Satoshi Golf Club - Bitcoin Ordinals on TRON

Project Name: Satoshi Golf Club
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: SatoshiNFTs
Team Member(s): 2 members, @anna2d & Paul
Dorahacks Project Link: Satoshi Golf Club - Bitcoin Ordinals on TRON | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: As the 1st Bitcoin Ordinal NFT community starting on TRON we’d like to give everyone the chance to own an Ordinal via buying our Satoshi Presale Token (100 available on TRON) and then burning it for a free inscription on Bitcoin. Also we’re on a mission to fund Satoshi statues all over the world and spread Satoshi’s creation.

Project Info: Satoshi Golf Club is a collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on Bitcoin and pre-sold on TRON. Each Satoshi Golf Club NFT is unique and programmatically generated from 40+ different traits & types. They’re going to be inscribed as Bitcoin Ordinals but the presale tokens are available on the TRON blockchain, stored as TRC-721 tokens and hosted on BTFS.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Visit this link: Satoshi Golf Club Presale Token
  2. Connect your TronLink wallet
  3. Mint a Presale Token (there’ll be only 100 available, for 500 TRX each)
  4. Get a free Ordinal inscribed on Bitcoin by burning your presale token on TRON at launch
  5. Public Minting of Bitcoin Ordinals will start in Q3 for 0.0021 BTC. Afterwards the Satoshi Golf Club collection will be traded publicly on NFT marketplaces like and

Project Details:

Satoshi Golf Club Gif

Smart Contract links: TRC721 smart contract address: TR2qUT7vbvZaHHh5E4uiqkVMUnhn1ijPy7

Mintable on

Project Milestones:

During the Hackathon the community can grab a Presale Token (there’s only 100) to reserve their free Bitcoin Ordinal at a cheaper price. After the Hackathon (early Q3), we’ll inscribe 10.000 NFTs on Bitcoin and conduct the public sale.

Here is our roadmap:



Bitcoin NFT? This is cool guys


please I would like to understand why bitcoin ordinals will be minted in a different chain. is that how it is done?


Wow, BTC Nft on Tron?
All the best,
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4
Welcome to Tron Dao forum


Hi, the Presale Tokens are sold on TRON, which will get the holders a free inscription at a lower price. But later the PFP NFTs are going to be inscribed on Bitcoin as Ordinals.
There’re some projects on other chains that start e.g. on Ethereum, and by burning the ERC token the holder gets it as an Ordinal.
Ours is a similar concept but on TRON.

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alright thank you. one more question, might not be related its a general idea I want. What are bitcoin ordinals (is it a name giving to nfts on bitcoin blockchain?)

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Ordinals are basically NFTs inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The ability to inscribe data directly onto the Bitcoin chain is a new feature / improvement and it was made possible a few months ago only. This led to many new-style projects building on Bitcoin and some are even burning & moving their NFTs to Bitcoin from other chains for this reason.


thank you so much. With the burning and moving of nfts to bitcoin @TuruGlobal is planning to move some of their #AfricaStars nfts to bitcoin. And it’s a great move since we have a lot of bitcoiners.
thanks for your time


Bienvenido a este S4, le deseo suerte en su proyecto


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, please am tryna wrap my brain, by involving BTC please how can your project impact on Tron?


Welcome to Season 4

What is the target audience for this project? Is it primarily aimed at avid golfers, or is it intended to appeal to a broader demographic?

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Hi, what’s Satoshi’s Gold Club’s long term vision for Tron?


We involve TRON by giving it’s community the chance to participate in the presale and thus reserve & get their hand on an Ordinal at a cheaper price. Also, this might motivate other projects to the same and we can open more doors for the community on TRON and give TRON NFTs new use-cases.

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It’s intended to appeal to the middle / high-end demographic, so mainly for those how kinda made their luck in crypto. So the same audience like BAYC etc.

Our long term vision for TRON to kinda have it as the test phase for our project, where we can try out & test new ideas, get feedback from the community and then fully launch on BTC. This also means that we’ll try to pull in Bitcoiners to TRON.
You can imagine us like a project starting on TRON, but then going multichain and spreading awerness.

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Thanks for replying, I totally get that.

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Wonderful, I believe such initiative will help tron in the long run as it will bring in more bitcoiners. Wishing you all the best this hackathon


Welcome to HackaTRONs4 ! All the best to the team !


If you missed it, minting is already live! Buy a Satoshi Presale Token here👇

All good
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