StarBoard - Discover, Collect, and Create: Where Art Takes Flight

Project Name: StarBoard

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: Crypto Artisans

Team Member(s): 1 and @aarya54

Devpost Project Link: coming soon

Project Goal:

The goal of StarBoard is to revolutionize the way users discover, share, and monetize creative content, including NFTs, through an open and permissionless platform. By addressing the shortcomings of current interest board sites, StarBoard aims to provide a decentralized space where users can explore, collect, and create NFTs while incentivizing content creators and curators through micropayments and social validation. Through prioritizing originality, fairness, and community engagement, StarBoard seeks to empower creators, inspire users, and foster a thriving ecosystem of creativity.

Project Value:

StarBoard aims to provide several key values to its users and the creative community:

  • Decentralization and Permissionlessness: StarBoard creates an open and permissionless platform for NFT discovery and interest boards, ensuring users have control over their content and interactions without centralized authority.

  • Originality and Fairness: Addressing issues of ad-based revenue models and clickbait, StarBoard prioritizes original content and fair exposure for creators, fostering authenticity and equity in the creative environment.

  • Community Engagement and Empowerment: StarBoard fosters a vibrant community where users actively engage with and support creators. Users can create boards of their favorite NFTs, vote for preferred StarPins, and collect NFTs from others, promoting collaboration and empowerment.

  • Incentivization and Fair Monetization: StarBoard implements micropayments for pinning content and voting on StarPins, inspired by platforms like Brave and Mirror. This ensures fair compensation for creators and incentivizes users to curate high-quality content. By providing direct rewards to creators, the platform reduces reliance on ad-based incentives and promotes genuine, original content.

Project Info:

StarBoard revolutionizes the way users discover, collect, and create NFTs through its open and permissionless platform. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, StarBoard empowers creators and users alike, fostering a vibrant community where creativity thrives.

Key Features of StarBoard contains:-

  • Board Creation: Users can create boards by uploading images, which are stored on BTFS. NFTs are generated for each pin and attached to a newly created board contract on-chain.

  • Micropayments for Pinning: Users can pay a small fee to pin content they like into their own dashboard, encouraging engagement and supporting creators.

  • NFT Discovery and Collection: Users can create boards of their favorite NFTs and collect NFTs from other users, enabling promising NFTs to rise to the top and allowing the community to generate income.

  • Voting and Discoverability: Users can vote for their favorite pins to enable discoverability, promoting engagement and interaction within the community.

  • Pinning and Incentivization: Users can collect pins from other boards by paying a small fee to the pin’s NFT owner, with 75% going to the owner and 25% to the board creator. This incentivizes the creation of high-quality boards and pins

Project Website: coming soon

Project Test Instructions: coming soon

Project Details:

StarBoard creates an open, permissionless platform for NFT discovery and interest boards. Traditional interest board sites rely on ad-based revenue models, where big brands pay for space and pinned content is often unoriginal or sourced from third-party content. Clickbait and unsafe links are prevalent, and original work struggles to gain exposure due to poor market visibility. Additionally, new NFT projects face challenges in gaining exposure without resorting to engagement farming marketing tactics on other social sites.

To address these issues, StarBoard leverages web3 social tooling and blockchain technology to change payment incentives at scale. Inspired by web3 platforms like Brave and Mirror, StarBoard implements micropayments to reward creators for their content. By incentivizing original content creation and fostering a community-driven approach to discovery, StarBoard aims to revolutionize the way users engage with and monetize creative content on social pinning sites.

StarBoard offers an intuitive platform for exploring, collecting, and creating NFTs. Creators can mint NFTs for their images, providing immutable proof of ownership. User-generated boards promote engagement and support creators through small pinning fees. Voting mechanisms help users discover new and trending NFTs, fostering a vibrant community. With a commitment to fairness and transparency, StarBoard aims to create an inclusive ecosystem for NFT creators and enthusiasts worldwide.

Smart Contract links: coming soon

Project Milestones:

Milestone 1: (1st April - 8th April)

Aim: Gain insights into the NFT market landscape and plan project development.

