Bitcoin Ordinals on TRON

Project Name: Satoshi Golf Club
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: SatoshiNFTs
Team Member(s): 2 members, @anna2d & Paul
HackaTRON submission link: dajkaanna2_1ff1 - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: As the 1st Bitcoin Ordinal NFT community starting on TRON we’d like to give everyone the chance to own an Ordinal via buying our Satoshi Presale Token (100 available on TRON) and then burning it for a free inscription on Bitcoin. Also we’re on a mission to fund Satoshi statues all over the world and spread Satoshi’s creation.

Project Info: Satoshi Golf Club is a collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on Bitcoin and pre-sold on TRON. Each Satoshi Golf Club NFT is unique and programmatically generated from 40+ different traits & types. They’re going to be inscribed as Bitcoin Ordinals but the presale tokens are available on the TRON blockchain, stored as TRC-721 tokens and hosted on BTFS.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Go to: APENFT or
  2. Connect your TronLink wallet
  3. Mint a Presale Token (there’ll be only 100 available, for 500 TRX each)
  4. Get a free Ordinal inscribed on Bitcoin by burning your presale token on TRON at launch
  5. Public Minting of Bitcoin Ordinals will start at 0.0021 BTC. Afterwards the Satoshi Golf Club collection will be traded publicly on NFT marketplaces like and

Project Details:

Satoshi Golf Club Gif

Smart Contract links: TRC721 smart contract address: TR2qUT7vbvZaHHh5E4uiqkVMUnhn1ijPy7

Mintable on APENFT and

Project Milestones:

During the Hackathon the community can grab a Presale Token (there’s only 100) to reserve their free Bitcoin Ordinal at a cheaper price. After the Hackathon, we’ll inscribe 10.000 NFTs on Bitcoin and conduct the public sale.



You were here last season, how far with that project please?


Yes that’s right. Although we created the forum submission, we did not make the qualification and didn’t enter the competition. We’re now also on ApeNFT.


alright I see, good luck this time


Why didn’t you qualify for the season 4?
What changes have you made to qualify this time?


Ha, Bitcoin Ordinals on Tron, something like a fusion between BRC20 and TRC20, I really don’t know how to feel about this but it sure sounds interesting. I see Bitcoin Ordinals on Tron aims to create a collection of unique PFP NFTs on Bitcoin, sold via presale tokens on TRON, with the main objective being to enable the community to own a Bitcoin Ordinal through the presale token and later burn it for a free inscription on Bitcoin, promoting Satoshi’s creation through statues worldwide. The most constricted part I think is the NFTs are programmatically generated with various traits and types, inscribed as Bitcoin Ordinals, and traded on NFT marketplaces.
Brings me to my question;

How does this project contribute to the broader goals of the TRON ecosystem and the blockchain community as a whole?


What are the extra qualification for this?

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Welcome to Tron Dao Hackathon season 5, have some very important questions.

What percentage of the proceeds from the public sale will be used to fund Satoshi statues,and how will the community be able to provide input on the design and placement of the Satoshi statues.

Elaborate the specific criteria for determining which Satoshi Golf Club NFTs will be inscribed as Ordinals,and how do you see the Satoshi Golf Club project contributing to the Bitcoin and NFT ecosystems.

What is the specific process for burning a presale token to receive a free Ordinal inscription,and how will the project ensure that the Ordinal inscriptions are high quality and durable.

Identify the plans for promoting the Satoshi Golf Club collection to the wider Bitcoin and NFT communities,and what is the timeline for inscribing the 10,000 NFTs on Bitcoin.

Enumerate the team’s long-term goals for the Satoshi Golf Club project, and what makes the Satoshi Golf Club team uniquely qualified to execute on this project.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

You already came with this project on season 4 any update,… what inspired you to come again?


Welcome again.
What are the mechanisms you are going to adopt to attract people into your presale.

What is the benefit i will gain for being part of this.

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As a few of you asked, let me say it again: in the previous S4 hackathon we didn’t submit our project on Dorahacks and nobody could vote for our project on the forum, so we did not participate in the competition. So you can consider this as a 1st project to be here.

Also in the meantime we listed our NFTs on ApeNFT, plus we made the rest of the designs and generated 10.000 NFTs.


Thanks for your interest.

This project uses the TRON ecosystem as a testing ground before fully launching on Bitcoin. By this we also intend to attract Bitcoin users to TRON, thereby expanding the user base. We envision ourselves as a bridge between Bitcoin and other blockchains like TRON, similarly like when a token goes multichain.


Got that clearly, goodluck on everything!

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Hi @anna2d Welcome to Tron Hackathon S5,

1- Can you please give roadmap for Releases ?

2- How you are going to engage community for your project ?

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  1. Hey, yeah sure, please check the roadmap below:

  1. Engagement will be through Discord, Twitter, BitcoinTalk. We plan on getting a few influencers to push the project as well.


Im curious if the team has any long term plans to keep the 100 TRON NFT holders involved in your project’s ecosystem? Thank you :smile:


Thank you for sharing. I am reviewing this project based on the artwork, the business plan of using Bitcoin ordinals and the introduction.

I see the different traits, aligning into the Satoshi artwork figurines. Overall the artwork looks good. Although one features BAYC #8585, I assume without permission. And these will be inscribed on BO.

A risk of this project is that it is a rug pull, since we don’t see any prior collection on BO run this way and because the TRON sent in does not guarantee receipt of the BO. Maybe this risk is low, just because the cost in TRX will be low.

Hoping you a successful launch, keep it up.


I am interested in your idea but can you clarify my on doubts How was the process of selecting the unique traits that differentiate each NFT determined by the team?

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Yes, they will be involved via getting a a Bitcoin Ordinal. The 100 TRON NFTs are for the earlybirds and they will be swapped to a real Ordinal. Also, as you can see it in our roadmap, we will launch our meme token as well, which will be multichain.

How Bitcoin ordinal will work with Tron Blockchain ?

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