Get Your Free NFTs on Bittorent Chain - ( Marketplace )

Hey everyone so i will like to share my latest project from the Market team: Nuggets. It’s all about free mint NFTs.

To Mint some Nuggets just hop over to our website at Nuggets NFTs on BitTorrent and follow the super easy steps to mint your Nuggets. Connect your wallet and just mint

I believe art should be for everyone, and Nuggets make that happen. Whether you’re a total NFT pro or just getting started, Nuggets are your ticket to owning and trading digital art, no strings attached.

We have also launched an marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade Nuggets and any other collection with other art lovers.

Don’t miss out on this awesome chance to own a piece of digital art. Head over to Nuggets Mintsite and mint your Nuggets.

Willy and the Market crew.
Also check out our submission for Tron6 Hackthon and if you have any suggestion and question let us know. >

Rooni by Team RedWilly & Shadowkite - The Very First NFT Marketplace on BitTorrent Chain - TRON Hackathon / Hackathon Season 6 - TRON DAO Forum


How will minting this NFTs add values to the collectors

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this is a free mint collection -no btt is required- we launched our marketplace Rooni

so anyone to own an nft and they can buy, sell or bid

helpful content buddy! thanks :pray: :pray: :people_hugging:

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I doubt it when something is extremely free and it nft for that matter.
What will be the benefit for this free mint to the project. And how are user who will have to connect their wallet to mint be secured?


I know it’s a free NFT because it was included in the post. I’m just think what it could be that we make people want to mint this free NFT if it won’t have any market values

With Nuggets being free to mint, how will the project generate revenue or value for holders in the long term.

the mint is on testnet ? how to get tokens ?

It on mainnet and it 10 per wallet

how much is the tx fee ?

It should be less than $0.01

This is cool, i think you could try to airdrop your NFT from our game too since we can work as AIRDROP Gateaway for many cross-chain. here is the forum detail

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Yeah, no worries there. And If you like to get Whitelist on marketplace send me a DM and I will help you out