GM Support Centre by GM - Tokenization of Decentralized IT Services

Project Name : GM - Tokenization of Decentralized IT Services
Project Track : Web3
Team Name : GM
Team Member(s) : 2

Mehmet Ali Demirci (@mehmetalidemirci):
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Atakan Emre Yelal (@atakan) :
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HackerEarth Project Link :

GM Support Centre by GM - Tokenization of Decentralized IT Services

Project Goal : Adapting decentralized IT services into TRON blockchain via a token that belong to service provider company

Project Value: project introduces a valuable decentralized marketplace by leveraging IT services and blockchain technology. Through the innovative GMCoin, a #DeBu token on the TRON blockchain, it enhances security and efficiency in IT services while enabling global participation in technical support. TRON’s robust infrastructure ensures security and scalability, making it a transformative decentralized web3 marketplace for decentralized IT services in Türkiye market

Project Info:

New Generation IT Services - #decentralized #fast #secure #green #scalable - Marketplace that connects IT service professionals with SMBs

Project Presentation Link

Project Website:

Front page for the end user portal.

Remote desktop connection page.

Web3 assisted IT Service Platform:

Web2 counterpart of IT Service Platform for examination purposes

User management portal for BTT and SGT

Contrat stake and management portal with useful insights page for GT

BTT applicant form

SGT applicant form

GT applicant form

Project Videos: Process Flow Process Flow Explained 2 Screen Demo

Project Test Instructions:

All Team Members and Customers Must Create a Web3 Tron Wallet

Team Appliance Instructions:


  1. BTT applicants⁷ should visit the web portal at and connect their wallet
  2. Fill out the form and submit it to our team
  3. If approved, they will be onboarded to the Discord Channel, Telegram Channel, Help-Desk Portal, and Remote Desktop Portal


  1. SGT applicants¹⁰ should visit the web portal at and connect their wallet
  2. Complete the form and submit it to our team
  3. If approved, they will be onboarded to the Discord Channel and CRM Portal


  1. GT applicants¹² should visit the web portal at and connect their wallet
  2. Fill out the form, enter KYC details, and submit it to our team
  3. If approved, they will be onboarded to the Discord Channel and will have special access to portal for comprehensive financial details

BTT Support Instructions:

  • All BTTs will be notified through multiple communication channels when a Service Request is created by a customer
  • If available and confident in their ability to resolve the issue, BTTs can claim the Service Request
  • After claiming the Service Request, establish a Remote Desktop Connection to assist the customer
  • Provide remote support while recording, auditing, and logging the session
  • If successful, exit the Remote Desktop Connection and enter the solution details into the Help-Desk Portal
  • Mark the Service Request as successful and close it
  • If the customer has not confirmed the completion of the Service Request from their Customer Portal within 72 hours, the Smart Contract will automatically release the specified amount of GMCoin to be claimed by the BTT

SGT Reference Entry Instructions:

  • When a customer enters company details, ensure that the SGT’s wallet address is entered to track future Service Requests and deliver GMCoin rewards

GT Stake Contract Instructions:

  • Inform the team if you wish to stake with one of the announced Smart Contracts (SCs) at
  • The Deployer (gmdestek) will set your wallet address for the safelist in the smart contract
  • The contract will then be available for staking at
  • Upon the due date of the SC, the rewarding methods will trigger, and stakers will receive their stake rewards accordingly

Customer Onboarding Instructions:

  • A customer seeking IT services should visit
  • In the upper right corner of the page, they will be redirected to
  • Connect the wallet and enter their company details, followed by contact information

Customer Service Request Instructions:

  • After onboarding, the platform will direct the customer to the Service Request Creation portal
  • The customer can create a Service Request and make payment using a Credit Card in Turkish Lira
  • After payment, they should download the Remote Desktop agent to allow a BTT who claims the ticket to connect remotely and chat
  • Once the service is provided and completed, a confirmation screen will appear on the customer’s side. Upon confirmation, the BTT will receive their reward. If not confirmed within 72 hours, the GMCoin delivery process will proceed

Project Details:

GM Informatics Joint Stock Company
gm-bilisim_header (figure 1)

Founded in 2009, GM is an IT/ICT Managed Services Company that provides 360-degree IT Services and Support Services under the umbrella of Informatics Consultancy. GM Informatics Joint Stock Company provides IT Consulting, Services, and Support to many institutions and organizations in Türkiye. The company, which received international awards for its ITIL processes developed by itself, offers its corporate customers; provides the most efficient, effective, traceable, and reportable IT Services cycles. Award-winning Information Technologies Operations Centre (BTOM), Cyber ​​Security Services Operations Centre (SOC), and Help-Desk continue to provide value-added services with Call-Centre operations, ensuring the customers get the best from their IT/ICT Systems.

