

Project Name: Score Milk

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: Score Milk Team

Team Member(s): 5-10

Score Milk Project Link:

Project Goal: Become the go-to gaming platform for browser-based gaming.

Project Value: Gamefi integration with gaming rewards and fast monetary transactions. Score Milk aims to create a gaming microeconomy revolved around competitive gaming.

Project Info: See “What is Score Milk?” above

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Connect your wallet and have some fun. Our platform can be accessed via Tronlink or Metamask(for Polygon, Rollux, and Metis). For those that do not know how to create a crypto wallet, just click on Login and log in with any of your social platform credentials. We will create a wallet for you.

Test drive the platform. Edit your profile, play the games, chat with your friends, and wager against your friends using the cryptocurrency of choice. Soon, you will also be earning rewards with the release of our in-platform credit system(already built and working but not officially released…so those “Coins” are not yet valuable).

Platform Demo:

Platform Features Images
Tron Login via TronLink

Account abstraction via Web3Auth Login for non web3 users

Logging in with your social media credentials to create a crypto wallet

Profile customization

Security Patent Obtained:

Smart Contract links: Score Milk utilizes bandwidth transactions(financial decision due to cost of energy). Smart contracts will be deployed once we launch a token.

Project Milestones: We have a fully working product now. This includes chat functionality, wagered matchmaking, lobbies, leaderboards, “Coin” reward system(not officially launched but it is working), and web3Auth integration for account abstraction. We also got our patent approved in March 2024.

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