QuestArcade - relaxing and more relaxing is just a click away

Project Name: QuestArcade
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: QuestArcade
Team Member(s): 3 (@QuestArcade, @CyberNova, @Spectrum)

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal: QuestArcade aims to provide stress-relief games through the BTTC network to relieve users who want to relax from their busy business and academic lives.

Project Value: With blockchain technology, QuestArcade has a value to accelerate and facilitate the membership transactions of our users by using BTT advantages and to be a part of increasing the total transaction volume in a fun way.

Project Info: All fun and relaxing games are collected on one platform and subscription system to access more games and embark on new adventures. This subscription system also depends on the transactions that users can make with a click on the BTTC network.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Add BTTC network to Metamask and connect your wallet to the site.
  2. Try the free games on the opened site after connection.
  3. To upgrade to premium mode (weekly or monthly), click the button below and activate your membership. (For a while, premium mode fees are fixed so low so that TRON members can enjoy the project on BTTC Mainnet with peace of mind)
  4. Enjoy playing all stress-relief games without any ads and limitations.

Project Details:
At QuestArcade, we welcome users with two separate modes. The first is normal mode and users can display a limited number of games. The second is premium mode and users can additionally view and experience more games in premium mode.

There are two subscription types for premium mode, weekly and monthly.
We track members’ subscription fees and mode durations with 3 smart contracts (payment - weekly - monthly) that we deploy and verify on BTTC. When each membership period expires, the user returns to normal mode and can activate the premium Mode membership again by selecting the package they want.

Youtube Video: QuestArcade - Youtube Video

Smart Contract links:

GitHub Source Code: QuestArcade (QuestArcadeHub) · GitHub

Project Milestones:
Phase a: (01.04.2024 <> 07.05.2024)

  • Project Introduction and Initial Phase: Launched the project, outlining goals, and initiating development processes.
  • Frontend Design: Completed frontend design, establishing the visual identity and layout of the website. :white_check_mark:
  • Free Mode Stress-Relief Games: Developed stress-relief games accessible in the free mode to engage users.
  • Metamask Wallet and Premium Mode Connections: Integrated Metamask wallet functionality and established connections for premium mode access.
  • Activation of Smart Contracts in the Main Network: Enabled smart contracts on the Main Network to facilitate secure transactions.
  • Premium Mode Stress-Relief Games: Developed additional stress-relief games exclusively for premium mode users.
  • Final Checks and Bug Control Phase: Conducted thorough testing, addressing any identified bugs or issues before deployment.

Phase b: (07.05.2024 <> 22.06.2024)

  • Advertising and Revenue Management: Implemented strategies for advertising and managing revenue streams to sustain project growth.
  • Updates and Replays of Certain Stages: Implemented updates and enhancements to improve user experience and engagement, including replay features for select stages.

Phase c:(July, 2024 <> September, 2024)

  • Game Expansion: Integrate +12 new games (total 20) by August, working with developers and focusing on user-preferred genres.
  • User Engagement: Add multiplayer to two games, introduce leaderboards, and start weekly challenges to boost interaction. Activating in-game trades using BTT
  • Monetization Improvement: Seek revenue from in-game purchases and ads, aiming for +500 accounts with premium mode and investor interest by September 2024.
  • Mobile Application Design Process and Publication: Initiated the design process for a mobile application, aiming to broaden platform accessibility and reach.

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:sun_behind_small_cloud: We wanted to start a beautiful week by sharing our project. We think we are the first artistry project created for season 6 on the forum. We must admit that this gives extra excitement.

The development phase of our platform is ongoing and we will be here with all the details in the coming weeks. We are already waiting for all your comments and questions.
Hope you have a good week :sparkles:


Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! Wish you good luck for your milestones !


I welcome you to Hackathon Season 6, I take my time to read everything in your write-up, how would you handle everything that concerns generation of revenue with the user experience


You are welcome and wishing you all the best, will have time to review your project


Welcome to Season 6, glad to see your entry in the Artistry category, but for clarity; when will the project website be launched, and what features can users expect to find on it?