IT Services
When we discuss IT Services in this project, our frameworks will be based on Remote Desktop IT Services like; Remote Help-Desk, Operations Centre, and Call Centre models based on #ITIL #COBIT #ISO20000 #MOF #SixSigma #Agile #LeanIT. According to TÜBİSAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association) 2022 report, IT Service market that also includes our work models like Remote Desktop IT Support/Services exceeded $1.86b just in Türkiye that our operations will be covering.

(figure 2)

Decentralized Businesses - DeBu
Since the beginning of our vision, we have been seeking ways to adapt blockchain to business processes, frameworks, and workflows. Even though this concept needs a comprehensive analysis of a multi-disciplinary approach, we were keen on structuring the idea for the IT Services area, which is in our expertise. We try to explain that there will be various methods to integrate tokens and coins into the business processes rather than using them just for the payment tools (crypto), registration units (NFTs) or a division of gameplay (PlayToEarns), or a spendable meta in a virtual world (metaverse). We are implementing a DeBu model in this project for Decentralized IT Services

(figure 3)

We have been conceptually working on the initialization of the DeBu (Decentralized Businesses) concept since 2019¹. In simple terms, we believe DeBu tokens and coins are the future of blockchain for businesses; likewise, we also mention in web3.0, industry4.0, and business5.0 concepts.

The following project will explain how we have integrated the DeBu concept into the real-world IT Services scenario with the help of our company.

The proprietary and patented Blockchain Token² Project of GM Informatics JSC, GMCoin, was founded in 2018 and started to operate as a token under the Tron Blockchain³ in 2019. Keeping in mind the company operations, IT Services, and the vision of our DeBu, we minted our token in 2019 with a TRC10 System Level Contract on Tron and with a token ID 1002357.

Platform ensures operationally decentralized teams (BTT, SGT, GT) will be fully ready for DAO-level organization in the future. With a limited production of 80 million units, 41 million of GMCoin is currently in circulation. The majority of GMCoin, which met with investors with different sales models in August and September of 2021, was later listed by LBank, Probit Global, BitMart, and IndoEx Cryptocurrency Exchange with USDT pair.

It is a project to support Decentralized Businesses, which is the motto of GMCoin, and to develop distributed and token-based business models for these businesses.

(figure 4)

The 360˚ Web3 assisted IT Service Platform
The 360˚ Web3 assisted IT Service Platform (figure 4) contains three main pillars; BTT, SGT, and GT, as mentioned in the project. A customer base action method is described below. To add more, a Vendor platform that is not within the scope of this web3 platform but tagged as a future vision.

This web3 platform is designed to primarily focus on customers, offering a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX for swift registration and even faster creation of Service Requests. TRON Blockchain predominantly manages the authentication security of this platform, as customers are required to connect using a TRON-based wallet which will also promote the web3 adaption of the corporations and SMBs in Türkiye that will align with our DeBu -Decentralized Businesses- vision. This TRON-based wallet serves the dual purpose of connecting customers and tracking their processes. For regulatory compliance, certain information needs to be stored in our central database as well, though it does not influence the usage of our platform. These centralized DB pieces of information are subject to KYC and AML compliance that we should follow for regulatory purposes. Long story short, to access the platform, customers must use their TRON-based wallets. Companies need a compatible wallet to create an account or avail of our services. It’s important to note that we only retain the wallet’s public key. Even if potential intruders gain access to our central databases, they cannot access passwords (as they do not exist) or operate without the private key, which we do not store. However, we may use classical user/pass authentication methods for 2FA in the future, which is not the main focus of this web3 project.

