[Disqualified] Obsidian - Stealth Payments on Tron/BTTC

Project Name: Obsidian
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Moskvertsa
Team Member(s): 1, @hazelcaus
Dorahacks Project Link: Obsidian | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Stealth Payments on Tron/BTTC
Project Website: https://obsidian-bttc.vercel.app
Project Details:
Obsidian is a protocol that enables privacy-preserving stealth payments on BTTC. It was conceived in response to a tweet by Vitalik Buterin back in March 2020.

With a stealth address, a payer can send BTT or TRC20 tokens to an address controlled by the receiver, but no one except the two parties know who the receiver is. Obsidian leverages the properties of elliptic-curve cryptography to enable payments where only the sender and the receiver know the receiver’s identity.

One way to think of Obsidian is this: before anyone sent you funds, you sent them a brand new, never before used address. Only the sender would know you control that address, which adds a layer of privacy to your payment. Payments via Obsidian work similarly, but are non-interactive—you don’t need to give someone a fresh address, the sender can just generate one they know only you will be able to access.

How it works

Suppose Alice wants to sent 1000 BTT to Bob. If she proceeded with a regular transfer, anyone can trivially inspect the blockchain transaction and know Alice sent 1000 BTT to Bob. But, Alice and Bob care about privacy, so they use the Obsidian protocol

Bob generates a base58-encoded key (known as the Obsidian ID) which isn’t bound to any particular blockchain address. He uses this ID to generate a completely unique stealth address enabling anyone to privately pay him using his address. He is now ready to receive funds and sends this ID to Alice. Alice then uses Obsidian to send the 1000 BTT to Bob (using just Bob’s Obsidian ID).

On-chain, Alice appears to send 1000 BTT to an otherwise empty address. Behind the scenes, Alice has used a public key published by Bob using his Obsidian ID to generate the new address. By encrypting the data used to generate the address, and announcing it via the Obsidian smart contract, Alice can let Bob know she’s sent him a payment to a new stealth address. Only Bob can generate the private key needed to withdraw the funds.


For a more in-depth technical explanation (including the advanced cryptographic techniques used), we highly encourage you to go through the GitHub repository (or at least the README).

Project Milestones:
Stealth payments using the native BTT token are supported currently. For Milestone 2, we hope to work on the following features:

  1. TRC20 token support
  2. Meta-transactions (gas refuel on stealth address)
  3. Tron Network deployment (currently on BTTC)


We apologize for the delay in submission of the Forum post. We were just made aware of this requirement of the Dorahacks team. Rest assured however that our project was submitted on Dorahacks before the hackathon deadline as indicative here: Obsidian | Buidls | DoraHacks. We are willing to accept being opted out of the Forum prize selection if need be.


@admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92 wasn’t the grace period expired?

I think the submission deadline for this has ended if am not mistaking @admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92


yes but I think the account is an old one and already have access to submit. We should leave it for the team. Pre-selection will take care of these

That would have been one more reason to submit on time. Anyway, the admins will take care of it.

sure, what I was trying to say is that he was able to publish probably because he had access already…

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I love how you took time to explain the use case of your project. This is actually a nice idea

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Bienvenido a este S4, suerte con su proyecto


Well, I await the team’s stand on this before I can make any comment but before then, good luck with your participation

Hasnt the submission deadline for this ended? :thinking:

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Thought the 72hrs submission deadline has ended?
@WindsOfChange92 @admin.hackathon

Your project will be one of the most secured way of sending money . I wish you all the best in this season’s Hackathon…


Hi @hazelcaus Welcome to S4 of the TRON Hackathon!

Great to see another project from you.

I had a question about Obsidian and was hoping for some insight on the technical challenges of implementing meta-transactions and gas refuel on stealth addresses within the Obsidian protocol.

Curious also on how those features will impact the overall user experience?

Sure – implementing such features presents some additional challenges, such as added complexity and privacy concerns, but it offers a significantly better interface for users wanting to transact on Obsidian with non-native tokens – eliminating users to fund their stealth addresses with native tokens (to be able to withdraw assets). Among others, the relayer infrastructure we use will need to be secure and resistant to potential attack vectors, and at the same time, provide an efficient UX for users


why is this project disqualifed? What is the reason ?


A mi tambien me gustarĂ­a saber la razĂłn de la descalificaciĂłn

It was all about forgetfulness and sometimes it happens. Eventhough late submission is not allowed they made it clear that if it disqualifies them, they will humbly accept their fate.

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Omg, I didn’t think there would be such people. I’m new to the platform and wanted to ask him. Thank you very much for illuminating.

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Gracias por la informaciĂłn, no pensaba que se tuviera que recurrir a estos trucos para presentarse a un hackathon.


You read incorrectly. We didn’t try to “game”/“cheat” the system. Further we didn’t attempt to submit an old project. We explicitly mentioned in our post that we just found out about the forum post requirement and immediately posted about this project. The project was submitted on Dorahacks much before the deadline (as seen here: Obsidian | Buidls | DoraHacks). Further, we also mentioned that we were willing to not be considered for the forum post if the admins deemed our forum post too late.

We want to emphasize the following (we encourage you to verify for yourself):

  1. This is not a submission of an old project
  2. We have not submitted a project after the deadline (only the forum post)
  3. Our project was submitted on Dorahacks much before the deadline
  4. We haven’t given the slightest thought to “gaming” the system.

Requesting you @Nana66419 to get your facts correctly before making harsh accusations.

Tagging @Hem1i @antonio @admin.hackathon for transparency

Thanks for your understanding – we are in contact with the Dorahacks team to understand this situation better, but wanted to assure the community of all we know above