MudraFi - asset management dex

Project Name: MudraFi
Project Track: DeFi
Team Member(s): @ayushman0503 @Divyanshu @avinash2002a @aayuk @Nikita @Yashbansal @PiyushMishra @Ni3 @MaybeMishi @gaurav
HackerEarth Project Link: Web3 Sailors - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal:

  • Usually in Decentralized. the gas fees and fraudulent cases in transactions are immensely high and there is no asset management is facilitate for the user.
  • To counter this burning issue we have come up with MudraFi, which works on trc-20 token to revolutionize trading and swapping with less expensive, high speed and more secure transactions on the platform.
  • In the upcoming era of AI, MudraFi has also gotten AI enabled features to changes the user experience and thinking about the DEX to a whole new level.
  • With AI Analytics feature ,user will get personalized recommendations, advisory and suggestions about the current trend of the token, prevent potential risk of losses and give the expert analysis on user’s favourite tokens swapping and tradings.
  • With future enhancements of TronGrid and the TronWeb, our platform will develop seamless Tron Network on which transactions of swapping tokens and liquidity pools will get to a whole new level .

Project Value:

  • By developing MudraFi, we are committed to enhancing the integrity and utility of the blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on providing substantial benefits to users. This commitment is achieved through several key objectives: Gas Fee Reduction: Our platform, akin to the Tron network, addresses the issue of exorbitant gas fees that users often encounter, particularly during periods of high network congestion.
  • Furthermore, we will offer AI advisory services, providing users with valuable insights and recommendations before executing transactions on the network. Enhanced Connectivity and Security on the Blockchain: Through the integration of TronGrid and TronWeb, our platform elevates the Tron Network’s capabilities, enabling a seamless environment for token swaps and liquidity pool transactions.
  • Intuitive and Elegant User Interface (UI): MudraFi takes pride in the development of a user-friendly front-end interface that embodies simplicity and elegance. Our UI seamlessly integrates features such as token swapping, trading, liquidity management, and AI analytics.

Additionally, MudraFi will leverage BTTC to facilitate interoperability with Ethereum, TRON, and BSC public chains, with plans to support additional chains in the future.

Project Website:

Some snapshots: [Details of your project. Feel free to add any photo or video reference]

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

  • IDEA formulation done.
  • Frontend creation done!
  • Smart Contracts deployment done!
  • Model selected for AI Analytics : Arima
  • Right now we are working to connect the frontend to web3

About Us: We are a bunch of newly promoted students to 2nd year of college ( and one member is fresher). We have created this project by learning and applying things and exploring fields like web3 and ai/ml.

Feel free to give suggestions!!

Thank You!


Welcome to the forum, how do you plan to achieve the goal you stated about fees, speed and security?

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Hi welcome to this Hackathon :wave:

I have 2 quick questions:

  • what kind of fraud/fraudulent behaviour are you preventing? Can you give concrete examples?

  • Seen on your website:

“ Reducing Transaction Fees
By predecting optional gas price for a transaction based on current network conditions.”

How will you reduce the transaction fees? Can you tell me more about predicting optional gas price based on current network conditions”?
Any example?


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You are welcome, I also have question on fees…Are you going to provide energy? how to you plan to reduce these fees

Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
My question is also centered on the fees aspect, am curious to know as @Sirluke @fabsltsa and @Prince-Onscolo Has already asked, so am patiently your answers and how it would be solved


Welcome to Season 5, your offering is quite interesting cause gas fees has been leaving the best of us crypto poor. I understand the part of aiming to address fraudulent cases in decentralized finance (DeFi) but it’s confusing to me wanting to address high gas fees on TRC20 or are there plans of migrating to other chains?
Like ERC20 for instance.

Welcome to Tron Hackathon S5. I have an important questions

What programming languages and frameworks did you use to develop your platform.

What experience do you have in developing and deploying smart contracts,and how do you plan to ensure the security of your platform and its users’ funds.

What are your plans to scale your platform to meet the needs of a growing user base.

Apologies for delayed response , Good to know that you took interest in our project.
In response to the first question , in order to prevent and empower users to scams like phishing by detecting any other suspicious behaviour of user different from his/her usual activity on our platform .This would be done through personalized AI advisory and expert who would keep a check on these scenarios.

In response to the second query, we would be implementing cross-chain integration with BitTorrent Token (BTT) and also digging deeper about the layer2 scaling solutions and how can we make that compatible with tron network.

I still don’t get it. If your AI consider that my behaviour is different from my usual behaviour on your platform you’ll not let me swap on your dex? User behaviour on a dex constantly change because market conditions, new tokens recently launched, people strategies evolve,…

So if I want to swap a token and that the fees are high you will send my token to BTTC, swap there and bring back the other asset? That supposes that both assets are on BTTC, it will cost bridging fees and spend quite some time. During the time you send tokens from tron to BTTC the price might be different. Also price of a same asset can be different on two blockchain so the swap might not be interesting anymore.

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So the two most interesting features promised by your project are purely speculation, nothing tested or working yet.
Your answer about the fees, relying on L2 to lower them is quite naive.

Looks like the MVP isn’t ready neither

In bonus:

“Prevent potential losses”, “give expert analysis”, “will offer A.I. Advisory services”, “valuable insights and recommendations before executing transactions”.

Doesn’t really fit what’s on the website:

The goal isn’t to demotivate you but it seems that your submission post goal was to sell dreams and is far away from the reality.
Better to have realistic goals and deliver it. Successful projects always under promise and over deliver.


I think this is the second project of you young people. Really admire the potential of what you can build. May your energy and joy never fade, keep going :blossom:

As students you all are doing fantabulous job and want to know apart from analytics how AI is used ?

I didn’t fully understand these parts either, and I guess the answer doesn’t seem to exist.

I wonder if this team continues this season? @fabsltsa, are there any warnings or similar about inactive teams in the forum? (for example 10 days passed, but not answering any question)

TronDao’s team is currently reviewing all the entries (product, website, smart contracts,…) and those who are not ready will be disqualified.

But being inactive on the forum is not going to disqualify a project. It’s just not looking good for them and the community will vote accordingly. We’ve seen lot of projects in the past getting money and disappearing so the community is more careful.

Trust must be earned, not through a beautiful speech, but through actions, including:

  • Delivering on promises, and if possible, going above and beyond.
  • Engaging with the community.
  • Considering advices and suggestions.
  • Demonstrating involvement in not just building a product but also being an integral part of an ecosystem (Tron/BTTC).

And for those who have participated before:

  • Being active and growing a community around the project after the previous participation(s).
  • Building no matter if there is an ongoing hackathon or not.

Some “old” projects are surprised that their current entries are not getting traction but where are they between two hackathons? Why haven’t we heard about them for months. Those teams seem to be alive only few months a year. But that’s not what the community wants. What we want is a real ecosystem with good dapps built by active teams.

What’s a blockchain full of dead dapps? What are dapps, no matter how good they are, without community/users behind?