Upon registration, customers access a user dashboard as a hub for various actions. Users can effortlessly create Service Requests (SRs) from this dashboard and subscribe to our annual service as Contracted Customers. The dashboard also provides valuable insights, including the number of open tickets associated with the account. The cost of a contract varies based on the quantity of subscribed IT Assets, encompassing PCs and Servers. Contracted Customers enjoy the perk of free SR creations for a year, along with additional benefits such as security software and backup services. Furthermore, Contracted Customers are rewarded with GMCoin, their allocation determined by the subscription price and a carefully crafted formula. Notably, this GMCoin is staked within TRON smart contracts. At the closing of a subscription term, subscribers have the right to receive their staked GMCoin. A discount is applied based on earned GMCoin if they opt to renew.

A sophisticated method of reward calculation encourages customers to persist with our IT Service for subsequent years. In case customers encounter any issues or uncertainties during any stage of this process, they can avail of assistance from our built-in crafted chatbot.

Project Status: MMR- Minimum Marketable Release

SMBs cannot get IT services in a 7/24 manner, managed and within their budget

Decentralized IT services with a robust tokenization model

Need: is a unique hybrid marketplace for the Türkiye market. According to TUBİSAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association) (⁴) Turkish IT Service market has a revenue of $1.86b in 2022. GM Informatics JSC (⁵) has professionally operated onsite and offsite IT service tasks for over fourteen years, and we have concluded that the costs are extremely high inoperable, unmanageable, and unsustainable. These facts may create unprofitable Managed IT Service Operations, and often these services are described as MSP (Managed Service Provider) Industry. Thereby, we plan to develop sustainable IT Service processes with the help of our expertize in the industry and with the power of our token GMCoin (⁶), which is based on a decentralized and DAO-supported blockchain TRON. Our empowered web3 vision will navigate us to integrate conventional IT service processes into TRON Blockchain.

The 360° IT services platform is built upon three main pillars. These pillars can also be described as “Decentralized Partner Networks” in this project.

Explaining our project involves three core teams: BTT (Information Technologies Team), SGT (Sales Force Team), and GT (Investor Team).

BTT - Information Technologies Team:

(figure 5)

BTT comprises skilled remote information technology support professionals. We built a website where the experts can make an appliance (⁷). After carefully assessing applicants based on career, skills, experience, and expectations; we select qualified individuals for the BTT. The application forms require a wallet integration; hundreds of organically created and assessed Tron-based wallets are projected to be activated. We used the web3 Authentication methodology that helps us to strengthen the verification and login process that verifies the identity of the BTT with their public key structure rather than an email, username, or password. Once verified, they gain access to Help-Desk and Ticketing Portal (⁸) and New Generation Remote Desktop Connection Portal (⁹) where the regulations sit. These portals are based on centralized database structures for compliance, ensuring that the whole platform sits on a unique Hybrid architecture. Once connected, BTT engages in chat-based communication and utilizes the customer’s machine to troubleshoot issues. The software includes features for administering BTT workforce and safeguarding customers. For instance, it offers a toolbox to execute specific .bat files in various scenarios (e.g., opening folders, files). The entire process is meticulously recorded in our central databases in line with the regulatory obligations. After successfully resolving a Service Request (SR) Ticket, subject to customer and audit approval, our TRON-based smart contracts reward BTT members with GMCoin based on the SR’s tier level. We use tiering levels like Tier I, II, and III following the ITIL Service Catalog frameworks. These tiering levels are priced in different segments for customers. While our ITIL Management Team (in-house) currently determines the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and other details like complexity, the pricing methodology for the end user, and the reward ratios for the BTT, our plans involve implementing AI measures as our ticket pool evolves.

SGT - Sales Force Team:

(figure 6)

SGT focuses on expanding our customer base. Primarily, nominee SGT individuals fill up a form on the website developed for SGT Team appliances (¹⁰). Forming the SGT involves a rigorous selection process, considering career, skills, experience, and capabilities. SGT members handle customer onboarding and earn rewards when referred customers open Service Requests (SRs) or subscribe.

