Rooni by Team RedWilly & Shadowkite - The Very Firstartistry NFT Marketplace on BitTorrent Chain

Thanks for your reply, it sure does sound like you’ve had some issues with WebSocket connections on the backend, notably with events being lost after a certain amount of time, your method of creating a tiny app to monitor and restart dropped WebSocket connections demonstrates proactive problem solving.

Have you reached out to the community or other developers working with similar technologies for insights or solutions to this issue?

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For you to expand your market place to get to support other chains is very very good, you also talk about feedback, I will also like to provide feedback for your website anytime you want me


Yeah, it will be nice.

Can you check and provide your feedback. that will be much helpful.

anyway, the footer section like


Also the Filtration also dont work. but listing, delisting, buy sell etc… should be fine.

if you own an nft you can searchthe collection address in the search bar and it will redirect you to the collection page.

So Give us your honest feedback{good or bad so we can improve it }

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Thanks for the heads-up about the backend API being down, It’s good practice to be transparent with users during maintenance periods

it currently online so you can give it a try

if you get BitTorrent Web3 Domains

you will be able to see it on the website and start to trade.

same for nuggets.

@Rink3y not a good look at all for you to skip my question.

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Yes it will really be a pleasure of mine to help with providing feedback for you, thank you

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What question are you talking about?

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@Rink3y I’m talking about and referring to this question.

We are two people working on this and the web socket connection drop is related to the roc provider and not cause of our backend. Because if you search GitHub issues of web3 js library or infura forum there are several issues similar to our and it all comes down to the RPC node provider.

And for mini runner app we discarded it has it won’t be much effecient in the long term or when there a massive intensive load of events from the contract


Has anyone check our marketplace if so any take on the usability and UI look

This is what i am seeing

It live though.

If you have chrome or any browser you can try

It does work on safari

I have been able to access the site. Nice Ui but i have a little comment.

The highlighted part should be left aligned instead of right aligned. It gives the website footer an awful look.


This is where I am more concerned about because BTTC network is still a new and growing network that haven’t received much attention like having NFTs created on it or any game assets. So I now wonder the purpose your marketplace is going to serve since you just confirmed that you haven’t heard anything about NFTs on BTTC network. Why building a marketplace in a network you haven’t heard any topic of NFTs on?

Well, I get that but think of it this way, launching a marketplace now is actually an opportunity since It’s more like getting in on the ground floor which will help shape how the network grows.

Most people are into token and some also love digital assets. And the aim is to target the digital assets. And even with that asset like DN404 quality since they are hybrid of erc20 and erc721 )

Also, even though we’re not seeing tons of NFTs or game NFT or community support for NFT yet in the network yet, there are other kinds of assets like the BitTorrent Domain Name Service which has about 875 assets.

Plus, if you explore around the BTTC explorer, you’ll notice there are other a few nfts around.

All am saying is by building a marketplace early, we’re not just waiting for things to happen. We are trying to making them happen and setting the stage for all sorts of assets to start flowing in.

It’s all about getting ready now so we are up and running when more creators and users jump in

oh just visited your site and i can see some nice nfts already there, you own them?

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Yes I deployed and own the Nuggets

alright, one thing i have noticed on bttc is that, no or less nfts on the chain. So if you have good marketplace and no one is utilizing it, what will motivate you to continue. Have you consider making it multichain? You can add tron to it

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Your vision for a decentralized digital marketplace sounds promising, and on the other side, ensuring fair compensation for creators through proper royalties is also a commendable goal. But then can you share more details about how you plan to implement and enforce these royalty structures within the marketplace?