Cloak by Team Cloak - Anonymous and Quick transactions in Tron

Project Name : Cloak by Team Cloak - Anonymous and Quick transactions in Tron

Project Track : Builder

Team Name : Team Cloak

Project Video :

Team Member(s) : @maaz

HackerEarth Project Link :HackerEarth

Project Goal : Providing on-chain privacy and simplicity to tron users .

Project Value : Cloak brings a new standard to blockchain, where privacy meets simplicity, providing users with confidence and peace of mind in their financial interactions.Cloak brings real value to Tron by taking privacy and security to the next level. By generating unique addresses for each transaction and allowing funds to be received through a Cloak address without sharing the wallet address, Cloak enhances the confidentiality of financial activities on the Tron blockchain

Project Website :

Project Details:

Welcome to cloak, a revolutionary privacy-centric solution designed to empower users with privacy in financial transactions. Cloak introduces a paradigm shift in financial transactions by allowing users to receive funds in unique stealth addresses without disclosing their personal wallet address with anyone, ensuring the level of privacy and security. cloak works in a very cheap and user friendly atmosphere .
Cloak uses a one-time public key mechanism to generate new address for each transaction, keeping your financial information private and secure. Cloak is a valuable tool for anyone who values privacy and security in their financial transactions.

Github : Github Url

Problem Statement:

In traditional blockchain transactions, reliance on a single wallet address
poses a significant risk to user privacy. For example, well-known addresses
like ’ vitalik.eth ’ expose transaction histories, potentially allowing the
tracking of financial activities. Cloak addresses this issue by eliminating
the need to share any wallet address to receive funds and allow the user to
receive funds in fresh stealth address each time which has no financial
history before.

What’s difference between Cloak and other wallets?

Cloak stands out by prioritizing your privacy. Unlike regular wallets where sharing your address can reveal a lot about your transactions history, Cloak changes the game. Instead of sharing your real wallet address, you provide a Cloak address (a special base58 encrypted key that keeps things private (Not bound to any blockchain address). When you share this key with someone sending you funds, they perform some fancy math stuff. The result? A brand-new stealth address is created for each transaction.
Even the sender can’t figure out your real wallet address because you only share your Cloak address with him and a fresh new address is generated every time he sends funds through your cloak address. Only the owner of the Cloak address, the one holding the DRM key (i.e the private key of Cloak address), has control over this generated address. While the remaining world along with the sender is left wondering about your actual wallet address—it’s like a secret that keeps changing. Cloak makes privacy simple and clever.

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1 : Generate a key pair of cloak address and DRMkey and save it.

Step 2 : Share your cloak address with sender and ask him to send you some trx . The sender sends the funds through your cloak address to an unknown stealth wallet address that only you (the person holding DRM key) of respective cloak address can control!
Note: Never reveal DRM (Dont Reveal Me ) key.

Step 3 : Paste your DRM key file and click on scan you will see the list of stealth addresses that are created with the help of you cloak address . Copy the private key of stealth addresses or save it.

Step 4 : Optional : Securely Withdraw funds to your another address i.e (Exchange address ) by clicking or filling on following icons .

Project Milestones:

We are conducting extensive research to identify the most efficient mechanism for relayers to cover transaction fees during withdrawals. In this system, users would prepay relayers and receive a unique proof. When they later withdraw funds, they can present this proof to the relayers to demonstrate that they have adequate deposits or staked assets to cover the fees or energy costs.

Furthermore, we are exploring the option of incorporating paymasters, allowing users to pay fees using TRC20 tokens. However, we recognize that this approach may present challenges when withdrawing TRC721s.

We are committed to finding the optimal solution for our users and will keep you updated on our progress. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Whats updates have been done for cloak.

1.Simplified the retrieval of public keys from the contract directory in conjunction with Firebase database…

2.Improved user-experience and performance.

3.Added guide section .

4.Added withdraw feature to withdraw funds to another account or exchange quickly , without interacting with any tron wallet .

5.Upgraded design .

6.Several bug fixes and improvements in contract

What’s Next ? Milestones:

1.To add a relayers setup who would pay fee on behalf of user while withdrawing TRc20 and 721.

2.Marketing of cloak.

3.Release docs!.

4.Security audits.

Logic Behind Cloak:

Step 1: Key Generation

The users generate a keyPair of public and private key

Cloak Address :

  1. Users generate a one-time, base58 encoded Cloak Address. This address is not bound to any blockchain address.

DRM Key:

  1. A corresponding DRM Key is generated on demand.
  2. The user securely stores the drm Key as it serves as the private key for the cloak address

Step 2: Stealth Address Creation

Sender’s Role:

  1. An ephemeral public key is generated, using random private numbers.

  2. Then the random private numbers is computed with the recipient’s cloak address
    to generate a unique stealth address.