GT - Investor Team:

(figure 7)

GT members earn rewards by investing in specific GMCoin-exclusive smart contracts through a dedicated web page under development (¹¹). GMCoin can be acquired from the listed cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX). The web page will provide GT access to contract details and authorized functions, including investment, reward calculation, withdrawal requests, and stake termination (resulting in the return of the original GMCoin). The web page will also offer insights into GMCoin, such as recent trades, price movements, on-chain analytics, and the financial standpoint and ratios of GT’s smart contract employs an innovative and unique rewarding/stake structure similar to Repo (Repurchasing Agreement) in a classical financial world. Even though the whole project uses the aspects of web3, by this transformation method, the project also broadens the DeFi designs. The technique calculates rewards based on the number of opened Service Requests (SRs) and yearly contracted subscriptions. Subsequently, a predetermined percentage of rewards is distributed at the term’s end, not from the original GMCoin amount (which is returned at the term’s conclusion), but from opened Service Requests (SRs) and yearly contracted subscriptions within the period. We determine the specific percentage before publishing the smart contract, and it varies among contracts based on the initial GMCoin amount. This approach ensures GT’s earnings are aligned with the company’s revenue growth.

Smart Contract links:
BTT Contract
Smart Contracts Usage
BTT – Bilişim Teknolojileri Takımı (Information Technology Services Team)

State Variables:

  • “owner”: This variable stores the address of the contract owner, who possesses the highest authority.
  • “isOwner”: A mapping that keeps track of addresses recognized as owners.
    “transactionLength”: Total count of transactions recorded in the contract.

This struct is automatically generated when a Service Request (SR) is closed by a BTT team member. Hybrid cloud systems and Java, PHP, and Solidity scripts manage the trigger mechanism. This trigger process adds the following information to the smart contract:

  • “submitter”: The Web3 address responsible for recording the transaction in the smart contract. Initially planned to be the SC deployer or the owner for security reasons.
  • “confirmer”: The Web3 address that initiated the SR, typically the customer’s authenticated address, is controlled solely by the end user/customer/company. This address can confirm the transaction for GMCoin delivery.
  • “to”: The Web3 address designated for the BTT, which receives GMCoins upon successful SR closure.
  • “value”: The amount of GMCoins scheduled for delivery to the BTT.
  • “executed”: A boolean field indicating whether the transaction is complete. It is included in case of future multi-signature approvals or time-based triggers.
  • “confirmed”: A boolean field indicating if the “confirmer” address signs the transaction. It may switch to “yes” if the “confirmer” address fails to sign the transaction within 72 hours after SR completion.
  • “timestamp”: A Unix-style uint256 timestamp recording the precise submission time of the struct to the smart contract. They are used for time tracking and withdrawal of GMCoins by the BTT if the “confirmer” does not initiate the transaction.

Transactions List:

  • “transactions”: A list of structs containing details of all transactions within the contract.


  • The constructor initializes the contract with the address of the contract owner (“_owner”) and sets “numConfirmationsRequired” to 1. It also verifies the validity of the owner’s address.


  • “onlyOwner”: Ensures that a function can only be executed by the contract owner.
  • “onlyConfirmer”: Ensures that a function can be executed by the confirmer of a specific transaction or the contract owner.
  • “onlyTo”: Ensures that a function can be executed by the recipient of a specific transaction or the contract owner.

Transaction Management Functions:

  • “submitTransaction”: Allows the contract owner to submit a new transaction for confirmation.
  • “confirmTransaction”: Permits a confirmer to confirm a transaction.
  • “confirmTransactionForBTT”: Enables the recipient to confirm a transaction if it remains unconfirmed for 72 hours.
  • “executeTransaction”: Executes a confirmed transaction by transferring the specified GMCoins to the BTT.

Utility Functions:

  • “getTransactionLength”: Returns the total number of transactions in the contract, aiding synchronization with hybrid cloud databases.
  • “transferBalanceToOwner”: Allows the contract owner to transfer the contract’s balance to their address.
  • “refillContract”: Permits the sending of TRX to replenish the contract’s balance for potential future energy, bandwidth, and power implementations.

SGT Contract
SGT– Satış Gücü Takımı (Sales Force Team)
State Variables:

  • “owner”: This variable stores the address of the contract owner, who has the highest authority.
  • “isOwner”: A mapping that keeps track of addresses considered owners.
  • “transactionLength”: The total number of transactions in the contract.

