What Dapps / Projects / NFTs are needed on TRON or BTTC?

@WindsOfChange92 any project thats easy to use, free, and and somehow connects to the world via a webstore, products or anything basically.

We have multiple projects currently trying to do that. You have JustMoney Pay which wants to make paying for anything online with CRYPTO easy even if the merchant only accepts fiat.

There is also digital mart which is a project that wants to create a marketplace like Amazon except you can buy everything using crypto.

Or do you mean like a dapp store like google play?


I mean anything I can use without putting any money in it, but also getting some benefits.

Play to earns are nice but would take too much of my time.

There could be a FREE-To-Play model of a game except the Advertisement revenue is shared amongst the top performing players.

  1. BitTorrent NFT Marketplace
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This is so inspiring and knowledgeable

This project will be awesome

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Because you sah rich!

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BitTorrent NFT Marketplace