  3. They also compute a shared secret of 2 bytes in length (with the help of
    random numbers and receiver’s cloak address) and concatenate it with their
    ephemeral public key
    Public key= 2 bytes secret + Ephemeral public key

Public Key Publication:

The sender publishes the generated public key in a designated log directory on
the blockchain.

Step 3: Receiver’s Verification*

Log Scanning:

  1. The recipient periodically scans the log directory for new public keys.

  2. For each new key, calculations are performed using the drm Key and
    sender’s public key to compute the 2 bytes shared secret.

  3. If the bytes prefixed with public key (i.e. first 2 bytes of
    public key) matched with receiver’s computed bytes that means the public key
    belongs to receiver

  4. He can now compute the private key of that stealth address generated
    through his cloak address.

Step 4: Withdrawal of funds

Funds withdrawing:

  1. Now it’s up to receiver he can save the private key of that stealth
    address or he can withdraw the funds to any wallet address.

  2. Immediate withdrawal of funds to personal address can lead to expose his
    identity but it also provides little privacy by breaking the link between
    sender and receiver :wink: .

Smart contracts : contract

Summary :

Cloak makes it super easy to get funds on tron blockchain – just share your Cloak address, no need for your wallet address! With Cloak, your transactions are super private and safe. You don’t have to give out your real wallet address anymore. Cloak keeps your info secret, making it simple and secure to receive funds. Try Cloak for a new way to keep your money matters private and hassle-free!


I think the team submitted something similar prior to now, is this a resubmission or an entirely different project?


Yep! we are in builder’s category this time! with some updates


yeh that was season4’s submission😂

Oh, that’s goes to say I either have a retentive memory or I’ve been paying serious attention haha :joy:


yeh i think you got tired . Im watching you asking incredible questions with teams about their project.:eyes:

Seems lit bro excited to give it a try and good luck on season 5


Man, it’s a tedious one.
I’ve to read, re-read, curate my questions and observations on written notes (I could show you), then type haha.
Web3 is fascinating to me and I’m just trying to leave behind passive income for my fam as a teacher/tutor, I wish I was exposed to financial literacy in my teenage years haha :laughing:

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

Is this similar to bot trading?

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Plz read the project description dude… what do you mean by bot trading here?

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You were here last season, were you able to attract some users to your platform and what was their feedback after using it?


If truly I understand it fully well, I wouldn’t have asked, so if not bot trading/ transaction please let know or understand it more better in a clearer view or with a reference, please I mean no harm , thank you


Welcome back to hackaTRON !

I see you have made some updates in contract as well. What updates have been made compared to the previous version?

I would also love to know how the prize money were utilized by the team from the previous season. I remember your team being very keen for the prize money.
Good luck !


Yep . We utilized our prize to hire some advisors , designers and auditors plus the feedbacks we have gotten about our project are amazing ! But the main goal we are gonna do with the prize money is marketing Because in today’s world everything is marketing we can’t catch out large audience for the project without marketing .We will have the strong marketing plan here but we cant proceed it until the project is fully done , tested and reviewed .We don’t want the user with negative reviews about the project we already have found some issues with smart contract and cryptography which has been fixed now .The next milestone we are already working is to have some relayers to pay the fee while withdrawing but its gonna be separate with our code the project would work ok without it too ! Once we are done with all we will use our whole prize money to start robust marketing campaign and make this cloak famous as other privacy projects. @HODL @Prince-Onscolo


To my understanding I can categorically says Cloak is a credible and tactical solution for users who want to keep their financial transactions private on the Tron blockchain. It is easy to use and provides a high level of privacy and security.
Cloak is also a privacy-centric solution that allows users to receive funds on the Tron blockchain without disclosing their wallet address. It works by generating a unique stealth address for each transaction, which can only be accessed by the owner of the corresponding DRM key.

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Damn you are genius :heart_eyes_cat:

For better marketing I advise you to post on your social media accounts sensibly. Some of the posts I’ve come across on your X account is quiet immature to be coming from a crypto project. And can you please elaborate the differences between Cloakv1 and v2?


alright, put more into your marketing. You need users

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Hmm :thinking:
Enhancing privacy and security in financial transactions on the Tron blockchain by generating unique stealth addresses for each transaction?
Why stealth addresses? What then happens in cases of exploitations?
And this sounds overly private, are there plans to release platform tokens like the privacy token $MONERO for instance?

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well thanks for feedback . will work on this! :muscle:
" I’ve come across on your X account is quiet immature to be coming from a crypto project" You are absolutely right here!:grinning:

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