This struct is automatically written when an SR (Services Request) is closed by a BTT team member who has previously withdrawn the SR and assigned it to themselves. Hybrid cloud systems and java, PHP, and solidity scripts control the trigger mechanism. This trigger method adds the information below to the SC.

  • “submitter”: Web3 address who records this transaction to the SC/Blockchain. This address is currently planned to be the SC deployer or the owner rather than the treasury for security purposes
  • “confirmer”: Web3 address that has previously created SR. In our case, this address is one of our authenticated addresses, and the PK is ONLY controlled by us. This address is able to confirm the transaction for the delivery of the GMCoin’s
  • “to”: Web3 address for the SGT. This address will get rewarded with GMCoin’s when the SR is successfully closed
  • “value”: Amount of GMCoin’s planned to be delivered to SGT
  • “executed”: A yes-no field (Boolean) that shows whether the entire transaction is done. This field is added in case of more signature (multi-signature) approvals in the future or added control for the time-based triggers in the future
  • “confirmed”: A yes-no field (Boolean) that shows whether the transaction is signed by the “confirmer” address or not. This field can also switch to yes if the “confirmer” address is not signed for the transaction within 72 hours of the completion of the SR. This control mechanism ensures that if the “confirmer” (we are in this case) has forgotten PK (wallet access)
  • “timestamp”: A Unix type uint256 that is a timestamp value holds the exact time for submission of this entire struct to the SC. We use this for recording time, and if the SGT wants to withdraw the GMCoin’s in case the “confirmer” has not triggered anything

Transactions List:

  • “transactions”: A list of structs that stores the details of all transactions created within the contract


  • The constructor initializes the contract with the contract owner’s address (“_owner”) and sets the “numConfirmationsRequired” to 1. It also checks if the owner’s address is valid


  • “onlyOwner”: Ensures that a function can only be executed by the contract owner
  • “onlyConfirmer”: Ensures that a function can be executed by the confirmer of a specific transaction or the contract owner
  • “onlyTo”: Ensures that a function can be executed by the recipient of a specific transaction or the contract owner

Transaction Management Functions:

  • “submitTransaction”: Allows the contract owner to submit a new transaction for confirmation
  • “confirmTransaction”: Allows the confirmer to confirm a transaction
  • “confirmTransactionForSGT”: Allows the recipient to confirm a transaction if it’s not confirmed within 72 hours
  • "executeTransaction ‘’: Executes a confirmed transaction by transferring the specified GMCoin’s to the SGT

Utility Functions:

  • “getTransactionLength”: Returns the total number of transactions in the contract. We use this for synchronizing SC to our hybrid cloud Databases
  • “transferBalanceToOwner”: Allows the contract owner to transfer the contract’s balance to their address
  • “refillContract”: Allows to send TRX to refill the contract’s balance for flexible future implementations of energy, bandwidth, and power if needed

GT Contract
Smart Contracts Usage
GT– Girişimci Takımı (Investor Team)

State Variables:

  • owner: This variable stores the contract owner’s address with the highest authority.
  • whiteListAdress: The Web3 address that is whitelisted and allowed to interact with certain contract functions.
  • staker: The Web3 address of the wallet that stakes GMCoin’s to this contract.
  • stakeAmount: The amount of GMCoin’s required to stake in this contract.
  • rewardAmount: The amount of reward GMCoin’s.
  • deployDate: The timestamp when the contract is deployed.
  • startDate: The timestamp when the staking period opens for staking.
  • acceptenceDate: The timestamp when the staker buys SC.
  • dueDate: The timestamp when the staking period ends.
  • breakeTimer: A timer to control the staker’s ability to break the stake.
  • coinID: Identifier for the token (GMCoin) used in this contract.
  • haveBeenStaked: A boolean indicating whether the contract has been staked.
  • dueTime: A boolean indicating if the staking period is over.
  • multiSigOkay: A boolean indicating if multiple signatures are required for certain actions.
  • antiHack: A boolean to prevent certain actions from happening multiple times.
  • stakerWantsToWithdraw: A boolean indicating if the staker wants to withdraw.
  • stakerWantsToBreakStake: A boolean indicating if the staker wants to break the stake.


