Daren Market - The world’s first on chain market for Web3 community and business

Project Name: Daren Market - The world’s first on chain market for Web3 community and business
Project Track: Web3, DeFi
Team Name: Daren Market
Team Member(s): 3

  • Chief Executive Officer, Technical Director
  • M.S. in Computer Science, Seoul National University
  • Serial entrepreneur, co-founder developed several mobile social products and received IDG Series A funding
  • Provided strategy and technical support for several famous project parties on Binance, Huobi, OKX etc.


  • Head of Business and Strategy
  • M.S in Computer Science, Seoul National University, Angel Investor
  • Seoul National University Super Merit Scholarship recipient
  • Extensive experience in the field of blockchain quantitative trading


  • Creative Director
  • Founder of Mimic Shhans
  • Created Mimic Shhans Classic, Mimic Shhans Official, Rudolph Squad independently
  • The creator of The Shhan Universe

Dorahacks Project Link: Daren Market | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Let people use crypto in their lives with BitTorrent Chain
Project Info: link3.to/daren_market
Project Website: Daren Market
Project Test Instructions:

  1. Go to Daren Market staging site: https://app-staging.daren.market
  2. Click the “Connect” button in the upper right.(We assume that you have installed wallet software such as Metamask)
  3. Make sure to change your network to BitTorrent Chain Donau by clicking the network menu on header bar.
  4. Join Daren Market Discord to get some test USDT (it’s a custom ERC20 token): https://discord.com/channels/940380731270631456/1096000679878856754
  5. Click your address in the upper right to open personal menu, and click “My Store” to open a store.
  6. (Optional) Click “Edit dProfile” to edit your store name, store description and avatar.
  7. (If you are still on “My Store” page) Click “Service Management” and click “Add service”. You can set up service name, service description, service covers, and service package. After that click “SUBMIT” to create a service.
  8. Sellers are not allowed to buy their own services here, so you may need another browser(with different Metamask address) to simulate a buyer.
  9. [Seller]: (As a seller you only need some BTT for gas) Copy the service link to buyer browser.
  10. [Buyer]: (As a buyer, you need BTT for gas and test USDT) Open the service link and click “Place order”.
  11. [Buyer]: Click your address in the upper right to open personal menu, and click “My Purchase” to check the new order.
  12. [Buyer]: Click “Approve” on the order and pay for the order by clicking “Pay” button.
  13. [Seller]: Click your address in the upper right to open personal menu, and click “My Sale” to check the new order.
  14. [Seller]: Click “Submit” button to submit your order.
  15. [Buyer]: Click “Check” button to check your order.
  16. [Seller]: Click “Withdraw” button to withdraw your order and check the balance of test USDT change.
  17. Your can also check the order on BTTCSCAN site by clicking “Check here” in order detail page.

Project Details: [Details of your project. Feel free to add any photo or video reference]
Smart Contract links: TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0xB06649e2D93d33a43E98f5318190bd5DFE0532eD | BTTC
Project Milestones: Daren Market will be deployed on BitTorrent Chain Mainnet on May.

Demo Video


Daren Market is the world’s first on chain market for Web3 community and business, empowering WEB3 organizations to realize a series of business closure loops such as business realizations, brand building, community activation, and collaborative attraction, etc.There are thousands of freelancers, entrepreneurs and Web3.0 customers active on Daren worldwide.

Daren rejects the monopoly profit model of traditional Web2 companies, and will be based on blockchain’s transparency, fair incentives and decentralized governance mechanisms to benefit consumers, service providers, invitees and sharers.

Project Features

:notebook: Web2-friendly decentralized order system

:scroll: Collaboration and governance of DAO

:boom: Support for multiple public chains

:scientist: Trade to earn

:computer: Invite to earn

:technologist: Share to earn

:popcorn: Friendly tutorials

How Daren Market can benefit you?

Community Empowerment

  • NFT holder’s discount: Set up community exclusive NFT/tokens for members to enjoy discounts, group purchases and other benefits
  • Benefits Distribution: The community can distribute benefits to members through NFT spending vouchers
  • Brand co-building: The community gains by participating in the co-construction of the brand

Store Campaigns

Business Acceleration

  • Community Portraits: The project can use Daren to understand the characteristics of each community and find the potential partners
  • Community Connections: Project parties can cooperate with communities by setting up NFT partner discount, profit-sharing plans, etc.
  • Brand building: companies/groups/communities can build brand through Daren by casting NFT, connecting the Web3 community to jointly pry the market and enhance brand influence

User Co-Building

  • Trading Mining: Incentivize user transactions through tokens, creating a positive cycle
  • Profit sharing plan: Incentivize users to actively share services and solve the pain point of attracting traffic in the early stage of opening a store
  • Invitation reward: Social referrals through token incentives

Decentralized mechanism

  • Decentralized orders: the transaction process is on the chain to ensure the openness, transparency and security of transactions and to solve the trust problem of stable coin payments
  • Arbitration mechanism: Gradually explore and implement the construction and governance of DAO by means of arbitration
  • DAO mechanism: become a DAO member through deep participation in the construction of the platform, collaborative governance and enjoy the dividends

Decentralized Order Process

Decentralized Arbitration


Yes, everything that currently exists on Daren Market is free, hope you enjoy your Web3 business journey on Daren Market


Bienvenido a este S4, les deseo suerte con su proyecto


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best


Welcome to Season 4

How does the platform plan to achieve a democratic governance mechanism, and what role will community members play in the platform’s decision-making process?


Welcome to this Hackathon, I wish you luck

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Welcome to Hackathon s4. You said everything is free on the Daren market, how then are you going to make profit.


You are welcome
Wishing you all the best


Open store and upload service is totally free~
We will charge 2.5% service fee when seller complete the order and withdraw the money from smart contract~

Thanks for the response…


So this is an existing project adapated to work with BTTC network? Website does not work ‘no healthy upstream’

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Yesterday we were debugging some features, now it can be opened normally, thank you for your feedback :grinning:


Welcome to Hackathon Season 4 !! Wishing you the best :robot:

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Thank you so much! We will try our best

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Thank you for your question :grinning:.
We have already implemented the decentralized arbitration function:
In Daren Market, users holding Judge NFTs can pledge NFTs to obtain judge rights, and a user can only pledge one Judge NFT at a time to obtain its corresponding judge rights.
After gaining judge privileges, users can vote for the orders in arbitration on the voting page and divide the voting rewards.


Thank you for the brief reply,

Are there any plans to expand the governance system beyond the Judge NFTs, such as implementing a DAO or other decentralized governance models?


Yes, we also have plans to create a DAO community to govern the platform :smiley:
We will gradually send many of the management functions of the centralized platform to the community by way of token and NFT.
This is where the beauty of web3 comes in.


Es un buen planteamiento a futuro


Muchas gracias por sus comentarios y espero que podamos construir juntos el ecosistema web3.

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Seguro que juntos podremos avanzar y construir en el ecosistema web 3, cada uno con su especialidad.

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Thank you for the additional information regarding Daren Market’s plans to create a DAO community to govern the platform.

Can you provide more details on how the governance functions will be gradually transitioned to the community via tokens and NFTs?

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