  • Conduct thorough market research to understand existing platforms and user preferences.
  • Define project objectives, finalize features, create project flow, and select the appropriate tech stack.
  • Develop a detailed roadmap and timeline for project execution.

Milestone 2: (9th April - 18th April)

Aim: Develop smart contracts for NFT creation and marketplace functionality, and create wireframes for frontend design.

  • Develop smart contracts.
  • Create wireframes for all pages including dashboard, board creation, and NFT browsing and other components.
  • Begin designing frontend interfaces based on wireframes and finalize design elements.

Milestone 3: (19th April - 4th May)

Aim: Complete frontend development, integrate smart contracts, and deploy them to the blockchain.

  • Implement frontend interfaces on all pages including dashboard, board creation, and NFT browsing and other components.
  • Integrate smart contracts with the frontend to enable seamless interactions.
  • Test smart contracts on a testnet and deploy them to the blockchain.

Milestone 4: (5th May - 7th May)

Aim: Conduct comprehensive testing, optimize performance, and refine user experience.

  • Test the platform for functionality, security, and performance on various devices and browsers.
  • Identify and fix any bugs or issues discovered during testing.
  • Optimize platform performance for speed, scalability, and responsiveness.

Future goal:

In our future goals, we aim to enhance the StarBoard platform to offer even more collaborative and personalized experiences for our users. One of our key objectives is to introduce Collaborative Boards, where multiple creators can come together to contribute and collaborate on a single collection, fostering collaboration and creativity within the community. Additionally, we plan to implement Follow and Favorites functionality, allowing users to follow their favorite artists or collections and receive notifications about new releases or updates, further enhancing their engagement with the platform.

Finally, we plan to add social sharing features, allowing users to easily share their StarBoards and StarPins on other platforms, expanding their reach and promoting their work to a wider audience. Through these future enhancements, we are committed to continually improving the StarBoard experience and empowering our users to discover, collect, and create NFTs in an inclusive and collaborative environment.


After going through your amazing project,I have some important questions.

  • In what way will StarBoard ensure the security of micropayment transactions, and Will the platform be susceptible to spam or manipulation attempts.

  • How will StarBoard handle a large influx of users and NFT pins, and also does the team have a plan for scaling the platform’s infrastructure to meet future demand.

  • What is the estimated cost per pin, Can the micropayment model generate enough revenue to support creators and incentivize high-quality content in the long term.

  • Why is the split between pin owner and board creator set at 75%/25%, Has the team considered alternative fee structures that might incentivize board creation more heavily.

Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! Good luck for your milestones !

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Welcome to hackaTron S6. It’s already late for me now. I will go through your submission tomorrow and come back with my question, if I will have any for you. All the best to you!

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Welcome team, wishing you all the best🙏🏼

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6,…do you charge users for making use of your platform? Please can you enlighten me more about the monetization and the rewards, how it would look like?

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Welcome to session 6 hackathon. After studying your project, I will like to know the strategies you have in place to ensure the long-term growth of your platform amidst evolving trends and technologies in the NFT space?


Welcome to Tron Hackathon Season 6! :+1:

StarBoard’s commitment to decentralization and fair compensation for creators through micropayments is inspiring :innocent:.

One question: How does the platform plan to maintain performance as the community grows?

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Simple question, everyone now is content creator how best will your project regulate the kind of creator needs in your project?

Welcome to Season 6, really had a swell time reading this. From my read I see this is aiming to disrupt the NFT discovery and interest board landscape by providing a decentralized platform focused on originality, fairness, and community engagement.

For clarity, I’ve a few questions;
How extensive was the market research conducted? Did it include user feedback and preferences from existing platforms? Ensuring alignment with user needs is crucial for platform adoption.

Welcome to the Hackathon, please I will like to know have you done any audit, thank you

It really took me days to come back to you again and this is because I have to re-read on your post severally to better understand what you are offering and how you planned to achieve it. Since you are aiming to help in simplifying NFT creation, I want to know what tools you are going to help a non artist like me in the NFT creation process and how you are going to ensure the quality and authenticity of these NFTs

you didn’t even include any required links to your submission, and deadline passed. are you guys still there?