  • The constructor initializes the contract with the contract owner’s address (_owner) and sets initial values for state variables. It also checks if the owner’s address is valid.


  • onlyOwner: Ensures that a function can only be executed by the contract owner.
  • onlyStaker: Ensures that a function can only be executed by the staker.
  • whiteList: Ensures that a function can only be executed by the whitelisted address.
  • exactCost: Ensures that the sent GMCoin’s amount matches the required stake amount.
  • GMCOnly: Ensures that a function can only be called with GMCoin tokens.
  • failsafe: Ensures that certain actions can only happen if the contract hasn’t been staked yet.
  • failSafeDate: Ensures that certain actions can only happen before the due date.


  • SetWhiteList: Allows the owner to set the whitelist address.
  • StakeToThisContrat: Allows users to stake GMCoin’s into the contract. Checks are made to ensure the staking conditions are met.
  • GetTimeUntilWithdraw: Calculates the time until withdrawal is allowed.
  • WithdrawRequest: Allows the staker to request a withdrawal if conditions are met.
  • SendToStaker: Allows the owner to send funds to the staker.
  • SendToOwner: Allows the owner to withdraw funds after two weeks. This ensures funds are accessible if the Staker can’t reach their wallet or loses PK. Since all GT members have completed the KYC process before staking, we have contact details of the possible stakers.
  • SetCoinID: Allows the owner to set the token ID.
  • CalculateReward: Allows the owner to set the reward amount. The calculation methodology is aligned with our IT Service sales within the contract period.
  • BreakeStake: Allows the staker to break the stake. However, since the staker broke the commitment, only 50% of the initial staked GMCoin’s sent back.

Project Milestones:

Our Social Media Links:


⁰ LEI Reference Data LEI Search

¹ An interview with Mehmet Ali Demirci founder of GMCoin, a multi-utility token for enterprises (2021) Disrupt. An Interview with Mehmet Ali Demirci Founder of GMCoin, a multi-utility token for enterprises – Disrupt


³ Tronscan: Tron Blockchain explorer TRON. TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

⁴ TÜBİSAD. 2022. Turkish Informatics Industry Association Market Report 2022 with Deloitte.

⁵ GM Informatics JSC. n.d. GM Informatics JSC - Decentralized Managed IT Service Company.

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What i was reading at first was quite understandable then all of a sudden it changed and now i have this modified version which I can’t seem to know what it means. Did u just remove the first post and reposted this??

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Thank you for the interest for our platform project. Since, we are in the phase of entering the details to multiple portals like trondao, hackerEarth, Github and etc. there maybe some updates from time to time. So we suggest you to check details our project next week. I am sure that when we add our project details and project info it will be more understanable.

Welcome buddy, trust when more details when uploaded will make it better Sense ABOUT your project.

But before that, I got this question for you.

  • What are the specific decentralized IT services that will be adapted to the TRON blockchain?

  • What are the benefits of using the TRON blockchain for these services?

  • Who are the target users of these services?

  • How will the project be funded?


I see your token has been issued in 2019. Since it’s a trc10, what are the ways for people to use that reward? Is it listed on CEX? Does it allow them to purchase plans with reduced costs?

I would advise, if the goal is to make it tradable on chain, to build a wrapper so the wrapped version could be listed on let’s say swap/spot and users could decide to wrap/unwrap depending on their own needs.


Welcome to Hackathon Season 5, I’m wowed by your presentation as it looks a lot new to me. From my read, I understand the project aims to adapt decentralized IT services into the TRON blockchain through a token owned by the service provider company and also, the company, GM Informatics Joint Stock Company, was founded in 2009 and provides IT services, support, and consultancy and emphasizes the concept of Decentralized Businesses (DeBu), seeking to integrate tokens and coins into real-world business processes, this sounds new and intriguing at the same time to me cause it arouses my inquisitiveness.

How does the DeBu concept fit into the broader vision of GM Informatics Joint Stock Company?

Could you elaborate on how the project plans to handle regulatory challenges associated with globalizing services?

@atakan. Thanks for bringing up a such interesting project but I have some ideas to relate.

