An Idea for NFT projects this season 4 hackathon

As humans we are always looking for ideas, ways and means to make life easier and better.

The burden any crypto lover has to carry is the burden of how to safely keep his wallet’s private key or seed phrase.

After eating my evening meal, an idea just popped up in my brain straight up from my stomach.

Just want to share it to see if it makes sense to the tron community and the broader crypto community as a whole.

I stand to be corrected, i might not know if any project in the crypto space is already doing this or not, but if no one is doing it then i think an NFT project this season can adopt it and see if its doable.

What if, our seed phrases and private keys can be minted as NFTs on the blockchain without necessary having to keep writing them down in books and sheets of papers that might get spoilt one way or the other in the long run.

So this is what i am proposing.

  1. Download Tronlink wallet
  2. Create an account and get your seed phrase or private key

We are always told to write them down and most at times advised not to take a screenshot of it.
Now this is where the twist comes into play.

What if there is an option in tronlink asking you if you can mint your seed phrase as NFT

  1. Mint seed phrase or private key as NFT at a small fee.

So among the option to write it down and store it at a secured place, it can be minted and stored on the blockchain.

For old users of the wallet too can definitely go back to where their seed phrase or private key is and can always mint them as NFTs at their own free time.

This is the idea i am proposing, i hope the @trondao team and some of my favorite developers like
@LineHammett and all others can share their view on it.


I will be very happy to see Tronlink move in that direction. It will save us alot of time.

Thank you.


Nice innovative idea

But first, can you share the meal you ate this evening?
Seems we missed that part.

Maybe we could eat the same meal for more collaboration building

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Hope I’m PERMITTED to add my opinion.

Honestly, it’s a nice concept.

To mint your seed phrase as nfts on Tron blockchain.

First, I believe it will go against security self caution… in the sense that

Some Nfts lovers will be tempted to flex Thier seedphrased minted Nft on media… Thus leading to exposure .

Secondly, minted seedphrased nfts may not be seen as useful
As most users on Tron wallet uses temporarily wallet which the dump after one or few transaction. Thus low lowers.
As we know nfts on Tron is still in pregnancy stage

Thirdly, I hope I’m making sense

Mashed plantain, with pear, egg and salted tilapia

Flexing your NFT on social media will not necessarily give someone access to the meta data contained in the NFT, what i know is meta data are only visible to the individual and sometimes to buyers when it is up for sale on NFT marketplaces, so the seedphrase will not be visible to the eye for all to see but it will be embedded in the metadata of the NFT.

Secondly tron can boast of over 1.4 million active users on its blockchain and still counting, and i hight doubt those that discard their wallet is even close to 1/4th of the active users of the blockchain and remember this will not be only for Tronlink but for all wallets in the cryptospace, just that tron will be the first to incorporate that into its wallet functionalities.

The minting of your seed phrase will be among the options to choose from, you can still decide to write yours down. The choice will be there.

Thank you for your feedback by the way, it made alot of sense

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Thanks for the meals
I will try that out

Congratulations your evening meal have made it to Tron Hackathon session 4

Please you can submit your EVENING MEAL PROJECT TO THR DORAHACK.


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Oh thanks for clarification of what we know as meta data ONLY known to owners

Now I get the idea of the project.

Now, another question.


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Selling it will not make any sense though but this NFT can be inherited by a next of kin using the approach of a project in season three called inheritokens by @Bhumi and @Jaydip

Brilliant utility for that proposed seedphrased nfts project.

No sales but shifts of ownership to NEXT of kin.

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No idea is bad and no idea is a waste but in my own point of view, I think minting our private key or seed phrase will be very dangerous because once it is minted it can be accessible and public to the Blockchain which can be easily tracked

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Thank very much for your contribution.

No idea is bad
But can be fine tune to be better.

I also thought of that risky exposure of minted seedphrased nfts on blockchain

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Thats good point, but the question is ** are all the credentials of an NFT, visible to anyone at all acceesing the blockchain**

Cos i know the meta data of the NFT can be seen when u put it up for sale on a marketplace. And i dont think anyone can put up your personal NFT for sale on a marketplace without ur authorization.

I still stand to be corrected. We are all learning here and i like it when open minded people like you and @Gordian gets onboard. It makes it interesting.

I know the developers will help us out here

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Good morning! Always good to keep thinking about solving problems, its humankinds greatest legacy. However in this case the idea is flawed. Anything on a public blockchain is exactly that, public. You will surely lose your funds this way.


Thank you my director for the clarification, i will go and come again.


@Gordian and, your arguments were right. You guys are very enlightened. Thank you for your inputs the three wisemen


Thank for sharing this explanation with us

I thought that too

Since blockchain is public, open and transparent
It can be accessed or scanned by anyone

Thanks bro,

Well if that was a court case… I guess I would win

Well, not bad to come up with Project building idea

That is why we have this Hackathon were building project can be scrutinized to meet up with world usage standard

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I’m here on board
Yes to where wer are wrong, developers bin our forum will help us out

Let me add to what I said earlier

  1. Since you said this kind of Nfts will not be saleable
    But will be transferable as next of kin

Why will happen where someone IMPERSONATION next of kin ??

  1. Nfts data can we access on public blockchain
    Like quantity, name, type.
    So it PRONE to public views.

  2. I love the dicusion as organic as it is

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The problem you are trying to solve looks promising but the approach can be improved and using NFT will be very risky in my opinion. Here is why NFT metadata is not a good choice in my opinion.

(1) We can make URI private but nothing in a public blockchain is private in a way.

(2) The metadata of NFT is not private, it can be accessed via IPFS CID (can be found from the URI ) and that is the same for any other decentralized storage provider.

The approach I can think of is to create a decentralized system(you may also use ZKP for that), that can encrypt the metadata or seed phrase and can only be decrypted using the same signer or nominee(or best will by NFT holder) as I see a use can of nominating it. That can be an advanced feature for the Inheritoken team.

Please correct me if you think anything is wrong with the above points.

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Wow i love where you are taking this to. This is just an idea. And if someone can build upon it to make it flawless. It will be a very great.

I am not a developer and therefore have no knowledge in that field, but can those in that field polish the idea to suit industry standards??

Thats a question those in the field will have to answer.

I have really learnt alot from your submission. Very informative and straight to the point.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: i just blame it on the mashed plantain and pear, i will come out with another idea after eating banku and okro stew.