Welcome to hackathon season 6


@HODL, @Okorie, @Prince-Onscolo Thanks for warm comments :heart:


Hi @ines_valerie, thanks for welcome and reading project details already. In terms of revenue management, we have been closely monitoring our other competitors in the market for a long time. We’ve determined that such games are played at certain time intervals to relieve stress, and we plan to generate income from memberships on a monthly or annual basis through the subscription system.

We will also quickly start looking for investors based on the competition results and feedback. We are taking firm steps forward in this regard.


Hi @manfred_jr, thanks for sharing your precious comment and question. We plan to share the website around mid-April. We have various relax games on our site and a very simple, user-friendly interface. We’ve already developed 6 games so far, and when this number reaches to 12 (free & premium modes together), we will publish our site.

Please stay tuned, 'cause a fun platform is on the way for all forum :heart:


I can definitely feel your excitement and it’s contagious, We’re all eager to learn more about your project. Welcome to hackathon season 6, All the best buddy.


Hey welcome to Grand hackathon season 6
Any hints about the subscription fee? because I believe this is the one the things users consider,… Coming to the other hand as far as this century is concerned playing games for fun is becoming obsolete rather rather playing for fun and earning for fun too no matter how little, it also helps attract new users,…so i don’t know if you have plans add it ?


Oh wow :open_mouth:
You seem to have everything carefully planned out and that’s quite commendable
Thank you for sharing an update on the project’s timeframe and progress, it’s amazing to hear that the website will be launched in mid-April and that you’ve already built six games. But for clarity, can you tell us about the many sorts of relaxation games accessible on the platform, as well as how they differ in terms of gameplay and experience?


I really thank you for telling me of your revenue management strategy and also about your plans for investor engagement.
Can you explain more on all of the feedback you have received from your users who can also be your early testers about the platform’s features and also about the gameplay, and also how this feedback is affecting all other decisions?

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The QuestArcade sounds like a promising platform for stress relief but while focusing on stress relief, will you also offer a variety of game genres like puzzles, idle games, etc to cater for different user preferences?

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Thank you @Relate101 Nice to share excitement and happiness together :heart:

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Thanks for the welcome and question
A very precise wonder. The “stress-relief” category is actually a bit of a departure from games in general. Games in this category combine different genres. It can be very diverse, from paper drawing to water-filling animations, from 2048-style pastime games to quiet resting places. That’s why people prefer to come and play the genres that appeal to them from time to time when they get bored. In short, we have a much wider audience than normal games.

What we call the subscription fee enables the premium mode to be activated and allows players to play all games comfortably and without ads.

Our market research on the amount continues. Besides our first goal is to definitely determine a appropriate number for all users. When we determine the amount, we will tag you and share it.


Thank you so much.
You help with your comments and curiosity.
(We answer your question by adding to a certain part of the previous comment.)

The “stress-relief” category is actually a bit of a departure from games in general. Games in this category combine different genres. It can be very diverse, from paper drawing to water-filling animations, from 2048-style pastime games to quiet resting places. That’s why people prefer to come and play the genres that appeal to them from time to time when they get bored. Moreover, we cover activities that help people relax in real life with comforting animations and soothing-smooth audios. For instance, popping bubbles and cleaning certain surfaces are also some of the potential games we have in mind.

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Hi thanks @Chizz
Yes we are planning exactly as you say. As we mentioned in the previous 2 comments, we aim to turn all the activities that people would normally enjoy while spending time into animation and games. Just as we do not impose limits on our users, we also do not want to impose any limits on ourselves as developers.

It will be even more presentable and descriptive when the demo comes out.

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We appreciate your questions, anytime.

We guess there is a little confusion. Currently, we, the developers, are the only first users. After designing 2 more games (when we reach 8 games), we aim to deliver them to a few users and get proper feedbacks. The general research we have done so far has been on the relationship between psychology and market strategies of the games of our other potential competitors in the market.

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