(1) Increasing transparency and accountability, which is by tokenizing decentralized IT services, which means one can create a more transparent and accountable system for both customers and service providers.The customers will be able to see exactly how their data is being used and how their payments are being processed,also the service providers will be able to track their performance and ensure that they are meeting the needs of their customers.

(2)  Security Improvement:: Blockchain technology is inherently secure, making it an ideal platform for storing and transmitting sensitive data, this is very important for IT services, as they often deal with confidential information,also by tokenizing your services  you can give your customers peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.

(3) Reducing doing this Blockchain technology can help to reduce the cost of providing IT services. This is because blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries, such as banks and payment processors. By cutting out these middlemen, you can pass on the savings to your customers.

                                                                                   (4)   Increased scalability.this means Blockchain technology is scalable, meaning that it can be easily adapted to meet the growing demand for IT services.It is so important for businesses that are looking to expand their operations globally. By tokenizing your services, you can make them available to customers all over the world.
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Thank you all! We are thrilled that the community is very active in learning and questioning. Perfect for Tron and the ecosystem that we believe in.

I am the Project Coordinator of GMDestek (GMSupport) and the CEO of the company GM Informatics JSC. In this journey, my colleagues and I will assist you in answering all the questions. However, in the meantime, we are updating and making it more understandable for all communities.

I am sure the project documents with texts, presentations, images, and videos will help you fully understand and answer your questions in the following days.


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Yes, GMCoin, a TRC10 token, has been issued at date: 24.04.2019. Since then, we have had no sidechain token or bridged token. TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Yes, currently managed IT Service subscribers and customers that the companies get support from can benefit from this reward as a discount method. However, this is not the current project focus that has already been implemented.

Yes, GMCoin is listed on 4 CEX and can be traded against USDT. GMCoin price today, GMCOIN to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Yes, the current holders of GMCoin can be benefited from the reduced costs or discounts. However, this is not the current project focus that has already been implemented.

Thanks for this interesting advice, but keep in mind that we focus on one token structure (GMCoin), it is already tradeable. We use the advantages of TRC20 smart contracts separately, not directly attached to our token structure.


We are thrilled that other visionaries like you have already shared and understood our vision of us. Conceptual part YES. We believe tokens and coins should be implemented into business processes, frameworks, and workflows. Since we have IT Service operations, our starting point is IT Service Industry. We are trying hard to implement real-world scenarios and enhance them with the concept of DeBu.

The metrics are clearly visible to us. The core pillars we paid attention to are; Decentralization and Tokenization.
And we see a clear advantage to using the terms above with; Green IT, Scalable IT, Manageable IT, Sustainable IT, and so on…

Legal frameworks and regulations are choke points not only in some parts of our projects, but also in the current Blockchain, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency industries. We have a few standby corporations in other parts of the globe that are not the direct focus of this project. However, the standby corporations will have regulatory licenses when the governments force them. Since the project started for the Turkish market, we have focused on the current domestic regulations. Thereby, they offer us a good operational space for blockchain development technologies and are also currently offering us to expand the DeBu concept through our current registered company “GM Informatics JSC”. Finally, we have also separated the legal team that is assisting us throughout this journey.

Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

What does global rewards means here is it just a theorical statement or do you have a solid plan/evidence to qualify it?

How could your project reward people?

As your project already have a token as you claimed, do you have a reason or benefits to convince people to hold your token?

You stated that 41 million of GMCoin is currently in circulation , so what is the total supply of GMcoin?

Thanks for the response. Most of the notes that you have pointed out match our vision.

Yes, keep note that we focus on particles from ITIL frameworks like, we focus on Service Requests (SRs) in terms of IT Services Structures. Thereby our vision plans which are not the current topic of this project to handle each SR with a separate Smart Contract on Tron Blockchain. So will practically guarantee the transparency and accountability of the real-world IT Service particle SRs. But again this is not the object of this project.

As we already know that Tron is a sort of Public Blockchain. We are implementing the wallet authentication part as a security procedure currently in our project. We do not have plans to integrate and transmit or store sensitive data or confidential information thru blockchain. Keep in mind that the current regulations like KVKK (or GDPR) limit the blockchain adaption of the corporations like us. Individually we are sure that security implementations can be populated more but since we operate domestically and are fully registered and mostly audited by the governments we have to be sure that our security implementations must be practical and applicable.

Yes, to add more. We not only reduce costs with blockchain usage we also adapt it by decentralizing the IT Service Experts (BTT in terms of our project) operationally. Since a Service Request (SR) is dropped to the pool and planned hundred of IT Service Experts pull them and solve them according to our planned structure. As planned the reward delivery is to be made via GMCoin which will also extremely reduce the costs of the whole IT Service operations.

Agreed, to add more. We are not only scalable on the blockchain with the help of Tron-DPoS consensus. Once the current project is successfully implemented and we see that it is practically profitable and manageable, we have plans to expand the operations to other countries or continents of the world. Tron’s blockchain scalability gives us and our token structure and our operations a big possibility for expansion and operational scalability.


IT Service Experts (we will use the BTT abbreviation in terms of this project: -BTT-Bilişim Teknolojileri Takımı (IT Team)) will get rewards from the Service Requests (SRs) that they handled and solved. We will use GMCoins for the delivery of the reward, mostly planned daily with Smart Contracts (this will be elaborated more in the project paper later). To ensure the liquidity of the GMCoins we are already listed on 4 CEXes.

Frankly, out of this context, and this is not a straightforward Investment Advice, we do not have pressure or suggestions for the BTT’s or any other actors related to the project or the whole ecosystem to spend, trade, hold, buy, and sell GMCoins. But, to maintain a healthy project structure, we present the actors;

  • To trade them in the CEXes
  • To Buy and Sell separately in the CEXes
  • To hold them for mid-long terms
  • To stake for the future smart contracts that we might declare
  • To stake for the possibly smart contracts that the free market (CEXes in these terms) might publish
  • To buy IT products from our company like Servers, Network Equipments, PCs etc… (but this is not supported currently due to local regulations)
    As stated, we are trying to conduct and operate a healthy tokenized ecosystem for GMCoin.

Total supply is fixed: 80m
But more about GMCoin (which is a part of our project) you can seek info from CMC and our whitepaper.

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Thank you for the detailed information, I will take my time to go through,…do you have any plans to increase the total supply?

No our total supply is fixed with coding structure moreover we do not have plans to increment our total supply in any case.

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Thanks for your response, your answers are satisfying enough so I’m halting my questions at this point. Goodluck on your journey.

Thanks for the response, wishing you all the best

please can you explain this to me?

Sure, GMCoin, the token running on Tron Blockchain, is minted by the company GM Informatics JSC. A Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) running a business for over 14 years. The token itself, GMCoin, is also registered and patented to be used as a utility token for running business processes, frameworks, and workflows.

We use business processes, frameworks, and workflows robust on ITIL -Information Technology Infrastructure Library- for adaptation. Some workflows are still in development; some are proprietary and not for public showcase. The others are on HOW the transformation will be. We are still working on the project paper. Furthermore, I am also an ITIL Foundation Certified Information Technology Professional and Blockchain Project Expert, which helps us bridge the needs of this web3 project and the tokenization side by considering the IT Service Industry and business perspectives.

Verify me on:
ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
Credential ID: GR750054697MD

BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect
Hash: 0xf3406ed5170486a39f7c89553c9ff77aa05ac329a5d43fa48aa0b3310e3bafd5

BTA Certified Blockchain Business Foundations
Hash: 0xb00e1b899867e7b35b7899784db3d9ef28a769c2f7084fd1530c6aadf3978d6e

BTA Certified Blockchain Security Professional
Hash: 0x7486c2a7c619afea476db7f7e1fb99176ecfbd8c6241ed011f91f59ebb2bc501

BTA Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum
Hash: 0xfbff19c8d83664b3afa0f7864128848671de2ec968f3caa54f5e2af383f8e2e3

LEI Search - GM Bilişim A.Ş. 2023. Available from: GM BİLİŞİM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (LEI 7890000ISOX24KY8OM11)
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alright thank you.

We have a lot of Blockchains, why did you choose tron?

I am asking this because we have has some circumstances where projects choose tron because of the Hackatron and later give us stories that they are moving to different chain.

Have you analyze the chain and sure this is where you want to build your project?